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He's livin' in a Bambino world (And it makes you wanna hurl)

Hey, when I gave money for "Katrina relief" I had no idea Katrina is a pole dancah.


I think NOAA should just staht exclusively using strippah stage names for storms.






Speaking of dancing for dollahs, you seen the latest money grab from the Shaughnasty? The Legend of the Curse of the Bambino for grades 3-7.


Holy Shit! First edition published in 2005, aftah the World Series win?! The duplicitous bastid.


You know, all things considihd, I'm surprised he stopped there. I mean what about the "Legend of the Bambino Bedsheets" or the "Legend of the Bambino Board Game"?


Christ, where's the God Squad Censahs on this one? They object to the casts and spells in Harry Pottah but it's all okey-dokey to tell kids a fat, old, vengeful ghoul haunted a real team and a real Fenway?


No wondah Madonna, I mean "Ester," says we're all going to hell.


I always love it when MILFalicious Madonna talks dirty.


Absolutely. Whenevah Madonna goes on and on about "the beast." I find myself getting aroused.


Papa's got some preachin' to do, bee-atch!


Author's Notes:

The tip to the Shaughnessy book came via email from reader and frequent comment poster "Pawsoxpop."


So the rooting interests in Chicago, who would love to see the NLCS go 7, loved the game last night.

Let's see; there's 51 outs in a 8.5-inning game, and up to 3 strikes in each out. So when that single was hit, the game was about 99% over. In any other game, if one team leads by double the other team's score with only 1% of the game left, it's over, and there's nothing the losing team can do to win the game. It's not worth doing the math in football and basketball. Even in hockey, down 4-2 with 23 seconds left is, while barely possible, pretty unlikely.

Outside of tennis, which is barely a team sport when doubles are played, is there any other major team sport with no clock? I guess volleyball would count, but while widespread it's not exactly a big-time professional sport.

No, I'm not even going to give Shaughnessy another thought.

Hey, there's got to be a "Find out your stripper name" site out there ....

//Hey, there's got to be a "Find out your stripper name" site out there ....//

Well, since stripper names are just one word, it'd be hard to come up with some "formula" (a la "find out your porn name"). But there are lots of random stripper name generators. I'm Mocha. (Roger Clemens is "Delicious," BTW. Johnny Damon is Cleopatra. And Hart is Candi.)


The sickest thing about this book, according to the notice about it I saw in a school libararian journal, is that "the curse" contains illustrations to scare the kiddies such as the ghost of the bambino pinning Johnny Pesky's arms when he tries to make the throw during the 1946 World Series. Anybody who's read "Red Sox Century" or "The Teammates" knows that the whole "Pesky held the ball" legend was a bad rap anyway. It was just something Johnny said in the locker room after the game to deflect criticism from the backup center fielder: "Maybe if I had made the throw quicker we might have won." But people who actually saw the game or watched film of it said there was no way Pesky could have thrown out Enos Slaughter even if he had thrown the ball right away. Just one example of the inaccuracies still being propounded by a so-called sports "journalist"...

I just read about Poo Holes' awesome-tacular home run. And my first thought was, "they're still playing baseball? Seriously, when did this happen?"

I figured that, once the Sox and Empire both got bounced, they would just shut the season down. After all, what's the point? When both teams are out, baseball automatically becomes irrelevant. Why go on with the charade?

I hate to admit it, but Aaron, I was thinking the exact same thing.

Of course, I wish the Sox were still playing, but I can't agree about the Empire part. I enjoyed last night's game even more because the Yankees were not involved. If Pujols had hit the homer against the Spanks, I probably would not have been watching anyway because I don't like watching sports just to root for someone to lose. If I had been watching, I probably would have turned the TV off already and had to watch it on SportsCenter the next day. I find it kind of relaxing to be watching baseball only because I want to see what happens, not because I care what happens.

BTW, thanks HB for turning the CHB's latest outrage into a hurricane of hurled caffienated beverage all over my monitor. I knew you could do it.

So, now Clemens has been on the bench twice to watch his team snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with spectacular 9th inning / two out / one pitch away from victory meltdowns.

Can we start talking about the Roger Factor?


Can't say I share your sentiment about not watching just to root for someone to lose...I love watching the MFY lose. I was raised to root for the Red Sox and for whoever is playing against the MFY that night.

I hear ya Jimmy. I used to feel the same way. My dad and I were probably the only two people at Yankee Stadium in the '77 World Series rooting for the Dodgers during that game when Reggie Jackson hit the three home runs. But with the post-season going almost up to Halloween now, I can't expend the energy to get all uptight about whether somebody else can beat the Spanks. Old age, I guess.

Two notes, h.b.:

First, a very simple typo, but in the notes, you give credit to 'pawsopop' instead of 'pawsoxpop'.

Second, a more fundamental question, when you put the links into the speech bubbles, could you add something to the html tag? Specifically, it'd be nice if clicking the link opened the page in a new window (so while it's loading, etc, I could continue reading the strip or close it when I'm done and get the strip back, rather than using the back button). It's nice when external links on websites open into a new window. You can do this by adding the following after the href="website" part of the tag:


Where _new can be anything you want. It's like naming the new window and so, if each link has the same target (aka you put target="_new" within the A tag for every link), then any link clicked will open into the same new window. You could also make the first link say target="_new1"...and increment the 1 so that each link opens a whole new window but that could get a bit obnoxious too. The default target is the window you click the link in (the way it is now).

It'd be nice to have the external links open new windows if you're able to do so. Thanks. :)


If you use Firefox you can force that behavior yourself. Either right click - open in new tab, or use a plug in that traps ever link and opens it in a new tab.


Thanks for the typo alert.

As for the "open in a new window," I perfectly understand your reasoning, however, I'm from the school of web design that insists you should never make choices for the user, so I wouldn't want to force open a window on the users who don't want that to happen.

Rather I like to leave it up to the individual to decide how to display the content. As Chris pointed out, if you're using a browser that supports "tabbing" then you can just right click on the link and choose "open link in a new tab."

But even if you don't have a tabbed browsing option, you can still right click and choose "open link in a new window."

Hope that helps.

I'm fliping through the Boston Herald during lunch, and I see a picture of the Soxaholix's Bill Callaghan in an ad for Westminster Dodge of Boston. How long has this been going on? I would imagine "Bill" is open source clip-art, but it still seems like a rip off to me. At least there should be a bubble over his head with him saying "Saccucci's a fuck-tahd".

I was afraid that was going to happen at some point, either just by coincidence or by folks purposely trying to play off the popularity of the strip.

That's one reason why you're seeing the gradual redo of several of the characters such that they are based on the original clip art but are an original drawing otherwise and therefore can't be repurposed.

Now it seems I need to step up the timeline on that.

I knew drinking and acting a fool were bound to make news when I heard evacuees were being housed on the Cape. Drinking in public, as long as it is not in glass, is not illegal in New Orleans, this in part helps drive the tourist industry. I'm not kidding! Those evacuees are "making themselves at home," but that doesn't excuse the behavior. Although the thought of driving around in a golf cart in the retirement community my work put me up in with a big ole dacquiri in my hand, does make me smile. But FEMA didn't give me any money to do so.

Now, that CHB book. That POS caught my eye at Maple Street Books in NOLA (blatant plug for a local, indepedent book store) and made me cringe. How could any self respecting Sox fan subject their children to that crap?

Stripper name - Rain

Yah, I'm a computer geek (getting my PhD in bioinformatics about 6 mo from now). I shoulda mentioned that I know about tabbed browsing and I can do it all myself (I could even greasemonkey something that would do it for me if I wanted to...I even used to use mouse motion controls). I agree that the user should get end-game decisions for most things, but I really do like external sites in their own windows by default because it lets me browse multiple sites independently. Just looking to see if you'd be willing to "cut my veggies for me" on this one... ;)

As for today's strip, I just had a similar discussion (speaking of Christians and HPotter) with my friend at the start of Monday Night Football yesterday.

Show the back of a naked woman to start the show and Ernestine's hands (Lily Tomlin) would be flailing like a kung fu master down at the FCC phone board.

Show two guys in a street fight with broken tables and using items as weapons and not a peep from any of them.

Naked body...bad. Simulated violence...good.

Unless it's a video game.

Funny quote of the day? From Joe Torre's press conference in nydailynews.com:

====Torre wanted to make sure Steinbrenner wanted him back.

"I had to not only hear it, but hear the tone in which it was said," he said. ====

GEORGE: Please, Joe, please, pppplllleeeaaaassseee take the $13 million and stay here two more years.

JOE: "Wellll ....."

GEORGE (doing Spike Lee imitation): "Please baby, please baby, baby baby please..."

JOE: "Okay."

"the school of web design that insists you should never make choices for the user"

Thank you, much appreciated. It's a matter of personal preference and I can see why people disagree on it, but I like it this way.

Yes! Joe's back! I can't wait for October '06!

Actually, Kaz, naked bodies in videogames are bad and violence good, too, for the most part. I test them for a living and one of the offerings of my company had to have a cutscene changed so that the camera angles didn't show a woman's nipple. Wal-Mart wouldn't sell it, otherwise. But apparently the murdering of dozens, nay, hundreds of people in this game was fuckin' straight and narrow as far as Wal-Mart was concerned.

Well Kaz, that was a better response that "What's Firefox" :)

what about this crazy city of champions dvd? man this video f%^&ing rocks. check it out the next time you getta chance.


yes, it has music from creed, but aerosmith, acdc, pearljam, five for fighting, all make up for it.

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