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Rainy Days and Mondays (Don't always get me down)

After taking the first two from the White Sox, game three of the series gets postponed in medias res …

I'm still trying to get used to this new found benevolent and pro Red Sox omnipotent being era.


Yeah, the White Sox are all over Clement like locusts on wheat and the Supreme One sends a cleansing rain to postpone the game, erasing a 5-2 ChiSox lead and protecting the 13 game home win streak?


In the old days of the vengeful, fire and brimstone Yankees loving God, there'd have been no postponement and more than likely a key playah would have been struck by lightening and/or drowned in brackish dugout watah in some freak slipping on the dugout steps accident.


I'm so farking glad God is on our side now. It's enough to make me want to go out smite heretics just for the sake of it.


Absolutely. I mean it's not like they've got anything bettah to do like fix the BCS thingy or anything.


I just can't believe PETA is going to let the NCAA stop at Indian nicknames. What about the catamount, the wildcat, the eagle? Don't the animals have any friggin rights?


Yeah, what about the poor, caricatured terriah? Who the fuck will speak for the terriah, huh?


Fercrissakes, dogs are people, too!


Sounds like it's high time for a naked PETA protest at a college near you.


Absolutely, it's about time the coeds at B.U. get naked for more than 15 minutes of fame in Boink Magazine and take a stand on one of the most serious issues of our time.


Ask not what your naked body can do for you; ask what your naked body can do for your country.




Excellent...Word of the Day.

The NCAA is not interested that the Seminole Tribal Council voted unanimously to SUPPORT FSU's use of "Seminole".

There are also not interested in investing their efforts to address student-athlete graduation rates.

Nor are they concerned about the financial award system the is disguised as the BCS. Won't even get into "rankings".

Oh, and what of the (UC Santa Cruz) Banana Slugs--do we not care for these bright yellow, slimy, shell-less mollusks? Do they not deserve our reverence?

Welcome back, H.B. I know this is off-topic, but it's driving me crazy? What's this infamous Mike Adams' "Monkey Story" on EEI? I keep hearing about how funny it is, but I've never heard the story. Anybody know it? Or at least the gist of it?

"Yeah, what about the poor, caricatured terriah? Who the fuck will speak for the terriah, huh?"

A vengeful return...Welcome the fuck back, HB.


Welcome back. Your whiny petulant nemesis bigbri clogged up the board like so much cholesterol to an artery; I expect an explanation from God him/herself as to why this one got by. Expect gloating from dickweed re: MFY sweep of Rangers.

Kind of lousy way to end a homestand. Clement is probably glad this one doesn't count in the stats book.

Methinks you doth not liketh the PETA people. Surprised soxaholix is not on their excrement list. Or do you get weak-kneed at the sight of the female nekkid protestors and give spare change to a caged beauty in animal getup (a cleansing and purer alternative than slipping a $1 bill in the g-string of a single mom dancing atthe strip club)?

The Boink link is bad - missing an "h" and the front. Not that I tried to click it or anything

My thought has always been that Soxaholix characters are against "extremism" in general.

This is also how I operate--to the best of my ability--and I'm sure I fail.

The implication from either side of any issue is that each relative viewpoint is always 100% correct. Which, I believe, can never be the case.

But, no, I'm not going to go club baby seals and shit.

Scott--I listened the my Minor Threat Discography CD on the way into Boston Saturday. Just thought you should know...flex your head.

I do tend to single out PETA a lot don't I? Or maybe it's just naked protests in general that I find fascinating, since I also like to feature "inflated scrotum old hippy guy" whenever the chance presents itself.

In truth, I'm generally appalled by the way animals, in particular the ones we intend to eat, are treated. And while I'm not sure it's much better, to ease a guilty conscience I only buy organic, free range, no hormone, etc meat. (Yes, I have a little latent hippy in me, although I have never inflated my scrotum for a naked protest, sorry to say.)

"My thought has always been that Soxaholix characters are against 'extremism' in general."

Yes! Absolutely. And when there is a dose of hypocrisy thrown in (like PETA illegaly throwing euthanized dogs into a dumpster as was recently reported) then all the more so.

Scott--I listened the my Minor Threat Discography CD on the way into Boston Saturday. Just thought you should know...flex your head.

SS67, you're the first person on the Sox blogs to successfully decipher where the "12XU" comes from but I actually took it from the original Wire version, a far superior one, I feel.

Holy shit, Scott, rarely have I been so easily defeated in the "punk/post-punk esoterica" arena.

I tip my filthy Sox cap to you.

Red Sox to Skankees:

"Got you in a corner..."

Looks like I was wrong on Papelbon being held to the bullpen plan. I'm curious if the throwing out of the pen the last two weeks screws up his stamina? I'd imagine he's on a pretty strict pitch count tomorrow night, doubt we'll see more than 5 innings out of him.

Bob: good one. :)

Wire are one of the few bands I would go out of my way for (and the one from a few years ago, "Send" isn't bad either). Of course, another reason to love Boston is the great amount of music it's provided since 1977: Mission of Burma, Sorry, Moving Targets, Volcano Suns, Consonant, etc. (although it's had its share of garbage too: Aerosmith, Boston, Godsmack, et al.)

I am wicked confused about the impact on Papelbon's endurance relative to him going from starter to brief bullpen stint and back to starter.

For some reason, I don't "think" it will be that significant--if he was coming out of the bullpen for 2 months, sure...but I think it's only been 2 weeks.

And consider that he's been a semi-long guy (3 innings the other day) for the PawSox.

Can't wait to find out, though.

Sorry, have to disagree. Based on my non-scientific survey of Native Americans that I've known over the years and most press reports, Native Americans find the team nicknames humiliating. Those nicknames are not like "Boston Celtics," which are respectful and have a genuine connection to the identity of the fan base, but more like animal names, i.e., names meant to suggest ferocious fighting things. The fans are overwhelmingly non-Indian, and of course the Native Americans are/were never consulted. Don't you cringe at all at names like "Redskins," or the Chief Wahoo caricature (Indians), or the crowds of fat dumb white Atlantans in stretch pants doing the Indian war chant?

Best analogy: Imagine teams named after African tribes (e.g., the Zulus, the Watusis) with ferocious-looking African caricatures as mascots and African-sounding chants from the whites in the stands. Wouldn't that make you at least queasy?

The President of the University of North Dakota, Charles E. Kupchella, has an open letter to the NCAA that is a good read on this Indian names/mascot issue. He raises excellent questions.

An Open Letter to the NCAA

The Boston "Celtic" is as much as a caricature as anything out there, no? Some dude in a green bowler hat, bowtie with shamrocks all over his vest?

U of Notre Dame "Fighting Irish"

My great-grandmother's from County Cork, IRL.

I have no issue with the nickname.

U of Illinois "Fighting Illini"?

But, I can not speak for anyone else.

The point about the Seminole Tribal Council I made is actually fact. Since the 70's, FSU was in constant communication with the Seminoles after the Seminoles DID object to the use of their name.

I think the larger point was about general NCAA dicketry.

I won't go near the "analogy".

Ok, the "South Boston Drunken Sully's" would probably piss me off, though.

Wow - that letter by the UND President h.b. links to is probably the best reasoned statement anybody's made on the issue. Frankly I think he's got a good point - the UND Fighting Sioux have a pretty cool logo (linked at the bottom) that doesn't seem all that offensive or abusive or insulting, too. It seems like there's a lot more offensive ethnic or racial stereotypes everywhere BUT collegiate sports. But like the UND president says, pretty much everyone's already made up their minds on this issue and talking isn't going to sway many people.

There should be some sort of line drawn here. Names which give respectful deference to an actual tribe (ie Fighting Sioux, Seminoles, CMU Chippewas) should be allowed to keep their names, while other, insensitive names (SOSU Savages, Carthage Redmen) whould be forced to change outright. The biggest problem I see with the ruling is that they have to change their names for postseason play only?! What the fuck is that? I can just picture a matchup in some Bowl game- The Illinois Fighting Trout vs the Florida State Drunken Coeds. Can you picture the commerative t-shirts? I say if they're going to make schools change at all, make it system wide effective immediately, and pressure professional teams to do the same (although I'm sure Braves, 'Skins, and Indians fans would have something to say about that)

I'm all about the racially insensitive team names. If there were a team called the Fighting Crackers or Raging Haoles, I'd be buying that gear like the shit was made of gold. It's all about taking ownership of that which offends, e.g. black folk taking the n-bomb as theirs. In Hawaii, haole is a derogative term for non-Hawaiians (though it has come to mean anyone who isn't Asian, either). I took that shit as my calling card and throw it around like Ice Cube with the n-bomb. It loses all impact. Call me the haole you love to hate.

I agree with Pres. Kupchella's letter, but I think the distinction that he and NV-in-SD made was implicit in my original comment. If the ethnic team nickname honors its subject, reflects who the fans are in a way that celebrates them and/or is done with some kind of community approval (e.g., the Celtics, the Vikings in heavily Norwegian Minnesota), then it's a good thing. This obviously applies equally to Native American team names, as at UND. Their logo is handsome and suggests nobility and pride -- it is not demeaning. And the Washington Redskins are obviously at the opposite end of the spectrum.

P.S. If the Mets became the New York Maccabees, I'd be totally into it. If anything, they'd be more likely to choose something that evokes Dominican or Puerto Rican heritage, however.

So da kine, you would embrace and re-appropriate a nickname that southerners use as a slur on northerners, and for America-haters in foreign lands throughout the world expresses their contempt and rage towards the Great Imperialist Satan. Didn't realize you were a Yankee fan.

Don;t forget all the self-righteous "Christians" trying to get rid of "devil" names from school nicknames - there was a New Britain, CT team, I think it was indoor soccer, that was nicknamed the Hellions ("We're playing with fire" was their motto) - there was such a ruckus, they had to give in to the bible-bashers and change it... can't remember what to, but I think they chose the suggestion from some 9 year old kid after they had a contest to re-name the team.

And speaking of bad nicknames, how about Toronto Blue Jays' AA (or is it AAA?) affiliate in New Hampshire - when they started out they were the New Hamsphire Primaries (eeech!) - had the logo all made and everything... they're now known as the Fischer Cats.

Hey are we gonna talk about the Detroit game tonight and the beginning of a really freakin' long road trip or just argue about some other teams' nicknames?

Looking for a sweep or more a 2W-1L offering?

DK--how do you do with the dreaded "haole rot"?

"If the Mets became the New York Maccabees"


I grew up in NYC and I generally understand what the Maccabees represent, but this is a curious statement.

da kine's point is a good one.

Interestingly (to me at least) the characters of this very site are, to some extent, doing something similar.

That is to many other fans in other parts of the country the typical Red Sox fan can be stereotyped negatively as a drunken, foul mouthed, think they know-it-all, mass hole...

I've tried to "appropriate" that negative image as the basis/theme of the site.

Meanwhile, I like the Fisher Cats as a mascot/logo, but YMMV.

SawxSince67... Just meant that as a NY Jew, I would enjoy "New York Maccabees," kinda like Boston Celtics.

Newton Nephew, it would be better for you to joke about the Irish Famine than say, even jokingly, that I am a Spankees fan.

Yes...so, then considering the melting pot that is NYC, you could clearly understand that an NYC team name depicting any particular race, creed would be unacceptable to the rest of the races, creeds it would exclude?

Of course, you wouldn't support this...

So, the issue is not "exclusion of a people" as much as it is "humilitation of a people"?

With all respect, and I am being argumentative, but I feel there could be some...conflict...here?

FYI--not that he requires my help at all, but with regard to specific allegations made above, Da Kine is--hmm--above reproach?

DK... LOL. But it is funny that Yankees are, by historical accident, an example of what we're talking about.

So does anyone know if the "Red Sox" name was simply taken from the uni, or if the name or the original uniform itself had some specific local referent when chosen?

to joke about the potato famine would be beyond the pale

SawxSince67 -- NY Maccabees was just in jest. Of course NYC is too diverse for one group to claim it. (I love that about NYC.) But then so is Boston, and yet we have the Celtics. Are the Irish even 20% of greater Boston's population these days?

From the wicked good wikepedia:

"Team Name: The name Red Sox, chosen by owner John I. Taylor after the 1907 season, is based on an obsolete form of the word "socks", as in the red footwear worn by the team starting in 1908. The older Boston National League club had originally been called the Red Stockings, and in fact had worn red stockings until temporarily abandoning them in 1907, which inspired the American League club owner to grab the nickname. Prior to 1908, the A.L. team in fact wore dark blue stockings, and did not have an official nickname. They were simply "the Bostons" or "the Boston Baseball club"; some newspaper writers referred to them as the Boston "Americans" (as in "American Leaguers", Boston being a two-team city) or "Somersets" (for a one-time club owner), but these were unofficial names. The team was never known as either the Boston "Pilgrims" or "Puritans". Those names were invented years later by historical revisionists."

OK the AL team took the name because it had acquired what today we would call "brand value." But was there any Boston-specific reason the NL Red Stockings picked it in the 19th c.?

Got you...thanks.

Couldn't speak to current Boston demographics--US Census includes all of those of European descent under "White".

The Celtics were established in 1946--clearly a different time in US History (BostonCeltics.com):

"Team founder Walter Brown and Howie McHugh, a member of the Garden's publicity staff and the man assigned to handle the basketball entity. Both men suggested several nicknames, including Whirlwinds, Unicorns and Olympics.

But it was Brown, who suddenly exclaimed, "Wait, I've got it - the Celtics. We'll call them the Boston Celtics!" Brown excitedly went on, "The name has a great basketball tradition from the old Original Celtics in New York. And, Boston is full of Irishmen. We'll put them in green uniforms and call them the Boston Celtics!"

McHugh tried in vain to talk with, negotiate and dissuade Brown not to use the name Celtics, but Brown's mind had clearly reached a final decision and that would be the end of that conversation."

The Boston Whirlwinds?

I bet John Rocker has some good alternate names for the NY clubs...

"to many other fans in other parts of the country the typical Red Sox fan can be stereotyped negatively as a drunken, foul mouthed, think they know-it-all, mass hole..."

Vendor at Anaheim last year during the ALDS- "Beer here- get two and pretend you're a Red Sox fan!"

Good call on the "The team was never known as either the Boston "Pilgrims" or "Puritans"" h.b. My Pop-Pop is an old-timer Sox fan from Unity, ME and straightened me out on the history of the club some time ago. Probably CHB's father that started calling them the "Pilgrims".

Nope, not Boston specific as the team (the Braves) originally came from Cincy:

"The original Cincinnati Red Stockings, baseball's first openly all-professional team, was founded in 1869. The Red Stockings won 130 games in a row between 1869 & 1870, before the Brooklyn Atlantics defeated the Red Stockings. Early stars for the Red Stockings included the Wrights, George and Harry. (In 1871, Harry Wright took most of his best players to Boston, and founded the Boston Red Stockings, now known as the Atlanta Braves.) The Red Stockings were a charter member of the National League in 1876, but the team was expelled from the league later, in part for violating league rules by serving beer to fans at games."


"...the team was expelled from the league later, in part for violating league rules by serving beer to fans at games."

And rightfully so! Heinous!

When it comes to names, there's no pleasing everyne.

A local coffee shop near me has an iced coffee drink called the Funky Fanabla. "Ba Fanabala" is an italian expression of disdain. It literally means "Go to Naples", a busy city known, at least back in the day, for drugs, prostitution, etc.. So if you say "Fanabla" to a real italian, be prepared.

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