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Tattoo you?

Well, that's it then. It's ovah.


Yep. Schilling, while feeling "normal," and showing good control in his first restaht, got cuffed around by K.C.


May as well just give up then. Jump off this rickety bandwagon on its invious path … Find a new cause celebre.


Absolutely. Just pack it in. Find something else to live for, you know, get serious and shit.


You are so fucking right. Time to shake things up. Life is too shoht.


That's it then, today I'm beginning my life long dream of becoming a meat eating vegetarian. Maybe I'll get a tattoo as well.


Good call. You know, some people are getting very creative with their tattoos these days.*



Whoa Christalmighty! Who was that, Lord Voldemort's girlfriend or something?


Dude, bewayah the dakh mahk.


Author's Notes

Giving credit where credit is due, the link to today's NSFW photo was found at the always enjoyable 2 Blowhards blog where the writing is equally erudite and naughty, something I aspire to here as well at The Soxaholix.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of All Ages....

We have ourselves a pennant race!

Don't count CS out that quickly, however. He (like RJ) have several good starts left. Perhaps against each other, in a few weeks?...too good to be true.

I know its cheap to complain about umpiring, but come ON. Damon throwing out Phillips trying for third was the only call on the bases they got right all night. I still don't know how that 3-6-1 DP in the 3rd didn't happen - Schilling had TWO FEET on the bag and the ball in his glove. But anyway. I wonder how we might have faired if Papi was in the lineup.

Yeah, maybe it is time to pack it in. Toss out that pink red sox hat, it was starting to, you know, smell and stuff; sell my red sox videos and DVDs; take down my dunkin' donuts 2004 World Champs fridge magnet. Good thing I didn't get that big Red Sox 'B' tattooed on my arm - I'd be looking pretty foolish now, I tells ya!

I wonder what it will be like to buy day-of-game tickets at Fenway again?

I feel like that Marlin's batboy who couldn't hold down a gallon of milk and got suspended on top of it -- nauseous and with too much time on my hands before the next game. What's up with this 8:05 start? Is that extra hour really going to make any difference to the field? I mean, they've had 3 days to work on it, one extra hour ain't gonna mean shit. God I'm in a pissy mood. Anybody comes to my desk and asks where their work is, I'm going to go friggin Kenny Rogers on their ass.

Too long, should have ended it a littler earlier.

F- Schilling!

Too long, should have ended it a littler earlier.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about your Yankees in 2004 ALCS. They should have ended it in a 4 game sweep, but, what's this, they weren't good enough to were they.

Does it make you feel cool to be living in the heart of Boston (commenting from an IP hosted by "The Colleges of the Fenway" no less) and going against the grain? Does that help you establish an identity for yourself as "the other" or as an interloper?

God, knows, you'll need something to build on, since simply being a Yankees fans isn't enough anymore I guess.

TRU - Welcome to the party. There are others in attendance...


It's about freakin' time the Yankees caught up. Okay, boys, you can start playing again. We're just about guaranteed those big TV playoff bucks.

I went to all three games in K.C. and one Red Sox game in St. Louis. Out of four games, I got to see one win. One win! Thats it. They better pull there heads out of their asses and start getting hot. There are no more excuses. Period.

When there's nothing good going on with your own team, go hate on the other team's fansite...that's what I always say.

What's worse than "Suck"? Because if the Red Sox suck, the Yankees are at least 2.5 games worse than that.

BTW, h.b. feel free to delete Tru's comments...you know, the way he does if you post to his blog and he doesn't like what you wrote. Of course, you won't do that. h.b. is the better man.

FWIW I do delete the oFWIW I do delete the occasional comment. These tend to be the ones that are overly mean spirited and make racist or sexist remarks. I know, considering the non politically correct content of many of the strips, that could be deemed hypocritical on my part.

But there really is a line between satire and depravity, and while I can't define it, like the Supreme Court says about porn, I know it when I see it.

The typical Yankees fan troll comments tend to be so predictable and harmless that they are far more insipid than insulting, probably not their intended purpose, but fun for us all the same. Their effect is about as damaging as Slappy McBluelips trying to slap his way to safety.

Whoa! That tattoo sure as hell woke me up this morning!

h.b. taking names and kicking ass with the MFY troll. It's bad enough to be an MFY fan to begin with, but to be one from New England is the most pathetic thing on earth. "Look at me! I'm a front-running pussy! My whole purpose in life is to piss off my relatives and neighbors!"

Looks like if we're gonna get the job done this year, it's gonna have to be with the kids doing a lot of the heavy lifting.
Viva Papelbon!
Viva Hansen!
Viva Delcarmen!

I don't understand the statement that Boston sports fans are not intelligent sports fans.... isn't the ultra-critique of Boston teams an indication of thourough intelligent sports analysis? Does one have to mememorize sports stats (OPS,ERA etc.) do be intelligent? does one have to be familiar with the entire roster/hisory of every team? I know that some boob that goes to a game and does not follow it but instead just taunts and drinks is a twit... but I guess that I never really understood the basis/standards for an intelligent fan.

I think Schilling needs to get on down to McCoy to work out whatever he needs to work out. It's CRUCIAL that he be ready to get some big wins down the stretch, when the pressure is on. But right now, I think the kids (DelCarmen, Papelbon, Hansen and yes, even DiNardo) are capable of doing some of the heavy lifting against the likes of Detroit and Tampa Bay.

I read all the propaganda about how great he felt and all that stuff, but come on -- six runs in five innings AGAINST THE ROYALS??? I mean even Remlinger managed a scoreless inning against them. Let's let Schilling work on whatever he needs to work on somewhere where the games don't count, and bring him back up when he's ready.

Too bad Pedro didn't take Theo's offer. There is a team in New York that has a shot at the postseason, but it's not the Yankees.

Hey Ric, I'm not exactly sure what an intelligent fan is, but I know what a pathetic fan is. That's somebody who takes the time and effort to start a blog devoted solely to hating some other team and their fans.

I knew as soon as I saw fucking Lima kissing his necklace on SC that the MFY fans who have been in hiding for the past four months were going to come out in droves. Where were you while your team was wallowing in the great googly-moogly of fourth place? Fucking fairweather bitches. Nice to see BigBitch came out of his hidey hole though. What happened- did your mom disconnect the internet hookup in the basement for a while?

Schill has got to get better, right? He definitely showed flashes of brillance last night, but we're gonna need a lot more than that. I saw a couple of nasty splits that batters swung at just as they hit the ground two feet in front of the plate, but from what I've read it sounds like he wasn't comfortable with it. He definitely hung more than a few (see 2nd inning). What the fuck ever. Would've liked to see at least a split on the road trip, but we've got a nice long home stand now. Lets hope Wake really has recovered fully. And would someone please get the bats some Vivarin?

I'm betting the "college of the fenway" in question is BU. My alma mater is chock full of yuppie larva from the NYC suburbs, the kind of guys who buy T-shirts that say "Brooklyn" on them because that's one of the boroughs they drive through on the way home from the Tunnel. Naturally they didn't even care about the spanks until '98.

I think 'insipid' is definitely the right word. No arguments about the teams, the schedules, the stats, just "GTFO Sheff 0wnz j00!"-type of drivel.

Thanks for the link! I liked the Donut post from a few days ago, too.

dewey's bastard love child,

nope. your alma mater is clear on this one.

Colleges of the Fenway are:

Emmanuel College, Massachusetts College of Art, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Simmons College, Wentworth Institute of Technology, and Wheelock College.

BTW hb-
"That's it then, today I beginning my life long dream of becoming a meat eating vegetarian."

Aside from the typo (today I begin)- fucking priceless. I will be using this quote.

Thanks for that typo alert! That's the second typo in that single sentance so far today. Guess I got overly excited with the line myself.

Glad you like it too.

Speaking of BU...here I sit in my research lab with a window facing the Pike...and I just don't want to do my work. Is it the weekend already yet?

If Johnny Damon fucks up his knee on the new sod in center field, I have a new reason to hate the $tone$, a band that hasn't been relevant in 35 years.

Christ, so now LittleBri now has deployed his terrorist cell to Soxaholix? Time to bring out the calvary, boys.

I wonder if the new sod is active or lazy, if it's lazy and could sing, it would say "I'm a Lazy Sod" - h.b. would get the reference.

Yeh, I know kinda sucky joke but I couldnt resist. GO SOX!!

From Silverman's article:

"`We started off on a bad note, we had a lead and a chance to win and then the game yesterday – it all falls on our hitters,'' Damon said.

`I think our pitchers did a heck of a job. What we really need to do is get hot."

I can't say I've ever read a statement that I strongly agree and disagree with as much as that one. With the exception of two games in Anaheim, the pitching on the road trip kinda, uhh... what's the word I'm looking for here.... suckedthebigone

You’re only twentynine
Gotta lot to learn
But when your mummy dies
She will not return

The Stones are still pretty good, sort of the way Muddy Waters was still pretty good back in the '60s when the Stones were the new thing.

I think people over 60 should still be allowed to play music, and their fans should still be allowed to like them. But people who worship the Stones and 20-something women climbing up the girders for a view at 60-year-old Mick sort of remind me of the people who flocked to Sinatra concerts in the '70s telling us "that's REAL music, and it's making a comeback. People don't want to listen to that rock and roll any more."

Sort of like Spankee fans thinking the Eunuch and Rivera can prevail over our young studs like Papelbon and DelCarmen and Hansen.

OK. So now I've had to switch over to the Pistols on my iTunes, the "Early Daze" compilation.

It's funny that the Sex Pistols are one of those bands I think I like and/or appreciate more now than ever. They have the ability to make a political statement and make me laugh at the same time.

For example that "But when your mummy dies/She will not return" just cracks me up.

Morrissey has the same ability.

Check out the Kaiser Chiefs.

I've been all over the Kaiser Chiefs all summer! Great example too of a band that has a real sense of humor.

Fountains of Wayne is another band that really injects humor into their songs and, like the Kaiser Chiefs, manage to create songs writing about the most mundane situations.

I picked up FOW's Out of State Plates last weekend and it's been on heavy repeat ever since.

H.B. is *NSFW! code for don't open this at the office? Yowzah! Let's hope K.C. can continue its run and reprise its May 31-June 2 SWEEP of the MFYs while the Sox taste that home-cookin'...

Sorry, I forget that all the web acronyms are not universally known:

NSFW = Not Safe For Work

Usually I'll put an NSFW declaration in the title attribute such that it'll show up as a tool tip when you mouse over.

On the really uber NSFW's, like this one, I make it more explicit (pardon the pun).

Where, oh where, can we put Schilling? He was doing all right as a closer, but six ERs against the Royals? Come on. When I turned the GameDay screen on (since I live near Philly and I'm not privileged enough to have NESN) I thought it was some kind of sick joke. Alas, I was wrong. *sigh*

Is there any way I could get NESN down here, without spending about $160 on a baseball sports package for the season?? BTW, if you live in Boston and hate the Sox, you really don't belong there. Move to Screw York. I so can't wait to move to Boston...

Maybe the MFY fans are only allowed to start coming out from their holes when they're under 3 games behind in the division. Now that they're 2.5 games behind the Sox, for the first time since forever ago, they're starting to piss their pinstriped pajama pants with unbridled excitement. *shrugs* Just a thought.

I wish the fans' grammar, spelling, and punctuation determined the outcome of their team's season. We'd have been rocking the Stankees every year. :-)

Big win by the Yankees. I was pissed. These things happen.

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