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The King and I

Well that was a pleasant blast from the past, two homers from Millar.


It's gotta be the orange yellow hair dye job.


Yeah, he finally broke The Curse of the Queerinos … you know he's been slumping ever since his Queer Eye makeover.


Absolutely. Save the back waxes and pedicures for the off season.


I think Foulke should try the dye job for good luck. Can't hurt at this point.


I wish I could buy into the logic of, "Hey, I totally sucked at the Single-A level, but, it'll be different with better lighting and a better background."


I just hope Foulke doesn't start insulting Burger King workers again, because after seeing the King haul ass in those NFL Sunday Ticket commercials, I'm convinced he could lay down a serious Keith whooping.


Absolutely, And the King looks like one sadistic son-of-a-bitch, too, a real keep kicking you when your down motherfuckah.


You know it. Why do you think we don't see much of Ronald McDonald these days? The King fucked that clown up real good.


Yeah, well, even the King can only hold so much pickle before he needs to act out his pent up aggression.



I've heard for years that the minor league lighting and backgrounds suck compared to those at the big show, but I always thought it was to the hitter's disadvantage, not the pitcher's. If that's the best excuse he can come up with for getting throttled by single-A hitters, it should be an interesting september.

major league lighting didn't help petey much last night.no respect at all.

Curse of the Queerinos? More like hairy style challenged straight guys with big mouths and bad hair.
If Louis Farrakhan and Kanye are ready to stop gay bashing maybe soon it will stop being cool in baseball too.

Tom, nice work, particularly the light bulb thing.

All looters must, repeat MUST be shot. Hurricanes can't take away NO's spirit, but savages can do lasting damage.

Foulke: Just sit on the change-up, my boy, and you'll do fine.

Tom gets a little testy when someone blames poor perfomance on bad lighting. Bad lighting? How'd you like no lighting at all Keith? You better tip you cap to Tommy Ed. How's 1093 total patents hit ya?

The lights must be just fine at Wrigley Field because D-(9-13)-Lowe just made the Cubbies wish they had Steve Bartman in their lineup.


Petey should have re-signed with us. The guy is 7 games over .500, even with last night's whooping by the Phillies, and his team is only 6 games over .500. We would have the division sewn up if he had come back. Oh well; hopefully we'll miss him less next year with Papelbon and DelCarmen and maybe even DiNardo pushing the team ERA somewhere south of Greenland.

Too bad the MFY ended the Belhorn Era after one game. It would be nice to see him filling in for Mr. Rod at 3d base for a few more games.

Unbelievable how Wakefield can give up five runs in three innings and then retire 16 batters in a row. Maybe they should have him and Schilling pitch batting practice before they pitch the game.

Excellent idea PSP- After they give up a couple 500' bombs to Papi and Manny, they'll be nice and settled down. Someone write Tito a letter!

What is it about the week before you go on vacation that makes work kick your ass? It's Thurs and I've worked 47 hours since I arrived at work on monday. Fucking hell. Ah well- I guess it'll make me enjoy my trip back home that much more. Plus having tix to the Sun, Mon, and Tues games helps. Three different opponents in three consecutive days?! Has that ever happened before?

Three different opponents in three consecutive days

That is so cool. Hope they are all W's.

I found Ronald McDonald - Funniest thing I ever saw at a game...

Wow NV, the O's, Chisox and LAA..sofA. That should be a rockin' vacation. Hope the boys make you (and the rest of us) happy.

**Too bad the MFY ended the Belhorn Era after one game. It would be nice to see him filling in for Mr. Rod at 3d base for a few more games.**

What? They DFA'd him already?

Orioles just released Sidney Ponson - maybe we can see if there's a job available driving the team bus for the NY Yankee$? :)

NV in SD - see you in the Fens on Sunday! I'll be the guy in the left field grandstand with the "Selig Sucks" t-shirt. Wells will be surely be looking to show a little love to Raffy with a fastball up & in. Imagine the Boomah and Raffroid throwing down... should be a good one. As for three opponents in 3 days, I envy you. That's a whole lotta baseball for one long weekend. And the way the Sox are playing at Fenway, gotta pity Chisox who parachute in for the one-game makeup on Labor Day... not!

I've has Sun and Tues tix for some time, but it took a phone call from my sis last night to point out that, with it being a makeup game AND Labor Day, it would be easy (and cheap) to get some for Mon as well. Was thinking about waiting till day of game to see what we could find outside, but figured why risk it. Ended up getting some 6th row bleacher seats for $20/ea! Fuck. Yes.

Who to feel sorrier for- our boys for having to play 30(!) games in a row, or the ChiSox for "parachuting in" for a one game ass-kicking?

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