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Time for a short break

Parting words before a one week hiatus …

Hart Brachen (site author):
Kind of had to figure that things would go down as they did last night. The fates tend to be stingy with the heroics instilled upon one man.


Hart Brachen (site author):
So in trying to get the taste of last night's sour debacle out of my mouth, I tune over to ESPN 2 to watch a tape delay game of the US women's national softball team facing Canada. I'm thinking the US hasn't lost an international game in 5 years, so I'll just sit back and watch them kick ass.


Hart Brachen (site author):
Well, that didn't flippin' work out. Jeez. Guess I picked a good week to go on vacation after all. (But I don't begrude Francona for sending Schilling in. Life's a gamble.)


Hart Brachen (site author):
See you back here no later than the 25th.



Re all the comments here about A-Rod and Sheff:

How sweet it is!

I know exactly how you feel.
Talk about an anti-storybook ending. Cinderella tries on the slipper, it doesn't fit, and she gets thrown out of the ball for not having a valid ticket.

happy vacay.

Let's not get carried away--Sheffield and ARod deserve most abuse directed toward them.

They are special players, but not special people.

Like anything else, Great Talent is best accompanied by Great Character.

Another significant AL East game—another “less than ideal” situation.

Arroyo plays his gig the night before—a gig planned for months—but Arroyo has to take Clement’s spot in the rotation because Clement pitches the All Star Game. Does this effect him? Sure looked like it.

Schilling hasn’t seen MLB batting, much less All Star batting in months. Then he’s immediately placed into a high leverage situation.

Of greater concern, apparently, Rick Sutcliffe/ESPN 2 was ranting about Schill NOT putting any weight on his ankle last night.

His Split FB did NOTHING, so this could be a legit concern.

All of that said;

Mussina was on the ropes and was pouting by his 20th pitch—they let him off of the hook.

Bellhorn is lost at the plate…completely lost. It was so predictable that he’d whiff with two men on.

Arroyo MUST hold a 4 run lead. Then again, maybe ‘Tek has to review the Arroyo Strategy; Sheff waited on the breaking balls and smacked the flat ones.

Does Olerud field Mueller’s one-hop throw after he unbelievably snared it? Or does Jeter get the tie? Hmm. Millar “ole’d” that fucking thing, nonetheless.

That asshole in the pink shirt (interfered with Trot’s effort to catch Giambi’s HR) should be dragged down Brookline Ave.

Slappy finally had a consequential RBI in Fenway—good for him.

Another way to look at it: Moose gutted it out after a tough start.

One expects Boomer to beat May (to crush May), but ... there's been a lot of erratic pitching on both teams this year, even without the injuries. Meanwhile they have the two best offenses in the major leagues, but only one is going to playoffs.

Jesus, you'd think the Yankees had won the freakin' pennant for all the noise this morning. We've got months of baseball to play.

Too true SPD RDR! As I recall, there was another series where the MFY got out of the gate quickly only to have the Force of Good take the majority of the games.

I had one of the childhood Deja Vu moments last night. It had absolutely nothing to do with the score. I was at a wedding rehersal and dinner in my in-laws backyard. It started at 7:00 pm, it took an hour. Then the food was served, the bugs came out and we all went inside. It took about 30 seconds for someone to find the remote and pretty soon the entire wedding party was watching the game. It has been that way in my family since I was a kid. Sox play-off games and/or games against the Yankees take precedent over almost everything else. Thank God there is no baseball on Thanksgiving and Christmas lest my grandmother would have had to put my grandfather in a head-lock and turned that huge MagnaVox off.

Also, thank you Baseball Scheduling Gods for a day game and an evening wedding on Saturday.

Have a good break, h.b., see you on the other side

Last year, a lost like last night would have really crushed me, but after the Red Sox proved they can come back from being down 0-3 to beat the Yankees, it's so, so much easier to shrug it off.

It's fun to hype the rivalry and I despise guys like Sheffield as much as ever, but losing to the Yankees is the same now as losing to Baltimore or Toronto or Tamba Bay.

They are just another club in the AL East. No more invincibility. No more mystique and aura.

Would I rather last night played out differently? For sure. But life goes on.

Whereveryou are going on holiday (sorry vacation) can I buy a ticket for Bellhorn to go with you?

Then again, if he ever did go on vacation, there'd be hell to pay at the airport, where there would definitely be a strike called immediately ;-)

"if he ever did go on vacation, there'd be hell to pay at the airport, where there would definitely be a strike called immediately"


I'll give you a laugh, but know I'm shaking my head at the same time. Seriously- on those two K's he had last night he was FUCKING FLAILING at the ball. It was embarassing to watch.

I want so badly to watch the ESPN broadcast and listen to Joe and Trup on the internet, but alas the stream has about a 5 second delay. So I end up sitting there listening to Sutcliffe describe Schill's delivery woes and actually taking some stock in what he's saying. Dammit Sut- STFU! Ah Well(s), at least we've got a good chance against 0-5 9.10 Tim Redding tonight. I saw that guy a few times at PetCo and, yes- he sucks that bad.

I wonder how long before Special Bri posts today...

Man, whatta game. Sox stake Arroyo to a 4-zip lead after 1/3 of a friggin' inning and it won't keep. A very frustrating game to lose but not a devastating one. Many intrigues and such that could have been, but hope the boys keep it in perspective like the readers of Soxaholix. Shefroid and Mr. Rod showed up to actually earn their $ last night. But ain't no thing. My tip of the cap goes to Cool Hand Mussina -- if he doesn't go 6 innings, Sox rip the MFYs a new one. Last night is in the rearview mirror. Sox just gotta put up a W tonight and everything will be alright.

How about everyone sending curly hair [email protected] an email and thanking him for f8&king cursing the 'Sox on June 26 with the following headline
Easy call: Race is a runaway
By Dan Shaughnessy, Globe Columnist | June 26, 2005
PHILADELPHIA -- It's OK to say it. Don't worry about jinxing them. The
2005 Red Sox are going to win the American League East. By a
landslide. Come late September, this is going to look like Secretariat

at the Belmont in 1973.

After looking up at the Orioles for two frustrating months, the Sox
moved into first place Friday night and they are there to stay. Stop
worrying about the Yankees, Orioles, and Jays. It's not even going to
be close.

Thanks for all the great stuff already this year, H.B. I shudder to think what you'll come up with while you're away.

Last night did suck, but yeah, not like last July when we scored in the top of the 13th and lost.

And we still hold an edge in the season series.

Regarding the Skankees starter tonight; has anyone else noticed that the Sox seem to have lots of trouble against pitchers they haven't faced before? That scares me. Frankly, I'm surprised every division rival doesn't trot out their best available triple A pitcher against us. I mean, it's becoming a pattern. "Well, he shut us down, but we've never seen him before so it was tough getting a read on his delivery, etc., etc."

NV in SD: I hear what you're saying about Sutcliffe. I can't stand listening to that guy (or maybe it's both of the announcers - I can't tell anymore).

His description of Schilling's ankle made it sound like his whole foot was about to fall off. And the resulting one-footed Schilling would cause the entire RS Nation to implode.

Even better: I don't know how they got started, but sometime in the 8th they were talking about what classy players the MFYs are because they stood and clapped at the ring ceremony. When was that... four, five months ago?

Side story: This reminds me of last years ALCS when the Fox announcers spent ten minutes discussing how Jeter has the best eyes in baseball. I can't remember exactly what they said, but whenever we hear bad commentary, my wife and I joke about how Jeter has the Prettiest Eyes in Baseball.

Oh well. I guess that's what the MUTE button is for.

Anyway, thanks for the great work H.B. and enjoy the time off.

Have a great vacation. We'll hold down the fort and hopefully them pinstriped marauders as well.

Okay, no more gigs for Bronson on the night before a big start. On the other hand, let's hope Boomer was partying until 9 a.m. last night after the game with all his old MFYbuddies. Perfect game anyone?

I'm really praying Wellsy can toss best when he's pissed off since they just informed him of his suspension when he got to the clubhouse today. Should be interesting to say the least.

I don't REALLY expect a perfect game. But I think there's a very good chance he'll pitch well enough to beat a guy who had something like a 5.00 ERA for the Padres.

17-1, that felt GOOD!

Honestly, I feel bad for Joe Torre having to run a "can o' corn" out there to the mound.

--The second 17-1 W over NYY this year!

--Wells looked sharp.

--Bellhorn K'd twice. I'm piling on the guy, but it's frustrating.

Other than that, we can't get too excited over the offensive display--as some of my Soxaholix brethren have pointed out: perspective; learn it, live it.

SAWX Faithful - I apologize. I predicted a sweep and the Yankees failed to sweep you guys. I had not way of knowing that Wang would go on the DL when I made my prediction (had he NOT gone on the DL it's OBVIOUS we would have swept you), but I refuse to make any excuses. You guys proved that you can hit the hell out of our AAA pitchers and for that I congratulate you. I'm sure you must all be proud.

The Yankees settled a lot of business this weekend:
- Knocked that punk-ass bitch Arroyo out of the box
- Bernie goes DEEP
- GiamBINO goes DEEP
- Sheffield spends the weekend DENTING the Monst-AH (as predicted by yours truly)
- Rivera shuts you guys down again, and again and AGAIN!
- And A-Rod, well what can I say? He takes Cur- PLEASE SHUT THE F UP - Schilling deep on Thursday, plays great defense and goes deep again on Sunday and almost knocks out that poor lady walkig down Lansdown street. Fan-fuckin-TASTIC!

And Finally, nothing serves to show what a team of LOSERS the SAWX are this year then the reaction of Manny- MANRAM - Ramirez when he went deep in the ninth inning. Flips the bat and shows up Gordon. What a dick! Dude, you are getting your ASSES handed to you by a team that has a pitching staff held together with Duct Tape and a prayer. You are STILL down 5 - 2. Round the bases and sit your fat, LAZY ass down. What an absolute JACKASS!

See you all in September. Can't hardly wait...

So, I'm just back from Boston. Flew out of Midway to Providence, rented a car, drove up to Boston. I got to see the Thursday and Friday games, the last one with my daughter. My wife was with me, too; she'd never been in Fenway before. I regaled them with tales of my youth in Fenway, featuring my old man. How he taught me to sneak beer into the ball park, and how he had me yelling at Frank Howard (RF, Washington Senators for you children) that every time he lost a hair, it was because his wife cheated on him. On that last, understand that a) I was 10, b) this was 1963, not a time when 10 year olds yelled stuff like that and I didn't know what it meant, c) the park was about 1/3 full, we were sitting in the bleachers (back when they were real bleachers) and Frank could hear us, and d) Frank was bald. Frank turned around and looked, which set my Dad and my uncle into paroxysms. I had an attentive and appreciative audience, but the fact that I was buying rounds might have had somthing to do with that, too.

I was in section 35 in the bleachers for Thursday, right on line with 2nd base/pitching rubber/home plate, and a great place to watch the ball game from. Sheffield's HR landed about 15 feet up the wall and about 20 feet from me. Made a dull thud, which was echoed by about 35,000 hearts. Up to that point it was a great game.

Shilling got a standing ovation when he walked out to the bullpen. He warmed up and got the hearts racing and the fans up when he got part way out the bullpen door just to play long-toss with Johnny and warm him up before the 8th. When he walked out to pitch the 9th it was deafening, all the way from his walk out, to when he looked around, took off his hat, hauled out some kind of religious medal from around his neck, kissed it, put it back, put his hat back on, and squared up to the plate. Every flashbulb in the park went off when he threw the first pitch.

So, yeah, a double and a HR is not what we were looking for. But the way that the emotions were running in the park, it's amazing he didn't throw it into the press box. What I noted was that he then set down the next 3 guys with little trouble. This I found encouraging, along with the rest of his work this weekend. I don't know about this closer thing, but it looks to me like he's back on the staff and contributing, which is a good thing. The MFY would like to see something like this happening to their staff.

Speaking of the Yankee pitching staff, I was also at the Friday game. I was sitting in section 30, 1/2 way between 3rd and the wall, the best seats I've ever had at Fenway. I told everyone later that I got to watch the MFY send a AAA pitcher against the Red Sox, but upon reflection I'm thinking maybe AA. Anyway, according to normally reliable witnesses I had a beer for every extra-base hit the Sox got that night, which put me 2 short of half a case. I also got a picture of Luis Tiant signed by himself at his spot outside Fenway when I bought a grilled Italian there. I remember Trot's inside-the-park job and the slam; after that it's a bit of a blur. I couldn't believe that Trot was able to make it all the way around; I didn't think he had that much left in his legs. I figure he made it because of my personal encouragement.

What I loved about it was that Matsui and Sheffield stood there like dumbshits watching the play until after the ball got past CF. Then it apparently occurred to them that there's this concept of "backing up the play" that teammates *usually* engage in when the ball is hit, and they got all excited and ran down into the triangle. About the only thing that accomplished was to make sure the pitcher got the ball back for the next pitch before we all died of old age. It was actually kind of funny to watch Matsui try to get to the ball before Trot crossed the plate.

Looooie's picture has some mustard on the back, and I do believe I'll leave it there as a memento. I don't know who got smashed worse, me or the Yankees. I do know who had more fun getting that way, though.

Great write up Ron. You seem to have captured the weekend perfectly. That's how I remember it as well...LOL. What a nation of spin-meisters!

Well, that sucked. At least it was only one series, though. On to Tampa Bay!

Devine - That's the spirit! On to Tampa Bay! Don't look back. Take the 2nd half by the horns and turn it on down the stretch!

You guys are in GREAT shape! Team chemistry is at an all-time high, you are hitting the ball well and that bullpen! Stupendous! Go get'em!

keep crowin', BigbadBri -- all that bad karma will come back to haunt you when it counts. Losing 3 of 4 this weekend was only a big deal because it was those overpaid underachievers aka the Yankees from down the pike. All credit to the pinstripers for actually earning their collective salaries for a weekend. But at no point during this series -- even down 6-zip with Johnson on the hill -- did the Sox quit. It just wasn't there. The Sox are obviously out of synch losing 11 of 17. Instead of starting strong after the break, unfortunately, their best baseball of 2005 is STILL ahead of them. Here's another diehard taking it on the chin and moving on. So crow on, Bigbadbri, crow on...

NYSOXFAN (the most VILE of fans) - if 'crowin' will bring bad karma, then the members of Red SAWX Nation have built up enough bad karma - on the Blog alone! - to last you....oh, I don't know...another 86 years?

Glad to see you are 'taking it on the chin' and 'moving on'. Nice turn of phrase given the fact that they Yankees basically tea-bagged the SAWX all weekend. Oh, there was that ONE GAME when you guys beat up on our AAA pitchers. Way to go!

Onward, downward! That's got to be the worst game I've watched all year. Umps even keep it close for the Sox and nothin' doin' in the bottom of the ninth. I admit it, the team I see in front of me doesn't have what it takes to win it all. I hope something gets shaken up before this month ends or it's gonna be a long winter. Come on, boys, just get me a nice little 5-game winning streak to give me some hope! How about winning a series? We'll work from there.

And Damon's hitting streak ends...dang.

The little free preview from MLB ticket was available just in time to see the Sox July dive. Now that that's over, I expect a long W streak from our boys.

I wonder how hard Bri crowed last year.

I also wonder what's with his hatred of the Red Sox. It's unhealthy, it's bordering on insane.

The other thing about Bri's statements that are inaccurate is that, to me, karmically, it's cool to crow in a forum for fans of your own team. It's not cool, karmically, to celebrate the defeat of your rival's team on their forum (I don't do this, anyway). Ass-backwards view, I think he has.

I agree that it's unhealthy, Evan. It's like he's a Red Sox anti-fan first and a Yankee fan second, not that there aren't fans who are anti-Yankee first and pro-Sox second, but I still don't like it as a philosophy to support a negative in sports, whatever team you vilify or support. Sports should be more about rooting (crowing, even, at the proper time and place) for your own team than detracting from others'.

Evan and Devine:

I agree with your assessment of Bri's anti-Sox postings/blog/etc. It is borderline-psychotic. He even made advances to SoxyGirl on her Blog. When she ignored him, he linked her on his website with the words "Pathetic Sox fan - watch her cry in 2005" (or whatever exact words he used). You just wonder when (not if) people like Bri will eventually snap and what damage they'll do.

Oh yeah, on his blog, he also says "My children hate the Sox and hopefully THEIR children will hate the Sox" - replace "Sox" with "Jews" or "Blacks" and you get the type of mentality this fosters. If he DOES have kids, where is Child Protective Services?

A win! Lovely. Timlin holds (great pick-off!), Curt saves, Sox score two in the ninth just to make it less interesting. Sure it was the Devil Rays, and sure it's only one game, but I needed this victory more than I've needed any other this year, I think, to follow up on yesterday's loss.

A W is a W - may this be the beginning of many more W's for our Sox.

Hydzu sure suited up fast, eh?

For a brief BigBri-like moment:

Hope you enjoyed the past 24 hours in 1st place. We'll be waiting for you at the finish line in October.

All - congrats on your win over the big bad DRAAAYS. Welcome back to first place.

Scott12xu - Dude, if there is anyone who is psychotic around here it is you. You are an internet STALKER ferchrissakes! You track down my postings on other blogs, monitor my blog and report your findings on THIS blog. Take a pill and leave me the fuck alone. I'm not Karl Rove. Please drop the investigation!

You are going to compare hating the SAWX to anti-semitism or racism? You need a checkup from the neck up!My children are happy, healthy Yankee fans. And part of that includes hating the SAWX. get over it.

Devine - I've explained this before, but it's worth repeating. When the SAWX won last year. I was ALMOST happy for you guys. I tipped my hat. Got caught up in the Amazing victory. Faith Rewarded. Blah, blah, blah. I honestly stumbled across the Dirt Dog's site (not sure how, you know how internet browsing can be) and that led me here and to SOXYGirl and to Surviving Grady, etc.
I was shocked at the 'Crowing' that was going on. You guys were not embracing your win. Instead, you were taking this opportunity to piss all over the Yankees.

'Biggest Choke in History!' Are you fucking kidding me??? Do you guys NOT remember 1986? Were you NOT just ONE STRIKE AWAY from a WORLD SERIES win???

'Derek Jeter is playing golf today - this is better!' - what the fuck???

The Yankees had spent the last 10 years or so enjoying amazing success - many times at the expense of the SAWX. They never 'crowed'. Yankee fans never spent their time sticking it to SAWX fans. There are TONS of Yankee fan blogs, but they spend their time lovin' the Yanks, not hating the SAWX.

But with you guys, it's different. You spend just as much time killing the Yankees as you do rooting for the SAWX. Evil Empire. Steinbrenner sucks. A-Rod sucks. Jeter Swallows, blah, blah, blah.

I set up my blog, and spend time posting here and elsewhere in order to point out the hypocrisy that is rampant throughout Red SAWX Nation. It's too bad if you don't like hearing a voice from the other side.

Evan - how can you POSSIBLY judge my hatred of the SAWX as 'insane'??? Have you read this blog? Have you read the comments?

What a nation of hypocrites.

"Yankee fans never spent their time sticking it to SAWX fans."

What is the title of your blog?

Whether it's "schtick" or your true character; you misinterpret reality and project your own
emotional immaturity on others -- the evidence is clear.

Seriously--you have children?

Jesus wept.

"All - congrats on your win over the big bad DRAAAYS"

Well, thank you, LilBri. Given Tampa Bay's 7-3 record against your Chokees this season, I can understand why you would refer to them as 'big bad' And if running a crappy little blog that gets zero hits is your way of dealing with your obsessive, all-consuming hatred of the Red Sox and Sox fans, as well as your humiliation as a fan of the Biggest Postseason Chokers of All Time, well....I hope it eases your pain.

Coming so close as to winning the WS by a strike...


Having a 3 game lead in a 7 game series punctuated by a 19-8 drubbing and then never finishing the job.

Sorry, Yankees 2004 choked so much harder than the Sox in 1986 and at the hand of the Sox themselves.

Teams have lost games in the ninth on the last out. NOBODY (in baseball and only 2 in other major league sports) had ever come back from 3 games down in a 7 game series before.

But hey, we all know the Yankees are record setters.

SAWXSince67 - Are you being obtuse on purpose? My blog was CREATED THIS YEAR. In response to the bullshit that took place in Red SAWX Nation after your great victory. Do you get that? When I say:

"Yankee fans never spent their time sticking it to SAWX fans." I'm referring to the fact that, during the last 10 years or so, when the Yankees enjoyed much success, Yankee fans never spent time sticking it to SAWX fans.

Trust me, Yankee fans will NOW spend PLENTY of time sticking it to you knuckleheads, based PURELY on YOUR REACTION to winning. Yankee fans know how to win. Tip your cap. Take your trophy. Move on with your life. SAWX fans reacted in an ENTIRELY different way. You are like the little kid in school who never won. People took pity on you. And then... you WON!!! And, at first, folks were happy for you. But your celebration turned ugly. Not content to celebrate your win, you chose instead, to lash out at the Yankees. The 'Evil Empire' (such bullshit). And then people saw you all for what you really are. Bitter fucking losers. And even MORE bitter winners. People are no longer happy for you and they will never take pity on you again. You will be vilified as this season slips away from you. And I will lead the charge.

AJM - no humiliation in rooting for the Yankees. The MOST STORIED FRANCHISE IN BASEBALL HISTORY. God, I love saying that. Ask yourself this question - Is my hatred for the SAWX greater or more obsessive than your hatred of the Yanks???

"Ask yourself this question - Is my hatred for the SAWX greater or more obsessive than your hatred of the Yanks???"

Which one of us runs a blog about how much we hate the fans of another team?

God, you're stupid.

"Teams have lost games in the ninth on the last out"

For example, the 2001 NY Chokees, who blew a lead in the ninth inning of Game 7 of the World Series. And the 1960 Chokees, who blew a Series they should have won easily in the bottom of the ninth of Game 7.

AJM- Answer the fuckin' question, ass-hat.

AJM - "For example, the 2001 NY Chokees, who blew a lead in the ninth inning of Game 7 of the World Series. And the 1960 Chokees, who blew a Series they should have won easily in the bottom of the ninth of Game 7."

You were ONE STRIKE AWAY in 1986, you bone smuggler. ONE.STRIKE.AWAY. Biggest.Choke.EV-AH!

"AJM- Answer the fuckin' question, ass-hat"

I already did, Shit-For-Brains. Had any hits this month for your crappy blog about your obsessive Sox-hating?

Nice weather we're having.

All - what do you think is worse? Having an 'obsessive' hatred for the red SAWX? Or...

Having an obsessive hatred for the guy who runs a blog about hating the red SAWX?

Are you being pathetically self-absorbed on purpose?

Why the fuck would anyone need to be informed about the chronology of your blog's creation?

It is titled in direct contrast to your assertion--so who's being obtuse?

"obsessive hatred"

BigBri at July 20, 2005 9:46 AM
BigBri at July 20, 2005 11:44 AM
BigBri at July 20, 2005 11:57 AM
BigBri at July 20, 2005 12:11 AM

Basic 10 year old, antagonistic behavior. You make statements in the safety of a message board to avoid suffering the consequences if you did same in someone's presence.

I'm done with you. Good luck.

SAWXSince67 - Wow! You ARE obtuse. You can't get it thorugh your THICK SKULL that, prior to 2004, there was NO REASON TO HAVE A BLOG LIKE MINE!! It was CREATED IN 2004 in RESPONSE TO THE AWFUL BEHAVIOR ON THE PART OF RED SAWX NATION!

That is why one would need "to be informed about the chronology of my blog's creation". Let's go through it step-by-step:

1. at 9:46 I explain to you WHY I set up my blog. My explanation is in the context of a post-2004 Red SAWX are champs world. I explain that my blog was created in RESPONSE to the way you all behaved after your victory. I explain that, in year's past (prior to 2004) Yankee fans (me included) never saw fit to stick it to SAWX fans.

2. at 11 AM you counter with - "If Yankee fans never saw fit to stick it to SAWX fans, how do you explain your blog?"

3. at 11:44 ... Aw fuck it. This is never going to work. Take care, dumb shit.

Hey guys:

Bri here again. Look, I am sorry for all the shit I have put you through. I've had a really hard life and ... well, I guess evil just got the best of me. Anyway, the URL I've posted is where I'll be spending my time when I want to "let off some steam." But do me a favor and don't link to it at work because I don't want you to get into trouble with your boss, K?

What the world needs now is love, sweet love.

Hugs and Kisses,
Bri's conscience.

Is anyone else drooling at the prospect of a .263 lifetime hitter at second base (Graffanino...more of a utility infielder, really) who's hitting .298 this year? Look, I know Bellhorn was the very symbol of resurrection in last year's postseason, but he's also a lifetime .238 hitter hitting .216 this year! I'm sure they won't get rid of Bellhorn, but my goodness, I'd like to see Graffanino out there.

To be fair, Bellhorn's lifetime OBP is .015 higher than Graffanino's and Bellhorn's slugging percentage is a bit better, too. I've just been so frustrated with Bellhorn all year. So many strikeouts. So many rallies killed. So many 2-out walks that merely led to an out on the next at-bat. I think I'll take a little more hitting and a little less walking.

Anyone else been thinking about this?

Boy, h.b. goes away for a week and all hell breaks loose....

Graffanino is a great pickup to help fill infield gaps and handle situations like the other night (can't pinch hit for Bellhorn, cuz we don't have anyone on the bench for 2B). I don't know what's happened to Bellhorn's plate discipline, but without it he's sub-par. It's what worked for him last year (walk or get a prime pitch to hit hard) and he's abandoned it in favor of swinging at almost anything.

I'd also be happy to see an Arroyo-Burnett swap as long as we don't also sell the farm to get it.

Welcome back to Hyzdu as well, although unless we're going to flip him again, I don't know why we'll carry both Hyzdu and Kapler.

"So many strikeouts. So many rallies killed."

There it is...hitting is not what the team requires as much as TIMELY hitting. Seen too many K's with guys on base from Bell. He has looked absolutely baffled lately.

I understand that the dust has yet to settle, but:

Hyzdu and Stern and Kapler (when ready for the Fens)...

Cora and Graffanino--same guy, no?

Youks back down...now, they're making a mockery of his career...

Alan Embree...Death Machine Playoff numbers...I think he's just worn down. They tried. So, now all of the Lefty/Long Guy eggs are in the Jeremi Gonzalez basket? Halama's the blowout guy.

Perhaps these mysteries will soon reveal themselves.

7-0 Sox, Top 4

Yep, I agree that we can't get h.b. back from vacation fast enough. I think LilBri just blew a gasket with that last response. Speaking of blowing gaskets, I assume Piniella's gonna erupt soon with the Sox up 7-1 if he hasn't already.

Graffanino is a nice pickup for the bench, but for all the well-documented frustrations about Bellhorn's K's, he's still the more productive player. We have more urgent holes to fill in the bullpen.

What of the buzz around Mueller for JC Romero? I would HATE to see Billy go, esp for anything less than an absolute sure thing. It would give Youk his well deserved spot on the roster, but that's happening next year anyways.

As far as Bellhorn on the DL- it was about this time last year that he went on the DL and came back with a bat that he kept up with through the postseason. That, plus the competition at his position, might just give him the kick in the ass he desperately needs. Wishful thinking.

My favorite rumor surrounds Billy Wagner. Likely? Probably not, considering what I'm sure they're asking for in return.

Sorry- It's been a while since I've posted and have a few more thngs I forgot to mention.

Embree was having a horrendous season, but wasn't just starting to show signs of turning it around? His release, in addition to the fact that the bullpen is the part of the team in most dire need of improvement, makes me think that Theo's got something up his sleeve.

If they were going to release anyone, it should have been "BP" Halama. I hate that fucking guy- he's like the new Frank Castillo. Ah well- thanks for everything Alan. Your contribution to the '03 and '04 postseasons will be remembered fondly.

Now that they picked up Graffanino, Hyzdu and Kap, this is what I picture happening. Bring up a minor leaguer as a stopgap (Lester, Paplebon, Declarmen?) and pick up a Williamson-style late innings guy (aforementioned Wagner fits this perfectly) and give Schill a few more weeks to get stretched out. That way by the time Foulke is ready to come back, we can send the one guy back to the minors, stick Schill right where he should be at the front of the rotation, and have another solid bullpen guy who can close out games when needed. Just an idea.

9-1 with some sloppy fielding. Think the D-Rays pitchers start getting a little too inside yet?

Chadford 1-2-3!

I think Delcarmen.

Wagner's got a phat contract--Theo's would loathe assuming big $$$ AND trading prospects.

Dewey Brazleton HBP's Graf, but Graf found the Monstah for a RBI 2B in his next AB. No idea of other "aggressive" pitching by the DRays...

JC Romero Rumor: "Crazy"

Oh his website, BigBri has "Apologies to my loyal readers". Seriously, dude,what kind of traffic are you pulling in? It looks like the only people who are reading your shit are Soxaholix folks that want to laugh at it. C'mon, BigBri...there's no reason to lie to the internet. There's nobody coming over here that will be fooled by your lie, what with nobody reading your drivel to begin with. A-Rod slaps balls!

PS: Congrats to Yankees fans (AKA The Fairweather Frenzy) for getting Giambi back on the juice. He's hitting much better since he decided to flush away his health and testicles in exchange for homeruns.

'The Yankees had spent the last 10 years or so enjoying amazing success - many times at the expense of the SAWX. They never 'crowed'. Yankee fans never spent their time sticking it to SAWX fans. There are TONS of Yankee fan blogs, but they spend their time lovin' the Yanks, not hating the SAWX.'

I love this quote. I want to read it 1918 times!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; don't feed the trolls. All it does is encourage them to keep posting and posting and clog up what would otherwise be a useful thread.

Amen Ron. I'm sure Bribri is getting enough shit from his mom for not getting out of her basement.

Here's an interesting perspective on the season from the Boston Sports Guy-


I'd have to say I'm in Group #2. #1 is just too leniant and #3 neglects the past.

Group #2. That's me.

Yes, I have lost my mind a few times over some of the shittier efforts this year--but, I have been loyal. Well, OK, Bellhorn...

Re BSG's take on Cora -- "leading to the inevitable rally-killing 5-2-3 double play"

As we all saw, Cora was safe @ first...

Let's see what the Pale Hose bring to the table...

As much as I've riffed on Sheffield, I failed to remember we had a much less talented version of him here for a few years...his name was Carl Everett

Simmons' column today is totally ridiculous . . . visit BPro (linked in url!), honestly, home boy - he even pimped them in his column!

Dave Roberts is a pretty useless major-league starter - better than bernie, but not a worldbeater, and def not someone who would be riding the pine happily . . . and Cabrera has been USELESS this season (and hurt to boot).

Although his categorizations are perfection . . . I love BSimmons, but sometimes his self-loathing stereotypical BoSox fan thing gets out of control.

First place. Rounding into form. Improving bullpen performance. And the weak parts of the lineup have been improved.

Life could be way worse. Put me in category 1.

Hey everybody, I thought we were on vacation!!! Oh well, I guess while HB may be able to moderate, the rest of the Soxaholix Anonymous cannot go on the wagon.

As long as everybody's here, what do you think of this suggestion for improving the team without giving up Bronson (good young pitcher, reasonable salary, considerable upside) for AJ Burnett (good old pitcher, big salary, free agency looming, chained to Giambi-esque Lowell). Anyway, here's the idea:

Make Tony Graffanino the starting second baseman and make Mark Bellhorn the third-base coach. Seriously, this would improve the team immensely. What do you think?

Holy shit- it's GENIUS! There is absolutely no way that he could strike out from the coaches box!

With the combo of Graff (starter) and Cora (defensive replacement) I'm thinking we might've seen the last of Mr. Gloomy-'burns.

Arroyo for Burnett- leaning towards yes, but NOT with Lowell. Especially not if we have to part with Mueller/Youk to do it.

Okay I have to correct one part of my post. Burnett and Arroyo are the same age, both born in 1977. But the rest of my post stands, especially the part about Bellhorn as third-base coach. He would be a HUGE upgrade there, and as NVinSD pointed out, he would not strike out so much.

WE all LOVE Papi, but the fucking repeated brain-freezes on the base paths are just crazy.

Ok, Sox up, 5-4 Bottom 7. Timlin on the hill.

Jesus, Manny hit the fuck out of that one! I've been celebrating the past few minutes! Just hope they can get the last 3 outs.

Nice win and Schilling looked like a champ in the 9th. But is it me or have our pitchers really given up a ton of gopher balls in the past 4 series?

Vlad's grand slam saves the day for the Angels...this time (remembers ALDS G3). Sweet, a whole damn game and a half, right? Clearly, the race for the division is over. Just ask Shaughnessy.

The White Sox game was a very satisfying win, coming against a very good pitcher. It was nice to see Clement just really bear down after those three homers, especially in the sixth considering Renteria's non-tag (the only thing that REALLY made me mad in that game). What's really satisfying about that is that the last time he gave up runs early, Clement just went into meltdown (against the Yankees). This time, he held his ground.

On top of that, the offense charges nicely a couple of times (still some nasty baserunning gaffes, though) for a come-from-behind win. Just really gutsy and clawing in every sense, including Schilling. Nice to see Schilling improve in his 2nd inning, and hold that lead after coughing it up before.

To me, it feels more like 1.4 wins or so.

I went to bed after Schill...uhmm...had problems, 'cause I got grumpy and yeah; work tomorrow.

But I got a call (Vollie FD--flooded basement, sexy right?) and when I returned home I had to check the score. Good news, yo.

Devine says it all....really nice to see Matty bear down and a very satisfying win.

I hope Wakey baffles those Comiskey MoFos.

Vlad the Impaler!

"Hi, I'm Follower of Tito and I'm a soxaholic."

Room responses: "Hi, Follower of Tito"

"It's been 4 days since I've posted."

Anyways, about that article by Simmons, anyone who is over 30 is going to be a #2 fan (me, my dad, etc).

Schill keeps looking better and better as a closer (even if he blew a save against a damn good team). He showed the mental toughness that I think Foulke has been lacking. Added bonus, he could easily go 3 or 4 innings in a pressure situation.

On the fence about Arroyo for Burnett. Bronson is going to be good for a long while and we have him for chicken feed right now. We can use the cash elsewhere.

As for K-horn, Hasta, man, sorry about the thumb. Don't forget to take Sveum with you. We have some lovely parting gifts for you both.

Last night may have been one of those turning points (a la Tek mixing it up with A-Fraud last July) that will only be recognized in retrospect. We beat the team everybody else has been talking about, Stinkees lose a tough one to Anahiem, Manny provides 9th inning heroics, Schill comes back.....we'll see

Hmmm…AJ Burnett…wicked nasty stuff, killer attitude…8K per game…

This year, he’s having problems v. Right-handed batting--.776 OPS, has really only pitched ONE complete season as a starter (2002)…about a 4 ERA…take NL Batting, Pro Player dimensions (BOTTOM 5 Park Factor—ask Pavano) into consideration…

The equation: AJ as upgrade over Bronson + salary (3.65mm this year) + player/prospects traded = Hmmm….

I know; what are the better options? But, it’s not quite a “no-brainer”…

Out here in Chicago I watched the game and listened to Ken Harrelson do commentary. As soon as Crede flubbed the popup, Hawk was all over him. He accused him of nonchalanting the play, and said twice "You can't give a hitter like Martinez an extra swing." As soon as Martinez hit the pitch, he said "6-5". A co-worker was there and told me it was obvious as soon as it was hit. That pitch was crushed.

Great to see the Red Sox win, and there was plenty of support for them in the Chicago stands. But the White Sox won't give you 3 unearned runs every night, so we'll need to do better tonight.

I hope this thing with Schilling is a stop-gap, or just to get him in shape to start. I want him in the rotation. That's where we need him. And he's pitching relief like a starter, anyway. Please tell me that we're going to get some bullpen help and put Schilling where he belongs.

Oh, yeah, and I have a question; why the f**k didn't Renteria throw the ball to 1st instead of trying to run down the runner? My daughter's softball team runs that play better.

Holy shit! 80 comments and counting on week-old post! Come back soon, HB; your fans and trolls alike are going into withdrawals.

Last night's win was a big one. I can't remember a game in which they made that many brain farts and still managed to pull it out. That it happened on the road, against the best team in baseball, while the Yankees were simultaneously coughing a three run lead in Anaheim, just made it sweeter.

Any more news on the Burnett deal? I read that the reason the O's pulled out is because the Marlins insisted on including Mike Lowell in the deal. Burnett's good, but is he so good as to justify taking on another non-hitting infielder with a big contract?

Ron- who is this Martinez who was batting for the RED Sox last night? New guy from AAA?

Sorry- just fuckin' with ya.

FoT- I like the "turning point" idea. Manny's 4th out HR not only one the game, but definitely picked Schill up. He was fired up- big time.

Last night's game coupled with the losangelesangelsofanaheimcaliforniaamericatheworld late inning fireworks vs the bad guys made for one tasty night of baseball. Tom Gordon was pissed (and I'm sure the big eunuch was too- lying on his back in the trainer's room)

yeah- they "one" the game all right...


must. not. type. before. coffee.

Let's hope Wake can knuckle down and beat Garland tonight while the Balco Bombers do some more California Screamin' ... and let's hope Theo doesn't land AJ Burnett deal just like he failed to reel in that other great Florida Marlin, Carl Pavano.

"...just like he failed to reel in that other great Florida Marlin, Carl Pavano."

When Theo writes his book, I believe he will disclose that HE pushed up the Market Value, tempted the NYY re Pavano, Contreras and duped them into assuming the crazy contracts...

OK, maybe he really wanted Slappy? Gag...ack.

But, yeah Slappy is mad talented, yo.

You notice how much more pleasant it is to read these posts when the-NY-creep-who-shall-not-be-named doesn't post?

Probably too busy beating off to his internet porn lately to post...

If my team was 1 game behind the Twinkies for the AL wild card, I won't be posting the other teams' fans' websites either. I certainly prefer the view looking in the rearview mirror versus the alternative.

BTW, I think Hazel Mae could be monitoring this blog. Ever since we have commented on her naturally gifted assets and her possible use of performance enhancing undergarments, she has been keeping the girls under cover. C'mon, Hazel, cut the 18-45 male demographic a break.

Let's go Timmay, let the butterflies float!

"she has been keeping the girls under cover"

This is a most unfortunate bit of news...

With the glistening and jiggling and the glaven...

Free the Mae Two!
Free the Mae Two!
Free the Mae Two!

White Sox put Frank Thomas on the D.L. today, but I checked the schedule and he'll be back in time to feast on the MFY pitching.

I was hoping for a split with the White Sox but now that we've beaten their best starter, I'm hoping we can take 3 of 4. If Wakefield is on tonight, we have an excellent chance. Then it's on to Tampa Bay, while Vladdy Guerrero and Co. hopefully keep doing their part to push the MFYs down into their parents' basement with their No. 1 fan. At this rate, the Mets will own the best record in the Big Apple before August.

I can see Hazel Mae completely losing it one live broadcast...

"We checked in with Johnny Damon and he told NESN... aw fuck it, the only reason you perverted shitheads watch my newcast is to see my tits, right?? RIGHT??? Well, FINE!!! (unbuttons jacket and blouse) You'll see my tits!! (rips off bra) THERE!!! LIKE 'EM?? HUH?? (shakes breasts) WANNA SEE 'EM JIGGLE? HERE. (holds up breasts) C'MON AND SUCK 'EM BABY!! (turns around, bends over) I DON'T WEAR ANY PANTIES EITHER!!! LIKE MY ASS?? HUH??? CHECK OUT HAZEL'S ASS!!! THAT'S ALL YOU WANNA SEE, RIGHT??? FUCK MY JOURNALISM CREDENTIALS, I'M JUST ANOTHER HOT ASIAN BABE FOR YOU ALL TO BEAT OFF TO!!!!" (quickly cut to commercial)

I still think the "Naked NESN" is a good idea... :)

Heck, the Chicago commentators are giving Manny a little lovefest. One of the best that ever lived, enjoys himself, really one of the great baseball minds, etc. I mean, I agree. I just think it's interesting how much the opposing announcers are going off on him.

Yikes, poor Hazel now seems like an innocent babe who stumbled into a pack of wolves. Sorry Hazel, but you're not in Canada anymore... now then, here's hoping we see Bronson snap that nasty curve today while Contreras pitches like he did as a MFY. Taking 3 of 4 from the Black Sox would speak volumes... looking for Big Papi to be the man today.

Okay, it's the 25th...

Donde esta h.b.?

Dude, I've got the shakes...I think it's withdrawl..next thing you know I'll be seeing AJ Burnett in a Red Sox uni and the kid down from St. John's in the pen at Fenway with 3 or 4 saves under his belt by mid-September. G'mon, man, I need a fix baaaad. If I don't get one soon, I might start actually believe that the Hazel Mae scenario Scott12xu wrote COULD happen. It could, right?

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