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Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.

Hart Brachen, blog author:
It's Labor Day and your Boston Red Sox have a 3½ game lead at the top of the AL East … Enjoy!



h.b., you deserve a rest today; nice work last week. I leave for a week of vacation Bar Harbor and the Sox were 3 1/2 over the Stinkees; I return and they are STILL 3 1/2 over the Stankees. I have to tell you it was pretty fun ganging up on the MFY fans in Maine with my fellow New Englanders, although a local bartender confessed he was a little nervous when the lead slipped to 1 1/2 games.

Actually, I think a pressure from behind is good for this team; it will likely squeeze a little extra out of the boys (we've seen that before).

Didn't see much of the 9/5 makeup game - did get to see the last 3 half-innings. Nice Graffy 3-run shot - too little too late but I guess we can check this up in the "can't win them all" category. From what I have read Schilling and Foulke did well and have improved over their last outings. Too bad the offense couldn't do anything. I am sure you SoSH bloggers may or may not have your oprinions on how this bodes for the team in the final few weeks of the regular season.

There's always kind of a sadness for me when Labor Day evening arrives. It as if the summer is indeed over - and with it, another baseball regular season. Now every game really counts and I am sure our beloved Sox will make this a nail biter right down to the final out of October 2nd and beyond.

I work over 1,000 miles south of Boston. Among my coworkers (who have let their loyalties be known) are a few Braves fans, another Sox fan - and a MFY fan who sneered at me as we went to our respective cars in the parking lot (I was wearing my red Damon uniform t-shirt, he was wearing a shirt that read "This is your brain [MFY logo]. This is your brain on drugs [Mets logo]"). As I was driving home, I thought of my being a Sox fan vis a vis all the evil SOB MFY fans out there. And I finally figured out why I still stick with the Sox through thick and thin - it is better to suffer a small defeat with God by your side than to win a huge victory in the arms of Satan.

Sorry if I rambled on for a bit, just wanted to get this off my chest. Go Sox (and Tampa Bay for the next three days anyway)!! See you all tomorrow.

It was 3.5 games for a portion of Labor Day at least.

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