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(But I'm available off the bench in late innings, if needed.)

Hart Brachen:
Hey, readers! It's Hart, your humble (and by humble I mean attention seeking and arrogant) author here to say I've got nothing new for you today …


Hart Brachen:
I probably couldn't pick a worse time to "pull a Manny" and take myself out of the lineup, what with the Wall Street Journal article hitting earlier in the week and then yesterday's "Best Red Sox Blog" anointing by Deadspin. (See there's my boastful/arrogant side coming out.)


Hart Brachen:
But that's just the way it goes sometimes. If you're new to the strip/blog or are a regular reader needing a Soxaholix fix, I suggest one of my fave strips from all of last year, "He pitched his ass off," or you could poke around the archives and see what randomly pops up.



I declare today as "Submit your own Soxaholix strip" Day. 8-10 panels. Back and forth with 2 toons. Witty, poignant, and funny. Ready, set go!

For the regulars, you know that one of my favorite strips was when the Sox were down 0-3 in the 2004 ALCS: "No fucking magma. No fucking lava." For those visiting for the first time, check it out. I had been following the Soxaholix at that point since mid-June 2004, but that day I knew I was a soxaholix soxaholic...."Hi, I'm Tito, I'm a soxaholic"

Jeez, it's like a ghost town around here today.

[cue The Specials...]

Hey h.b. Congrats on the media blitz that your site has received. I don't remember how I found this site but believe me, ever since last year I've been hooked. I need the daily soxaholix fix even if it means Lisa the temp. Salutations to all Red Sox fans everywhere from Puerto Rico!!

HB, how was the book meeting? (I suspect that's why you are off today)

I envision the negotiations unfolding as in the scene in Scarface when Tony and Omar Suarez (The great F. Murray Abraham) visit Alejandro Sosa in Bolivia. HB's agent ends up being hung out of a helicopter.

What about a Pixar CG soxaholix movie? (or short, start the academy out with something they can handle: the animated short segment) Some voice suggestions:

Doug Roy: Seth Myers (SNL)
Sweeney: James Spader
Callaghan: Denis Leary
Tara: Vanessa Williams or Gladys Knight (South Park has Isaac Hayes, right?)
Marty: Mike Francesa
Steve: Chow Yun-Fat

Sorry, was out of the office until now and couldn't post my usual banalities. Not to defect from Soxaholix (I LOVE you guys...weep, weep), but Surviving Grady's Red has a pretty hysterical "what if Renteria tried to save those two drowning women instead of Nomar" bit. (You've probably all checked it out already, huh? I hate being unfashionably late to the party.)

Question re: today's suggested read("he pitched his arse off.")

Did Susan have her "immaculately conceived" baby?

A good friend of mine here in New York, Marty Silverstein, great guy, recently adopted a baby whose biological mother happens to be named Susan Wentworth.

Marty says the boy's bio-mommy wanted a better future for her son than worshiping a perennial second-place team so she offered him up to the highest bidder on NYYFANS.COM.

Kid's safe and happy on the Upper East now. Marty named him Babe(after you know who) and has the nanny nailpolishing teeny Yankee pinstripes onto his diapers(too cute!).

Could it be?! or just a coincidence?


He named the kid after a talking pig of the silver screen played by E.G. Daily? That poor kid is gonna have an awful tough time in kindergarten ...

This is just Brachen being Brachen.

Hey, everybody!

Three month old Babe Silverstein here. You all know my dad, Marty from the wildly popular clip-art strip, "soxaholix." He's the guy on the phone from New York.

Marty's my adopted dad. I don't have a biological father as everybody knows I was conceived "immaculately" during the 2004 ALCS.

Yes, the woman in question is my biological mother. For some reason, her pregnancy wasn't a big storyline in the "soxaholix" mythology this season. Her pregnant belly was kept out of the frame I guess so as not to spoil the fantasies of RSN horn-dogs of all sexes.

Anyway, my bio-mother's secret is out now.

Best to you all,

Babe Ruth Silverstein

PS - go Yanks!

It's even worse than I thought. His first name comes from "Babe: Pig in the City" and his middle name is a girl's name. I guess Marty, using the theory of Johnny Cash in "Boy Named Sue", wants the kid to grow up to be a tough dude, not a mealymouthed milquetoast like his adopted dad.


I hear Jeter shot a 72 today playing golf.



Congrats on the accolades but you REALLY have to play your hand and negotiate for the Soxaholix movie and Soxaholix musical!

Late to the party here... but did any one see the JOHN LEGUIZAMO interview on Leno Thursday night? Life-long MFY fan says that he is real disappointed that the spanks couldn't make it further in the playoffs, but at least his enemy Red Sox didn't either. He then went on to say that he is really into 'schadenfreude' when it comes to the Red Sox. Had to explain it to Leno... finally commenting: leave it up to the Germans to find pleasure in the misfortune of others.

Makes me think he has been reading the strip...Hmmm

Leguizamo had a one-man Broadway play several years ago called "Sexaholix", about a gang he was in growing up.

His comments don't surprise me; we've heard the same kind of crap coming out of Spike Lee's mouth for years. Pathetic how obsessed MFY fans are with the Sox and Sox fans. I hear some of them even troll Sox blogs. :)

Yes, I Leguizamo's HBO show a few years back was an influence on the title. As soon as I saw his "Sexaholix" thing I immediately thought it'd work well for the Red Sox since they aslo play off that final "x" phonetic sound and replace it with the letter as well.

I guess Leguizamo was trying to emphasize "x" as in x-rated.

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