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'SportsCenter with Staples?' (Staple this.)

Like in 2004, the Orioles continue to foil the Red Sox …

Well, they say 2 out of 3 ain't bad, but 1 outta 4? Er, not so much.


Yeah, well, you know, you don't want to open up too lahge a lead in the AL East or anything. 8 game lead? 10 game lead? Who needs that when you can keep it close and exciting all season long?


Fuck yeah. I mean you wouldn't want Orioles fans to give up hope or anything. They need to know they're right there. Still in it despite losing their previous 5 series.


Absolutely. I so love going into the All Star Break knowing the Red Sox have "restored much of the Orioles' recently tattered confidence."


You know considering the Sox are in first with a bettah record than at this point last year and they got to this point without Curt Schilling, I don't know why I'm not happiah.


Same heah. Maybe has much to do with what Gammons calls the "inoperable, insubordinate and unacceptable ME attitude" that has publicly surfaced this past week and has been brewing all yeah?


Christ, I wanted to read Gammons' weekly column like I've done pretty much forevah but they've gone and made it subscriber only premium content.


You know, I don't mind at all paying to read Gammons, he's a Hall of Famah fercrissakes, but I've no interest in much else.


Worse, I was completely ready to shell out the $39.95 just to read Gammons until I saw that ESPN forces you to get the dead tree version of the crapfest known as "The Magazine," too.


Yeah, ESPN wants us to believe they're so hip with all that X Games crap, but then they still want to jam damn démodé papah and ink up our 21st Century age of irony asses?


Woo hoo. I so can't wait to go to the mailbox to get my latest issue of week old sports news!


Right. And when you're done, you can just toss it out. Beautiful. I mean, it's not like we have a fucking trash problem or anything.


Author's Notes
There's a new version of Doug included in today's strip. If the graphic isn't showing up for you, do a "force refresh" in your browser. If that doesn't work, dump your browser's cache and then do another force refresh.


Should that be two-week old info on "The Magazine"?

"The Magazine"? Jeez. They act like it's the only one in the world.

The Louvre. The Grand Canyon. The Magazine.

Thanks for the thoughts for London last week.

Olympic City one day, carnage the next.

Today, though, London is backing doing what it does best - an ungodly, seething mass of humanity.

No beating those guys from AQ, though. Lunatics all. All you can do is suck the life support away from them, best way of doing that - try to get governments to connect with the average Muslim mindset - whether in Israel, Iraq or London Town. Win the hearts and minds of the Muslim Joe Schmoe and you win the war.

Peace to all

I've been puzzling over this strip all morning...

Is he talking to a polar bear in a snow storm or is something not loading right for me? Because, there's nobody on the other end of the phone call in the even-numbered panes...

If graphic not showing: dump cache. do force refresh, i.e., shift + refresh for IE Win, and option+refresh on Safari/Firefox (Mac), and ctrl+F5 on Firefox Win.

I couldn't stand to watch Sunday...

It wasn't just the fact that the Sox' bats were dead. I was also fed up with that stupid damn commercial with the McChick reciting crappy poetry about her fuckin salad.

Any predictions on how many rain-makers "El señor golpeó el crap fuera de la bola" hits tonight/ outcome of HR Derby?

I hope to see one like the mythic roof shot he hit at the Tokyo dome for the Intn'l All-Star series last sumer (530'?!)

Cool strip today, and spot on about the crappy ESPN Mag. If you watch baseball tonight, you'll get most of what Gammons writes anyhow, plus the bonus of Harold Reynolds.

The outcome wasn't good, but it was great to be at Camden Yards yesterday. What a beautiful facility! Great sight lines, access, unobstructed views, etc....but it ain't Fenway..period.

Lopez was pounding the strikezone, and the boys couldn't get his pitch count up. Manny's drive to left center was just short of going out...if he pulls it 10 feet it's gone. It didn't look like Trot's would make it, (Palmeiro's either). It's only 318, with a wall alot shorter than the monstah; a lefty's dream. Papi dinged one off the warehouse in BP. But all in all, you're not going to win many games scoring one run.

But, they ARE in 1st, and in Theo we trust for the 2nd half......enjoy the break boys.

h.b. - the reason your characters are upset about the SAWX performance is because those same SAWX have had every opportunity to run away with the division and have failed to do so. Yanks look hot! I forsee and awesome 2nd hald for NY's finest. And might I just add that NY's AWFUL, DEPLETED, DECIMATED, WORTHLESS farm system has now just given us, in additon to Wang and Cano, Melke Cabrera. Christ, every time you turn around that kid is on base! I live for this!

You mean the NYPD and FDNY are going to have a great summer? What exactly does that entail- lots of arrests and no fires? Fucking dipshit.

Impressive that your awesome, incredible, awe-inspiring farm system has produced the future Hideki Irabu, Chuck Knoblauch, and Juan Rivera (and is now completely drained BTW).

Unfortunately for you, they're going to get traded if your boys are gonna get anyone for a stretch run. But hey- at least you've got them for the time being to make up for the awesome signings of Wright, Womack, Pavano, and the Big Eunuch.

ESPN the magazine is so lame that my 12-year-old son makes fun of how the articles are written and says he will not renew his subsscription.

As for the Stankees, they don't get to beat up on the Tampa Bays and K.C. Royals of the world after the All-Star break (Oh, I forgot they didn't beat up on them BEFORE the break either.) They've got the Sox at Fenway, then a road trip to Texas and Anaheim before facing the Twins and Angels at home. The AL East should come down to the Sox and Orioles, with the Blue Jays challenging the Crankees for third place if Halliday is not out too long.

Indeed, painful to watch on Sunday... but thank goodness for the NESN feed on the MLB Monopoly TV package rather than the dreadful Ballmer Comacast crew starring Buck "Couldn't Manage My Way Out of a Paper Bag" Martinez. by the way, is it me or is Hazel Mae getting more buxom with every passing month?

NV in SD - Your ignorance is beyond belief! Wang is on pace for 12 - 15 wins. Not bad for 350k! Robbie Cano is the likely rookie of the year - kid's batting .288!. Again, not bad for 350K. And finally, Melke Cabrera. I know it's early, but every time you turn around that kid is on base. You guys keep SAYING the farm system is completely empty. It was empty after Wang came up. It was REALLY empty after Cano came up. And now that Cabrera has had more than a cup of coffee, it's really REALLY empty. Ever get the feeling you might be plain ol' fuckin' wrong?

PAWSOXPOP - The 'stankees' had not trouble with your nemesis, the Cleveland Indians. And how's your team supposed to win it all when they can't beat the O's???

2nd half predictions - SAWX team chemistry is DESTROYED by the Damon-Schilling feud. The bullpen continues to suck and bats cool off going down the stretch. Once you are unable to out-hit your pitching mistakes, you will fall like a rock. And order will be restored to the Universe. Can't hardly wait...

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