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The heat is on

Hey, Callaghan, are you channeling ol' Satchel Paige yet? Don't look back, Billy Boy, as something is gaining on you. Heh.


Jeez, you been quiet most this season Mahty. Didn't see you calling to gloat when you guys were getting swept by the Devil Rays.


Oh, how you misjudge me. I'm not calling to gloat. I'm calling to congratulate your Sawxit's the second time in the last 21 games that the Sox bullpen did not give up a run. Whoo-hoo! What a fucking accomplishment.


But didn't you see, Mahty? One of the rookies, Abe Alvarez, was behind that yesterday. We've got some others, too, Delcarmen, Hansen, Pabelbon … But, that's right, it's been so long since you've seen a homegrown pitcher, you probably forgot such a thing is possible, eh?


Oh, right, the rookies and all you Sawx fans saying your little prayers each night that Papelbon will suddenly morph into a Roger Clemens circa 1986. Your dreaming would be kind of cute if it wasn't so pathetic.


Yeah, Mahty, but at least we've got some prospects to dream about. Your Yankees on the othah hand are like Stonehenge: They are old, they don't move, and no one is certain why they are there.


Oh, that's right, your prospects are so automatic that Gammons says Epstein is interested in picking up DFA'd Jason Christiansen … Let me get this straight, a crappy team with a crappy bullpen picks up a crappy reliever? Oh, I see, it's the ol' New England Crapbake!


So, Mahty, when Charles Barkley said, "Seeing Yankees fans up close for the first time is like waking up in a Brazilian jail," what do you suppose he meant?


Count the rings, bitches!


Keep counting, Mahty, you'll need something to occupy your mind come Octobah.



Callaghan looks like Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.
Marty looks like Dean Martin.

It's kind of weird that Skankee fan Marty looks like a young Ted Williams. Intentional?

Had a feeling we'd be seeing Marty here this week...

no offense to the splinter,but would that make marty a talking head?

h.b. - appropriate title, but now I have that damn Don Henley song going through my head right now. Argh. God, that's such an annoying song. I suppose you could throw a Guided By Voices or Slayer song title up there but there's be about 4 soxaholix readers who'd get the reference.

And now a red-hot Tampa Bay comes to Boston. In Theo, Tito, the bullpen, etc. We Trust...

Giambi back on the juice again? 2 HR, 7 RBI yesterday. Get someone to investigate, W.B. Mason, that "Dog" bounty hunter from A&E, anyone...

Red hot Tampa is right- let's hope they aren't on the outset of an 11 game run like they had last year. And how about Seattle playing some ball over the next four days, as opposed to the Royals who seemed more than willing to roll over in the Bronx. Bitches.

So Foulke's rehab is sopposedly going well, and he's throwing better than he has all year (woo. hoo.) Show me the machine that came out in the playoffs last year and I'll be happy.

I read it today and I never want to see or hear of it again:

The Curse of Bellhorn

Who the fuck are these guys?

I knew that Marty would be back soon! As always HB, I am amazed that you have captured so many of my Yankee fans in one felled swoop.

And Marty: It's RELIEVER, not reciever! Although I'm sure your football team sucks, too.

And Marty: It's RELIEVER, not reciever! Although I'm sure your football team sucks, too.

Oops, thanks!

"They are old, they don't move, and no one is certain why they are there." Amazing. Yeah, more and more Bernie Williams is looking like that canonical painting of a batter on the strike zone target at carnivals.

I can't say I'm especially worried about the spanks. The only competitive teams they've faced since the break (competitive being teams leading their division or in the wild-card hunt) are Boston, the ChiSox, Cleveland and the Angels, and they're a whopping 11-10 against them. They have to go head to head against Oakland and the Sox in the next two weeks. The rest of their schedule is "feasting" on weaker AL East teams (they're a combined 23-25 against the division, including Boston).

I live near Seattle ... I can't bear to spend my time and money going to one of the games this week, but I'll keep my eye on them. I don't say this often, but: Go Mariners!

Maybe I'll pick up a cap today ...

h.b. --

I prefer to think that you were channeling the spirit of Marty a little too well, as it's just the kind of slip my idiot Yankee friends would make...

What are the chances that the clock strikes twelve and the Bombers turn back into a rotting, old, fly-encrusted Pumpkin tonight?

*fingers crossed*

Since seeing the title of today's strip this AM I've had Glenn Frey in my head all day, with moderate Victor Maitland and Inspector Todd sightings...

From foxsports.com

"Mark Bellhorn, one of the heroes of the Red Sox's 2004 postseason run, will join the rival Yankees once he clears waivers at 1 p.m. Tuesday, FOXSports.com has learned."


He better keep up the season he was having...

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