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Eating crow for breakfast

The Red Sox were swept and eliminated from the ALDS by the surprisingly formidable Chicago White Sox …

Ah, Callaghan, you're at work on a Saturday … What did you do, burn your house down in a fit of angry remorse over your pathetic Sawx and are now living in your office?


It's called a work ethic, something you wouldn't know anything about.


Oh, how quaint, the little New Englander who could with his deep-seated Calvinist determinism.


Hahd work is good for the soul, Mahts.


Right, like back in college when you'd be in your dorm room each night lucubrating while I was out lubricating with one of the hotties from Alpha Chi Blowmega. Heh. Now I'm make mid six figures as a corporate lawyer in the City while you toil in anonymity shuffling paper clips in your little "Bahstin" backwater.


In baseball as in life, Billy boy, there are winners and there are losers.


Last time I checked, Mahty, you've been winning a lot of AL East pennants but then not so much aftah that … How's that Angels series working out for you?


Wow, it's so, so sad that even when your team is eliminated, your little hopes and dreams are still in the hands of the Yankees. Bwahahahah … Bwahahahah …



I f'n hate Marty.

Me, too!

Thanks, hb for the new one today. Marty sucks. I'm surrounded by Martys...nuf said.

Goddamn you, Marty. Goddamn you.

Thanks anyways, 2005 Red Sox. Ya just ran outta gas.


thansk red sox for losing, even knwo im a viald part of red sox nation i se this as a good thing

We let the soxs go off to easy this year, if they got swept by ny last year we would have not gave the 05 soxs as much slack and that what was wrong we didntl critize them as much as we should have like past year.

Next year hopefully it will be back to the same old way.

Well, that was a disappointing way to go out, between leaving the bases loaded, Papi hitting it to the wrong part of the park, and Timlin allowing that insurance run on the squeeze for the final nail in the coffin. I'd root for the Pale Hose if it weren't for their douchewhistle manager. I don't think they're that good though, the Sox handed them games 2 & 3, and they'll probably lose to the Halos in the next round. Oh well, we just didn't have the depth or the pitching this year; hope for better health, a couple smarter transactions, and a little better luck next year.

Great job all season with the strip h.b.
You really capture the idiocy of MFY fans with your use of Marty today. He's the one who calls up Bill to rub it in and then brag like a jackass about his salary, and then he has the hypocrisy to claim that our "hopes and dreams are still in the hands of the Yankees" Oh the irony; his Sox obsession helps him deal with the fact that the $205 mm MFY are gonna be eliminated again.

Ever since the abrupt end of '03 I feel ive been riding an awesome wave w/the Sox. I just wiped out. Im kinda glad, cuz it gets a little stressful. But it was a hellava ride. I guess I'll paddle out and wait for the next one. thx HB for a little time out from the daily grind.
Go Angels!

This season was a wake-up call. You can't win it all and then throw out key pitchers while unbalancing your dugout bench.

Hopefully in this offseason, we go out and drop some dead (or dying) weight and pick up some fresh talent.

Damon out, Hunter in. Millar out, Konerko in. Mueller out, Youkilis in. Arroyo out, Burnett in.

The rest of the guys need to shape up...Foulke, Schilling, Clement, Renteria, Nixon.

The youth will pull us ahead...Delcarmen, Papelbon, Hansen.

We come back next season (100+ days) and turn this duck boat around.

the "happiness in the hands of the yankees" thing cuts both ways. you'll notice the schadenfreude has been just a little too shrill today following randy johnson's collapse last night. they're milking us for happiness, too, when their own team shits the bed.

i fuckin' hate marty, too. good job on that character, h.b.

I watched the game to the bitter end with my son here in Paris. 3 AM, Renteria grounds out, I haven't slept worse in years. Yankees SUCK, so do the WhySox, but to a degree less. I'l look at the feckin' box scores. And WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!

Marty (nee Ernst Rohm) is, like most Yankee fans, a corporate fascist brownshirt (the sartorial depiction is quite apt). Inflicting pain on others, financially or emotionally, seems to be his raison d'etre.

But you can go only so far on spite. Without the motivation of possibly upstaging his best bud Schilling in an ALCS, we saw how Randy Johnson fell apart last night. You'll always be second fiddle in the history books, Randy -- I'm betting this was your last chance. Go punch a cameraman to express your inner rage.

Celebrate! Tomorrow will be Elimination Day in New York, as Chris Russo put it this morning on WFAN. Angels dancing on the Bronx lawn.

The other day, before the Yankees-Sox game on YES, I saw part of this special about 1978 and blah blah blah. What seemed hilarious/cruel to me was how much the special focused on breaking the hearts of Red Sox fans. The end of this special about "1978" was a montage of clips from 1999 and 2003. I'm fine with a special celebrating a big ol' Yankee victory, but then it just degraded into anti-Sox venom. Right before a Sox-Yankees regular season game. Nice.

Now who's obsessed with who again? Not that I don't agree the Sox fans are obsessed with the Yankees, but...it's not like it doesn't cut both ways.

h.b., great strip as usual. You are the Big Papi of humourista; always there to pick us up.

I concur with Monty's (not Marty's!) comments above. I have been more obsessed than usual with the Sawx since October 2003. It's time for me to unbuckle the seat belt, take a deep breath, listen to U2's "The Unforgettable Fire" followed by "Beautiful Day"

Keep the Faith my fellow Soxaholix.

h.b. it has been, as always, a pleasure. Here on the Other Coast I like to start my day following the exploits of Our Sox through the Soxaholix. The Sox season might be ovah, but Spring is just around the corner. Can't wait to get back on the bus.

Took a while before I could face posting. I watched the final game in a sports bar in the Chicago suburbs. El Duque made his mark in the 6th inning; I thought for sure we'd light them up. But no ....

The White Sox won fair and square; we didn't have the pitching, and theirs was better than we expected. Sure, we gave them Game 2, but that's what a good team does; when their opponent makes an an error, they beat them with it. The Cardinals' failure to do so in Game 1 of last year's World Series (when we tried to give the game away about 3 times, as I recall) probably cost them the Series.

I'm going to do what I do all year when it's not a conflict with the Red Sox's chances; I'll cheer for the White Sox. Ozzie Guillen may be a flake, but for some odd reason he fits this team perfectly. Don't underestimate him; the players don't worry about the crazy shit he says, because they know he knows baseball and runs the team right. When the team blew 13.5 games of a 15 game lead, he kept them from falling completely apart and got them to finish strong, even though the media was alternating between calling him a goof and probing constantly for disputes and division. That's not the work of a flake. So I'll cheer for them; they earned it.

h.b., great stuff all year. It helps me keep up and gives me a laugh besides. Thanks!

"Big Papi of humorista"...a great one from Cobain-land! That pretty much sums up HB's year.
Ah! Marty! Ah! Humanity!
Let's start with Burnett and letting Timlin point to the sky in some other arena.
After '04, '05 is easier to "let go." As E. Dickinson from Amherst says about pain: it's like "...Freezing persons recollect the Snow-/First -Chill-then Stupor-then letting go-"
Hope you win the award this year HB- you deserve it.
Now I have to go and get my rally monkey ready.

All I want to ask Marty is, when was the last time the MFYs came back from a 3 game deficit in a best of 7 series with 2 outs in the 9th to go on and sweep in the World Series? Until he has something to cap that little piece of playoff glory, I am not too concerned about that team.


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