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We shall overcome

I'm so glad that the musical void in my life has been finally filled: Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb have reunited.


Babs and Bee Gee boy together again, the Stones at Fenway, Joan Baez singing anti-war tunes … it's like I fell asleep and awoke into a life of one non-stop PBS pledge drive. The only thing missing are the Morning Edition coffee mugs and the "I brake for Daleks" bumpah stickahs.


We both know there's only one relic of the past deserving resurrection: The Dunkin' Donuts crullah.


Oh, dude, why'd you have to go and bring that up? You know a paht of me died inside when they dissed the almighty crullah.


Time and technology marches on. But, hey, it's not all bad. At least the Red Sox aren't living in the past.


No kidding, hiring the young and relatively inexperienced Theo Epstein as G.M. was the smahtest thing the club's evah done.


Totally awsometastic. If I'm Theo Epstein, I'm phoning up the president of Dunkin'' Donuts and going, "Look, I brought you a World Series, now the least you can do to thank me is bring back the mofo crullah, OK? Jeez. Don't make me come down there and kick your anti-crullite ass."



i always liked daleks-they remind me of steinbrenner. Exterminate

Boomer versus Greinke (3-14, 6.02 ERA) tonight. Suddenly the Royals with Cheese are as hot as they've been in months (two in a row for the first time since the Truman administration). Same thing happened with the Tigers; they got hot right as we rolled into town. I guess that World Championship aura really does get teams all motivated. Meanwhile, Towers versus Leiter in New Spork. Hopefully, it'll be the "broken down old man" Leiter, not the "Lights Out Against The Good Guys" version we faced.

"the Sox are a run-scoring machine, leading the Majors in lead the majors in batting average"

Part of me died when they got rid of crullers. Bastids.

"Totally awsometastic" This may be my new favorite phrase.

I miss the crullahs. That was the only time my dad's new york accent ever came out, was at dunkin' donuts: "large couwfee and a crullah, please". And does anyone really want to order a "glazed stick"? They could've at least tried to rename that. Like doughnut-wand or broken-doughnut or something. (Hey, they have donut 'holes', why not.)

Did anyone catch the Cubs game last night? I haven't had a chance to really watch Zambrano work. Holy cow. Velocity + pinpoint location. Only he was totally out of control, trying to throw heat past Andruw Jones one too many times. I can only imagine what kind of pitcher he'd be with Tek telling him how to work. "I'm chaning your name to Straight Razor - you've become a real weapon, son."

What's the latest on Fat Boy's suspension? I read somewhere (don't remember where exactly) that he was going to miss a start soon if the thing didn't get overturned. Would it be tonight's start, or his next scheduled one? Cripes, with his getting tossed, Wake's getting nailed by the line drive, Schilling still being shaky, and Foulke's uncertain return, maybe it's time for a trial by fire for the younguns. Run Papelbon and Lester out there, bring up Hansen and let him try his hand at closing, see what they're made of.

"Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Donut."
- Aleister Crullah

I haven't been back to visit a DD since Oh-3 and had no idea they have removed the only menu item I actually crave. Crullah's and Hahpoon IPA's - that's livin baby. I propose a motion to declare the IPA a national landmark before it too is 'replaced.' Anyone second it?

I read somewhere that Wells' hearing is today or tomorrow, so regardless of the outcome it looks like he'll miss his next start. It'll be interesting to see who gets it, considering Jonathan's been taking Miller's turn. My guess would be Gonzalez, but who knows.

I'd be surprised to see Lester on the big club this year. If anyone's coming up, it'll be Delcarmen and Hansen (you know they're itching to see what that guy's got against big leaguers).

I think the big question is wether Papelbon takes over Miller's spot in the rotation. Kid's been lights out so far, and given Miller's ups and downs you'd be hard pressed to convince me that he's the better option. Tito's probably not thinking the same though.

If things keep going the way they're aimed right now we could have the previously unseen conundrum of the six-man rotation finally come into being. Given how things have been going, I'd be happy seeing a rotation of Schill, Clement, Wells, Wake, and Papelbon with Arroyo and Miller in long relief, Myers, Bradford, Delcarmen as situational guys, Timlin as setup and (an effective) Foulke sewing things up. That gives us a solid 12, and the opportunity to see what some other guys got when the roster goes to 40.

After 12 days in Argentina & Chile where baseball's penetration appears limited to the ESPN game of the week, happy to be back in the U.S. and jonesing for a ballgame. Red Sox cap penetration seemed limited to snowboarders in Chile though a fellow fan gave me The Nod in Buenos Aires. Observation during the off day: the MFYs still think they can/will catch the Sox after thumping the slumping Jays. Jared Wright pitched a good game but how long with this Chacon/Leiter juggahnaut last? May the baseball gods bring fire and brimstone down upon the House of Steinbrenner and turn this $200 million team into the biggest bust that evah was. Amen. Go Sox.

Miller is getting shut down for the season, right?

NO CRULLERS? Sigh. I moved out of MA in June 2003, right before they killed the cruller, apparently.

Now I have no reason to return.

Seriously, next time I go back, I am going to go in, make a big deal of how I've not been to MA in years, and how I miss Dunkin Donuts, and then I will order a cruller. When they inform me there are none, I will sullenly hang my head and walk out.

That's news to me, HB. I heard they were prolonging his rehab, but he'd probably be back sometime next week (?)

From espn.com:

Miller (biceps, shoulder) will pitch on the side in Kansas City next week rather than in Anaheim on Sunday, the Boston Herald reports.

Add Hansen and drop Remlinger right now. Might as well pitch the kid in K.C. and at home against Detroit and Tampa Bay as send him to Pawtucket. Those three teams are like Triple A anyway. After the Tampa Bay series it's time for the callups and we can get DiNardo and Lester et al.

NV, I'd like to see Papelbon in the rotation too, but if they have to use Timlin as the closer I think they need Jonathan's arm in the bullpen for a setup role until Foulke is 100 percent. It would be nice to bring him in throwing smoke and striking people out if there are runners on base.

According to the 40-man roster on team Web site, Miller is still on 15-day DL.

Yeah, we all miss crullers, but when was the last time any of us actually ate one. Dunkin' Donuts can't sell memories.

JimmyZ you're right about IPA. Ballentine is my fave, although I like Harpoon and Sam Adams too.

Actually, maybe Dunkin' Donuts would make a year's supply of crullers for the Red Sox Foundation to auction off. I bet they'd fetch more than a Josh Groban poster.


Shipyahd Ale all the way for me.

Two things that HAVE to happen soon:

1. Bye bye Remlingrrrrr
2. What up Hansen.

I like your logic there PSP- give Hansen a couple outings against AAAA teams and see what he's made up of. Send him back down to Pawtucket for some fine tuning before Sept. callups. I can't picture Lester coming up, esp. since they've already got Papelbon, Delcarmen, and DiNardo with experience (didn't DiNardo pitch for the Sox on Sat?)

Qusetion of the day in Anaheim this weekend-

"If it's pronounced 'P'tucket', why arent they called the P'Sox?"

I'm with pawsoxpop. Fond memories of crullers (snarfing a couple at the grandparents' house after church on Sunday)...well, there's 3 things I don't do any more.

Once you reach a certain age (Sir Fustalug and perhaps Schill notable exceptions)you tend to avoid those things. Even the thought of a DD cruller puts plague in your arteries and inches on your gut. However, there is one of life's luxuries I will not do without: GOOD BEER!

I feel sorry for those of you who don't hale from the western part of the Commonwealth as we have several of the finest brews available right here; fresh and local. Berkshire Brewing Company Berkshire Ale (Deerfield, MA) and The People's Pint Pied pIPA (Greenfield, MA).

As for the young guns, if Theo and Tito et al are serious about a stretch run, they are going to have to see what this guys have. Right now can't tell if management is content to take it as far as they can with the vetern arms we have. I hope they don't overdo the protecting these young guys from a "baptism by fire" bit...I think these young guys really have something to offer.

let's all wash down a few crullahs with a Gansett while the Sox show no mercy in K.C. tonight. Seriously, anything less than a sweep would be unacceptable. Schilling vs Limatime on Thursday should be an interesting matchup to say the least -- Schill's long-awaited return in the rotation up against one of the biggest freaks to play the game in recent memory?!? I'm not predicting a basebrawl or anything, but that game has some potential for frustrations to boil over...

The reason the P'TUCK-it Red Sox are called the "Pawsox" is that after years and years of hearing out-of-town sportscasters butcher your town's name, at a certain point you just throw up your hands and go along for the ride. Also, the marketing people came up with a Polar Bear mascot named "Paws" and there are bear paws on the hat (it's not so ridiculous, as there was a polar bear at the Slater Park zoo when I was growing up. He was put down in the early '80s after he got out of his cage and mauled a jogger. But luckily, the team mascot doesn't maul anybody, just runs around McCoy throwing out soft souvenir balls with the team logo on it.

Bitch and moan all you want, but you can't argue with success. The team sells out all the time now, unlike in the '70s when I worked there. I took my son to a baseball card show to meet Fred Lynn and Jim Rice, and when I told Lynn I sold popcorn and soda at McCoy when he played there he laughed and said "You must not have made much money then, because there was never anybody there."

They've come a long way sine those days.

Re: crullers, I have to confess, I went to a Dunkin' Donuts three times on my vacation last week, and I did not even notice the absense of that particular delicacy. My kids are more into Munchkins anyway.

Now a nice, cold 'Gansett. That's something I miss every time I go back to Rhody. There will always be a big hole in my heart every time I think of Ken Coleman saying "Hi neighbor, have a 'Gansett."

I'm pretty sure the team can sweep K.C. and get out of town without any more suspensions. They'd better.

Every time you eat a Munchkin, a little person in Oz screams out in pain.

I read somewhere, most likely SoSH, that the Red Sox were going to be super cautious with Miller because 1) He's already done more this year than anyone expected 2) They have high hopes for him next season, so will do everything to avoid pushing him too hard and risking damage this season.

As for the cruller, oh, I miss them and was a fairly regular cruller eater up until they were taken away.

No, you shouldn't eat them everyday, but you can say that about a lot of things, right? I'm of the "everything in moderation" school of thought and by everything, well, I mean pretty much everything.

But, all that aside, the removal of the cruller from Dunkin's lineup has symbolic significance beyond just a bit of dough fried in oil.

Rather than go into it myself, I'll leave the following as an excercise for the reader:

Read the Globe story (linked in the strip) about the reasons why Dunkin' Donuts stopped making the cruller and consider how the same logic could be applied to 1) Fenway Park and 2) The very essence of the game of baseball itself.

FoT, and beside the Peoples Pint, Greenfield also has Adams Donut Shop, which I'm sure still make crullers. Here in the south, people swear by Krispy Kreme but they're horrible, at least we have beignets.

A warm Krispy Kreme is pretty good. As they cool down, though, they lose their appeal, to me at least.

Now enjoying a beignet and coffee while watching life go by in New Orleans, that is treat everyone should experience at least once.

There are no Dunkin' Donuts in this part of the country, so when I crave a good donut, I find my way to a Krispy Kreme. I agree that they're good warm, otherwise not so much. Their coffee sucks though, and isn't that the real reason people go to DD? I've had to resort to having my family mail me a pound or two every couple months, which works out quite well, as the pressurization from flying over the continent actually vacu-seals the bags. Quite the phenomnea.

HB, If people were demanding crullers in the same numbers and for the same prices that they are demanding tickets to Red Sox games, you can bet your life Dunkin' Donuts would still be churning them out, even if they had to hire Martha Stewart at Manny Ramirez money to make them (an unappetizing proposition, I know, but still just to make a point ...)

I agree with what I think is your conclusion that it sucks that economics and technology rule the world in which we live. But that's the world we all live in, not just Dunkin' Donuts. A lot of us would prefer to be doing artisan-type jobs than cubicle-type jobs but we've got to pay the bills so...

What the hell am I still typing this drivel for. It's almost gametime. Where's my IPA?


That was a most superb response. But I don't think it is all about the demand (thought that is important) as much as it is, well, I don't know how else to say it, greed.

There are certain traditions, certain foodstuffs, certain memories (remember Proust?), that can be squeezed, but they, no matter no what, cannot be wrung dry.

(And Mark Twain would have said that considerably, like a way lot, better than me.)

Hey wait minute everyone.

Way back near the top of the thread Illegitimate Son says his Dad had a New York accent.

I didn't know Dewey was from NY?!

Speaking of Daleks... the new "Doctor Who" series, though only available in the US on bootleg DVDs, is actually quite cool.

Check it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/

Okay, you can kick my ass now.

"What the hell am I still typing this drivel for...", nice one PSPop...must be what the Curley Head Boy thinks everyday.

I thought I could sneak that one past. I'm not a New Yorker (unless a few pre-school years in Brooklyn counts). My dad was born and raised in Brooklyn, and was a Dodger fan for the short time he was around before they left. When we moved to Boston in my youth, he adopted the Sox while I was raised on them from the start. My dad claims his Dodger heritage first but he's become a pretty good Sox fan (i.e., harping about their pitching and telling me "they won't go very far in October if they can't get it done against KC" after some random loss to KC.) My namesake comes from the fact that my old man bears an uncanny resemblance to Dewey.

That being said, h.b. can check my IP and see I am safely posting from within Boston city limits. :)

Man, that ninth inning last night had me reaching for something a little stronger than an IPA. I couldn't believe that stupid little nubber that loaded the bases. Thank God Edgar got that grounder by Pawsox alum Chip Ambers.

Mike Sweeney for first baseman next year? Looks like Theo might be thinking that way:

Damn h.b.'s dreaded out-of-town travel. Is anyone left in Boston this week? Sox in KC, everyone else on the Cape or up in Maine.

Pawsoxpop, no kidding about needing something stronger. I would have snored some Valium when Timlin loaded them up; especially since the Blue Jays are allowing themselves to be bitch slapped by the MFY.

Speaking of Maine and needing something stronger than an IPA, I am headed to the hinterlands (Bar Harbor). The Atlantic Brewing Company has a particularly good Blueberry Ale (for those of you can stand fruit in your beer).

One of the other great parts about going to Maine is the all the locals give you the thumbs up when you were your Sox garb and join you in giving dirty looks at the MFY fans. Nothing pisses off a Mainer more than a tourist with NY/NJ plates and a MFY sticker on your car or a MFY shirt or hat

Sorry...'wear your Sox garb'...not 'were'. This work thing really takes precious time away from the Soxaholix thing.

Hey FoT, I saw that blueberry beer from Maine at a liquor store near the beach house on the Rhody shore I rented last week. I'll have to go back and try some.

What's up with Ryan and the Globe blogsters saying we don't have the pitching for the postseason? I mean, I admit we need to have a few things fall into place, but when these people say RANDY JOHNSON is a sure thing for the playoffs? I don't think so.

Also, I have always thought that Rocket Roger's dominance ends when October begins. Give me Dave Stewart in the playoffs any day.

BTW have a great time in Maine.

Amen to that, FoT. My parents sent me a pic during last years ALCS of a convienence store sign in the wilds of Wayne, Maine that read:

Red Sox fans 20% off
Yankee fans F-off
Go Sox!!!

What the fuck Blue Jays?! Four blown leads? Is it too much to ask that the AL East play the MFY the same as they play us (TB excepted). I guess this year's Jays are our Orioles of '04.

Bah Habah?! You can't get theah from heah.

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