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Beware the doppelganger

Christ, can you imagine driving up 95 from Providence and seeing an in full uniform Kevin Youkilis speeding past you trying to make it to Fenway in time for the night's game?


The Staties should provide a police escort for these last minute call ups from triple-A. What if Youks had been in accident fercrissakes?


Yeah, but it seems these pickups need to come with an expiration date ... the once crisp and fresh Millah and Bellhorn are now looking like one of those fuzzy green things in the bottom drawer of the frig.


Hey now, Bro, don't be talking about Millah like that. Didn't you hear he's the Tom Brady of the Red Sox?


Oh, right. There's Kevin Millah: fugly, out-of-shape, bench playah, slugging .288, and best known for making asinine statements to the press ...


And then there's Tom Brady: Hollywood good looks, body like a Greek statue, youngest QB to win a Super Bowl, youngest QB to win two Super Bowls, engineer of the longest win streak in NFL history, leader of the only walk-off scoring drive in Super Bowl history, best winning percentage by a QB in modern NFL history, best overtime record in NFL history, one of just four players to boast multiple Super Bowl MVP awards.


The resemblance is so absolute it's fucking uncanny!


It's goddamn spooky is what it is.


Author's Notes

While it doesn't happen very often, occasionally the day job sends me out of town on business related matters with little warning. Tomorrow is just such an occurrence.

I'll be unable to do the strip on Weds, Thurs, and Fri this week. Thanks for bearing with these little interruptions during the course of the year.


I hope this little experiment with Cruz Jr. doesn't blow up in Theo's face. What I mean is I hope minor league infielder Kenny Perez and minor league righthander Kyle Bono don't become household names. These two buschleagers were incorporated in the pick up of the two week try out of Jose Cruz Jr. Sure he had to go for Youk but he should have never been acquired in the first place.

Listening to 'EEI today, sounds like Mikey Myers is gonna get a little lefty help in the form of Mike Remlinger. At least he isn't Alan Embree.

h.b., you almost forgot the most important difference between Tom Brady and Tom...I mean Kevin Millar: Boinkin' Bridget Moynihan. Now, I am sure that Millar's bride if far better looking than he deserves, but I will hazard a guess that she's no Bridget Moynihan.

BTW, did anyone else read Howard Bryant's article in the Herald about "You don't lose your job when you're injured"? I don't subscribe, so I only got the first 2 paragraphs....but it seems to me if I were Bellhorn, I won't be making any major purchases in the near future. Kind of like Millar's comments about the league minimium being a lot of Money.....in Beaumont, Texas...Hell, you could buy 2 or 3 reeeeally nice double-wides for that kind of scratch!

14 Games-.333, 12R, 6RBI
7 Games-.133, 3R, 4RBI, 10K (in 30AB)

Sure it's an "unspoken rule" that you don't lose your starting job if you go down with an injury, but come on. Is he going to get one start when he comes back, strike out three times, and get released? I'm thinking we keep him around, if only with the hopes that he'll turn it around in the postseason. Like I've said before, just like last year, he went down with an injury and had to fight for his job when he got back, which led directly to him turning it on (although he then turned it off for the ALDS and most of the ALCS)

IF this is the final chapter in the Bellhorn saga, then without any doubt, his surge late in the postseason last year will be remembered (especially that magnificently loud shot off the Pesky pole to win G1), but his legacy in Boston will be the strikeouts. Same as with Embree- thanks for everything buddy. You helped us when we needed you most.

Actually, Youk would probably have hopped off 95 a little bit after Attleboro and been speeding on the VFW Pahkway toward Fenway.

Graffanino should stick at second base as long as he's hot, and Bellhorn should stay in Pawtucket until he starts hitting better. Hopefully Mike Remlinger can find his 2002 All-Star form for one or two batters an inning in a league where nobody has faced him very much.

I always wondered if one reason Tom Brady was so good was that he never had to pass into a defense with Ty Law in it; now that Ty's with the Jets, let's hope he doesn't make Brady look like the Kevin Millar of the Patriots. I hope not.

Actually Youk would have hopped off 95 just past my favorite sign in the entire Interstate system. The one that says "Entering Sharon"

Just one more thing. This is a pretty cold headline for an obit:

Gene Mauch, 79, manager infamous for losing big leads

But I hope they save that wording and use it for the headline on Zimmer's when he goes...

Make no mistake, Pop, Law's arrival will mean as much as a 4 game swing to the Jets' Win column. in 2004, they allowed 2TD's or less in 8 games, I think...

Very tough to run on them and now it's tough to pass against them.

Remlinger looks like Billy Bob Thornton's cousin...

Theo's conducting playoff roster tryouts--hope it doesn't cost the team the playoffs in doing so.

SawxSince67; do you seriously think the Jets will win 14 games this season? Really? 14-2? Just seems a little out there considering their QB's injury prone history, and their coach's horrible clock management. I love Ty Law, and he WILL improve the Jets, but 14-2?

You really think Youk took the VFW? That road ought to have "don't take this if you want to get anywhere on time" on the DCR sign. Jeez, I have night terrors of being in Norwood at 6pm and trying to make it to Fenway in time for the first pitch. No way, if I were Youk, I would've taken 93 right in or even 95 to the Pike if I were willing to crack 100. No stoplights and no 35mph speed limits in West Roxbury. One thing's for sure, though, there should be a statie presence whenever callups are made so close to game time.


"as much as..." Bob, "as much as"...

14-2 is a stretch, but it is also at the outer limit of my unsubstantiated prognostication.

Consider this: they lost 4 regular season games by 6 or less (BAL, NE, STL, BUF)...they lost to PIT by a "very close" 11 points...so this potential swing is not inconceivable...

Pennington gets banged up--but, legit stuff, not "ouchies". Healthy Chad's a (lower end) Top 10 QB--so they won't improve much offensively. Wither Chrebet?

But the Law and the rest of the defense could provide the swing.

SawwxSince67; I might agree with you if the Jets were playing the same schedule as last year. But like the Pats, it's considerably tougher. Consider that last year, four of the Jets wins came against the pathetic (or nearly pathetic) 49ers, Browns, Cardinals, and Texans. This year, they'll be playing the Chiefs, Ravens, Falcons, Panthers, and Saints in their place. And Buffalo (who beat the Jets in one game and lost by two in another), is generally considered to be a much improved team. The Jets are certainly better with Ty Law, but the schedule and other teams' improvement will make any significant increase in wins very difficult. I'd say if they went 11-5 or 12-4 they'd be more than happy.

So, what you're saying is:

"Squish the Fish!"

Points taken and agreed with, Bob.

Not sure why the Ravens will be better, but very curious to see if Vick can become that guy in the TV commercials.
And KC does not play defense--state law, apparently...but, Carolina can't possibly lose as many guys to injury again.

It's all so exciting!

Dewey Jr.,
For some reason I've always had good luck getting to Fenway from Pawtucket on the VFW, running into too much traffic on the other routes. I have to admit I don't go to many weeknight games though; usually weekends when maybe traffic patterns are different.
I agree that state trooper escorts are warranted, unless they call up Bellhorn. He can borrow my bicycle.

The Red Sox announced that pitcher Wade Miller has gone on the 15-day disabled list with a sore shoulder. (Boston.com)

This had to be done. Let's look @ 2006 for Wade.
Miller's rotation spot:

Papelbon? Or, does he figure in the September Bullpen plans?

Abe Alvarez?

Lester? No.

ss67 -

I'd guess quite a bit depends on Foulke's sessions - if he can return to the pen, it might be time to try Schill for 5 IP (with Gonzalez ready to fill in if he struggles or his pitch count gets massive) . . . Papelbon is on the 40-man, but his usage from the pen in Pawtucket might mean he can't make a start on this amount of rest -with that caveat, that would probably be the solution (and the one most of us would want to see, I'd guess).

Just don't trade for Kirk Rueter, for the love of God.

Let's give Paplebon some starts in August and keep Schilling in the pen until Foulke is 100 percent, which will hopefully be in time for the September stretch drive. The schedule looks to be on our side with Chicago at home and then Detroit on the road before we have to go to LAA. Then KC and Det and Tampa Bay close out August. Save the heavy artillery for September when we really need it. Maybe Miller will even be able to contribute then if he gets some rest.


And I told the Cubbies fan I work with to shut up when he started laughing after he saw that trade...

Ha ha! That is the sound of a regained 4.5-game lead and a series-clinching base hit by dear ol' Edgar 22-errors-to-lead-the-league-this-season-with-two-tonight Renteria. You win some, you lose some, Edgar. Luckily, you won more tonight than you lost.

Devine, as of right now that's a 5 game lead; the White Sox did it to the Yankees AGAIN 2-1 in 10.

pawsoxpop, I am very familiar with that "Entering Sharon" sign. I got a good look at it quite often in the hallway of my 3rd floor of my fraternity house in Boston, right outside of the room of one of my brothers who had a girlfriend named - guess what? Oh, yeah, once he started going out with her we just had to cop it. God knows how many times that sign's been stolen over the years; this was back in 1972, and I doubt that was the last time.

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