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Charity begins at home (for instance to remodel the home)

Is it me or is this offseason moving at a glacial pace?


I'm dying ovah heah. You know it's not even officially the offseason yet, and I'm already reduced to paying $14.95 for the MLB Bulge Report just so I have something to occupy myself with.


You know what they say, "The Devil will find work for idle hands to do."


The Devil's a friggin' pussy. You evah see that old movie Rosemary's Baby? Of all the hot bitches in the world "da Beast" goes for that mousy, mealy, milquetoast Mia Farrow? Gimme a break.


No kidding. Even when the Devil possesses someone the best he can do is a frigid Kraut wallflowah?


Seriously, what's the fucking point in being Lucifer, Lord of the Dark World, if you can't scare up some A-List poon?


Speaking of possession, Manny's being called in front of the media inquisition yet again, this time the accusation is he's just too damn niggardly.


Yeah, meanwhile in the Grand Nut state, a multimillionaire Senatah wins $850K in the Powahball lottery and says he's keeping every penny to remodel his house and no one bats an eyelash.


Well, really, we wouldn't want to hold public servants to as high a standard as we do celebrity athletes now would we?



And once again, another great Smiths reference...

"Seriously, what's the fucking point in being Lucifer, Lord of the Dark World, if you can't scare up some A-List poon?"

Now THAT should be on the next Soxaholix t-shirt, h.b.

I'm going to delude myself into thinking that I played some role in the theme for today's strip with my comment yesterday about wanting the hot stove season to start already. I liked Rosemary's Baby, btw...thought it was a great scary movie on the late show when I was a kid in the 70's; and Mia Farrow's emaciated transformation by the end of it contributed to the sense of horror.

As for the Boston media busting on Manny's charitable endeavors, they're behind the curve; that Sox-hating tool and total hack Murray (Ch)Ass wrote that same dopey story late last year in the NYTimes...he got a ton of justifiably irate letters from Sox fans for his troubles.

This is the start of the red sox media machine bad mouthing Manny to get him out of town easily.

Why does nearly every hot woman between 30-40 that I know LOVE Morrissey?

Source dates back a bit further from the Smiths:

"He who is slothful in his work is a brother to him who is a great destroyer." Proverbs 18:9

EL Guapo: Come on. I don't like the Globe either, but MR is wide open for criticism in this situation. Wealth carries a social responsiblity.

"Responsibilty can be a heavey responsibility"

You know I meant 'heavy'

+1 today, h.b., for correct use of the word "niggardly".

PS - I hope he improves his house beyond the point at which he can afford the high NH property tax...and then has to move.

If karma has taught me anything, it's to give a little back when you get a huge windfall. And today I wish I could give a little back to Mother Nature...geez, enough already with the downed trees a block from my house and smashed cars!

"wealth carries a social responsibility"

Good thing we have people like Jason O. here to tell us these things. Is there a chart the Census bureau produces that breaks down our social responsibility by income level?

I'm sorry but when someone starts tut-tutting about what other people do with their money, I tend to tune out. If they give out their money, great. But my respect for someone isn't based on how much or how little they "give back".

It's all in the spin of the reporter. The Boston Globe, which is no friend of Gregg's, reported it this way: "Asked what he would do with the windfall, Gregg quipped, 'whatever my wife tells me to,' but he added that he would give an unspecified portion of the cash to his family's Hugh Gregg Foundation, which helps local charities in New Hampshire."


Don't take Gregg out to the woodshed yet. I think CNN is failing to report the full quote.

My problem with the latest on Manny isn't so much that he chooses not to spread the wealth- since there certainly are plenty of entertainers, athletes, politicians and other wealthy types out there who hold on to every dime they make- it's more the fact that he claims to be setting up a foundation, and then DOESN'T DO IT. If you promise something (and are willing to accept the praise that goes with the promise), then f*ing DO IT. Don't 'shrug [your] shoulders, throw up [your] hands and walk away'. Be a man and keep your promise. Or admit you were confused and never intended to do it. And, let's face it- the $20K he 'donated' to Charlee's Place didn't cost him a dime, yet he wants the credit for that, too. I'm with Jason- Manny deserves any criticism he gets on this one....

Dwight's son,

I recommend Andrew Carnegie's "The Gospel of Wealth." He builds a convincing case for a philanthropic social responsibility for the wealthy. It's somewhat amusing that the rich of 4 generations after Carnegie consider charity a status symbol.

I'm not advocating any sort of forced charitable redistribution beyond what we already have with the income tax.

If you commit to charitable giving in public, then don't run and hide in the green monster when the Globe calls you on it.

Definitely Manny is open to criticism, but, we all know Manny is a total flake. Does anyone honestly think Manny came up with the idea of a foundation and/or charity on his own?

Not sayint that excuses not giving, but kind of helps me to avoid getting too hot and bothered.

A bit of perspective. Let's not forget that Manny is 33, which is not old for a philantrophist. In how many other fields other than sports and entertainment are 33-year-old entrepreneurs scrutinized and criticized for their charitable giving. I don't know much about Andrew Carnegie, but I bet he was well into his 40s before he started setting up foundations and such. I agree that if he said he was going to set up a foundation he should do it, but I think he still has lots of time. At this point in his life, Manny has to concentrate on winning ballgames and driving in runs. As long as he does that, he's earning his pay. He'll have years to figure out how he wants to give back to the community, and I bet he will. Gregg, on the other hand, is a politician, so he had better demonstrate a commitment to charity or he risks losing votes and therefore his job. So if he gives to charity he might only be doing it out of self-interest, and if he doesn't give to charity, he must be either arrogant or stupid.

All of this talk of charity, when HB has presented a perfect opporunity for folks to get lowbrow and speculate on what they'd hit if they were the Prince of Evil?

Me, I'd say Rose MacGowan (cause she'd probably dig on the goat hooves), Alyssa Milano (because she seems evil to me), or Shannen Doherty (so I could bang her face into being symmetrical). Dang. If I were Satan, I'd get jiggy with a good portion of the cast of Charmed.

I just wish Manny's charity would begin at home plate.

That guy f'in kills my damn Yanks with his "generosity."

In 19 games against NY in 2005, he donated 17 RBI to the Anti-Yankee cause.

Over his career, the misanthropic philanthropist has donated 41 homeruns and 123 RBI to Major League Baseball's Anti-Yankee Fund.

That monster's a giver all right. He gives, and gives until it hurts the Yanks. Manny's money in the bank for the BoSox. They'd be crazy to let him go.

Put it another way: a fool and his Manny are soon parted.

Definitely not Linda Blair. Or Mia. Or even Soon Yi...

Is MLB Anti-Yankee Fund registered with the IRS? Can I get a tax deduction? And if so, will they accept a check?

No one would ever try to make 'Rosemary's Baby' today. Because Hollywood is scared to death of the religious right, Roman Polanski is a wanted fugitive and damn it, why the hell does Lucifer's passage back to the living has to be some babe with big tits and Jo Lo's ass?
Bill Clinton could havee nailed any broad he wanted to, but, well, Monica did deliver that pizza...

It's all about proximity. Rosemary wants a baby. Her scumbag husband wants success not kids. He sells her to the devil because she is THERE.

Geez, not understanding one of the better horror movies ever made is pretty scary.

I thought Roman Polanski was on the lam because he's a kiddy-diddler.

"a fool and his Manny are soon parted."

I hate to admit it, but that was a good one Babe.

Geez, not understanding one of the better horror movies ever made is pretty scary.

Geez, not understanding that it was a joke is pretty scary.

I never cease to be amazed at the comments some folks leave. What's the point?

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