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Lift up the receiver I'll make you a believer

Damn good thing the Red Sox won it all last year; otherwise, with the way this season looks to be headed, I'd be getting fitted for a death shroud right about now.


This season even the backup plans to the backup plans are falling apart … Now we get the news hot prospect and bullpen savior of daydream believers everywhere is being "shut down" with a fatigued arm.


Hansen was a long shot anyway this season, but still it was nice to dream. Now we don't even have that.


And if you were still holding out hope for Foulke, his own "maybe I'm just getting old" statements don't inspire much in the way of confidence.


Right, Foulke says he's "not a saviour." And Schilling's not a saviour … Jeez, they just don't make saviors like they used to.


Are you kidding me? It's gotten so bad even Schilling's personal Savior can't save him, not for all the pre-pitch cross kissing in the world.


Meanwhile, what the fuck did Giambi evah do to earn God's grace? The heathen is dying from a glandular disorder and wasting away from roid withdrawal one minute and the next thing you know he's the second coming of Babe Ruth?


I think God's tenure as a Red Sox fan was short lived.


Now if Bellhorn all of a sudden becomes the Lazarus of OBP while wearing Pinstripes, then I swear to Faust I'll renounce my agnosticism and become a full fledged devil worshipah.


That'll teach God a mofo lesson.


Note to Supreme Beings: Nevah underestimate the powah of a pissed off secular humanist.



As a devil worshipper you can kill two birds with one stone by sacrificing that Cubs Curse Goat.

Is it just me, or are the bullpens for most other teams in the exact same situation (i.e., one guy who's automatic most of the time, the rest of the 'pen a bunch of guys who occasionally go lights-out but generally make you squirm in your seat)? Maybe I'm missing something but I don't look out over the league and see a truly feared bullpen. Ditto for starting rotations. There's only a couple guys I really don't want to see heading up the opposing lineup, and one of those guys is on the DL for the rest of the season (Halladay). Certainly nobody in the AL East. So why are we so glum? Giambi's back on the juice, it's just a matter of time before he gets caught again. Their recent good fortune doesn't change the fact that the spanks are a couple of bad starts from being back to looking up at both the Red Sox AND the Indians.

Oh, and I repeat my concerns about preventing Craig Hansen from becoming another Cla Meredith. Thanks.

Thoughts and well wishes to those in the Southeast affected by Katrina...

How's this for a mofo shoe on the other foot?! Embree and Bellhorn are plucked outta the Red Sox scrapheap, and Ramiro Mendoza is nowhere in sight. I guess the MFY are looking for some of that "good vibe" that we had last year. They're gonna need it too, because there is NO FUCKING WAY Juiceon can keep up with this nonsense. He must've found something they're not testing for...

Anyway- good game last night. JD and Big Boppi started it off right, and Kap ended it in style. Should've picked up a game if stupid Seattle could hold their shit together...

New to the site, but fast becoming addicted.... does anyone out there know how to stream Sox broadcasts, or are they blocked by the powers that be? Thought I had it yesterday with WZON out of Bangor, but come gametime I was listening to Fox Sports Network. I work in a building with no reception so traditional radio is out. Even though I can't stand 'Troop', I can't stand missing the first 3 innings of every game more...Thanks in advance!


I apologize in advance, but you asked for it:

You just need to reach out and touch faith.

(hangs head in shame)

No need to apologize. Depeche Mode references are always welcome.

This is a very Depeche Mode day, too... Not so much the Sox (they still remain in first after all) but the footage coming out of the Gulf Coast...

Very "world full of nothing" "dressed in black" "fly on the windscreen" kind of vibe...

btw, NV-
How sweet is it gonna be when Papi takes Embree deep, AND K-horn whiffs for the 932d time with the tying run at third in the top of the 9th?

**You just need to reach out and touch faith.**

Bergs: By "faith", you mean Hazel Mae's naked body, right? :)

buckner - I've had very good luck with mlbtv - tho that may not be what you're looking for at 14.95 a mo. However, it's the only way I can see the games, so I happily pay up. Most of the time, they'll stream NESN, but sometimes its the other teams crew.

Will Bellhorn never let us down again...

If not mlb.tv, mlb audio streams with Joe and Trup's commentary, and the whole season of that is only $14.95.

I am definitely looking forward to that exact situation, buckner. Hopefuly we'll see that in about a week and a half, though it'll have to be Embree giving up a HR in the top of the 9th to send it to the bottom, then Mahk striking out to end the game.

The radio-only streams are like $14.95 for the whole year or something. Great deal if you can't get regular reception. Also I like to purposely use it to tune in to the opposing teams play-by-play guys to get a sense of what people outside of Boston are thinking about the club and/or players.

NV- that works for me, since I'm into instant gratification. And thanks for the tip, guys, but unfortunately my net access is limited by the IT dept- anything that is tagged 'sports' is blocked, so mlb.com is out. I need something I can get via real.com or virgin radio, etc. Basically I think I'm screwed. IT must be MFY fans

I think Cashman does this to try to get into Theo's head. Unfortunately, he's gotten into mine. MFYs' Cashman picks up Embree and puts him in pinstripes where he pitches only slightly better than in Boston. Now Bellhorn?!? The thought of Bellhorn playing in the Bronx while the Sox pay his salary -- that sticks in my friggin' craw.

Dammit- I had completely eliminated that fact from my mind. So now we're paying Embree and Bellhorn to play for the MFY?!


framed buckner dude -
Among my circle of Sox chat buddies, WTNK (or is it WNTK?) is quite popular. Their website streams live radio broadcasts of the Sox games. I have NESN so it's not like I need it, but I checked it out once and it works. You can google it, but I'm pretty sure it's www.wntk.com. I think the station is in maine or new hampshire. Good luck!

This is getting much worse really fast: Why are the levees failing now? I was just looking at a NO TV station's blog and a local FEMA person is saying people should beware "vermin, snakes and other creatures trying to survive."

Imagine a few million rats looking for something dry. (shudder)

The reports coming out of places down there are harrowing. It's not only snakes and vermin but (former?) pets that are fighting people for survival too.

Hopefully they can get that levee plugged.

Hey, who was the reader from New Orleans who commented here a couple days back? Hope he/she is OK. I'm trying to remember what post that was connected to so I can look up the email.

Tracked down "NolaSox" from last week's post and just sent an email saying we are hoping he/she and family are safe and sound.

I just sent some money to the Red Cross via their website as well.

thanks H.B. for reminding us all that bigger things are at stake than the AL East crown... Nola not a bad town, I gotta say. Only been there once, but folks were real nice for a red state. Even in Biloxi, MS was surprised by the kinder, gentleness until I saw that huge confederate flag flying over the Jefferson Davis house. Yikes.

All that stuff about "Southern hospitality" really is true for the most part.

Heck, getting insulted by a Southerner will sound more pleasant than getting praised by a New Englander. Despite the homogenization caused by TV, air travel, chain restaurants, etc. there is still a lot of difference between regions in the USA.

And that's a good thing IMO.

couldn't agree more, h.b. Even when disagreeing with a Southerner, it's done with grace and good-naturedness instead of the one-digit salute I've become accustomed to up here (and handed out a few myself!) Also a timely reminder to help out the Red Cross- may we never need them.

HB--have you banned me?

Just let me know...can't post from my office, so I'm wondering...thanks.

NVinSD, when you think about it, is it really such a bad thing to pay Embree and Bellhorn to play for the MFY?
Having said that I feel like crap after what they did for us last year.

Deepsub, you were absolutely correct about wntk.com. As a nor'wester, I could only watch the Sox on Friday night on digital TV (WBK) which we get here...or when Sportsnet (Canadian sorta-ESPN)from our Maritime provinces has the games on, etc. I have been religously following MLB gameday at work as homegames start at 4:00 pm here. This is great listening to the game for free.

HB--have you banned me?


No way! Are you getting a specific message saying that has happenned or are your comment posts just failing in general?

I do have a couple IPs in the banned list but those are made up entirely of overseas spammers and assorted vagrants and hooligans.

If you still can't post from your office, send me via email your IP and I'll cross check it against the list. Who knows, maybe someone else from your office was spamming or trolling and I banned them.

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