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It's a lot harder than it looks you know

The Red Sox, with Manny, JD, Tek, and Renteria, on the bench for rest and relaxation, lose in a rain shortened game to the Orioles …

Hart Brachen (blog author) on Green Line:
Dudes, taking a page from Terry Francona's management 101, I'm going to skip the strip and rest today because, you know, I'm all fatigued and shit … This blogging is hard mofo work.


Hart Brachen (blog author) on Green Line:
Yeah, yeah, I know … If I skip days, I risk losing readahs and the blog will slip in the popularity standings, but, hey, what's a few losses here and there, right? It's a long season, plenty of time to make up ground latah.


Hart Brachen (blog author) on Green Line:
If I'm lucky, my boss at the day-job will be humane like Tito and take pity on my weary, overworked raggedy ass and send me home early (with pay) or something. Then I can go to a matinee or take a nap … If you're smaht, you'll take some rest time, too.



What in the ever-loving crap was with the stars just standing in the dugout messing around when they KNEW the rain was coming?!? I just don't understand... They have a division that they're fighting for right now! (Sure didn't look like it last night though...) Yeah, rest is good and all, but come on -- two or three innings before the deluge from Damon, Varitek, and Manny could NOT have hurt that much. I don't have a problem with John Olerud and Doug Mirabelli, but Alex Cora and Adam Stern? Come on, Terry, you should have known better than that. Looks like our team put on their best Yankees impression last night, putting rookies out there all over the field and playing like high schoolers. I'm sure I'm not alone when I jumped out of my seat yelling, "What the [expletive]?!?" when Nixon started gunning for third and got picked off for NO APPARENT REASON. Maybe he thought there was only one out or something?? Who knows? Holy Christmas and Cheese... The only thing that could have made last night worse was if Foulke had been there. The Red Sox get an F-minus-minus for effort.

Philly, don't forget about Dave "I'm the Antithesis of Wendell Kim" Sveum for NOT sending Papi...AGAIN!

I can only guess that Tito looked at Cabrera starting and figured that even the JV could get to him. I understand they had a rough flight in from Texas?

Cabrera: 100+ pitches (30 of which were in the dirt) in 5 innings--Tito could have been correct. But for Trot's gaffe...

Ugh. The grossness of such a brainfart can not be emphasized too much.

The Corpse of Sal Fasano outsmarted Trot.


--the Sicilian, Princess Bride

Honestly, 'Belli looked more lost against Cabrera than Stern. I have no problem with Stern. He'll steal a base, shake things up and whatnot...

Cora at the plate--uhh...let's let him get settled.

Let's put all the scrubs in when the weatherman in Baltimore has predicted down to the minute when the rain will come...Brillant! Real? NO, NOT REALLY! I understand the need for rest, but when you are a professional and the All-Star break is coming its time for a forced march.

BTW, is it just me, or are other folks getting pretty comfortable with seeing Olerud at first (can you say 'quality defense, a sweet swing and plate discipline makes an everyday 1st baseman' Kevin?). I'll never get tired of seeing that guy at the plate, especially for us.

Also, as anyone else noticed that it looks like Olerud is using a regulation Little League bat?

Finally, all this moving of players feels like the prelude to something big...kind of like distant thunder..I wonder what Theo has up his sleeve. Thank God the guys a stat geek instead of out chasing skirts all night!

SS67: Add Beli's "Golden Sombrero" (4 Ks in one game in Texas) to last night, and you have an ugly little run.

I am psyched to see the game in Bawlimor this Sunday...Wake is pitching, I think. It was far easier to get ducats there.

I've always been a big backer of Millar, and am weary with the radio loudmouths (Callihan is a braying asshole) and ink stained wretches constant attacks on him. But, if it's true he (Millar) has been bitching to Tito about Olerud, and bitching about Tito's All-Sar selections, than it's time to Jay Payton Mr. KFC as well.

If you didn't already hear it on EEI, there's a paraphrased transcript of Theo's interview there this morning on SoSH. Some really interesting info.

Why this anger towards Millar? There seems to be more interest in replacing him than replacing Bellhorn. Why? Bellhorn needs to go before Millar. Take Remy out of the booth, and stick him on second base. Ask Marty Barrett to come out of retirement. Shoot, Pesky played a few games at second. Give him a chance.

If Jorge Posada is my perfect match on eharmony.com, can I get a refund?

You just know when I turned on ESPN to watch my Sox play cause I don't get to see them that often, I was hoping to see Alex Cora and Adam Stern! (That's about as likely as Trot Nixon not getting picked off second with bases loaded and two outs.)

For God's sake, somebody must realize Boomah needs run support especially in a short game!

Seriously, Tessie- that was one bullshitty clusterfuck of a nationally televised game. Fortunately for me, theres a GREAT Boston sports bar out here that gets NESN, so I don't have to wait for ESPN or Fox to broadcast a rare game. However, when I do get the chance to sit at home and watch, I take full advantage. Last night's game made me wonder why I wasn't out doing something else.

To quote Wilbur's blog-
""We're in first place!" Heuschkel quotes Ortiz as saying yesterday. "What the [expletive] is going on in this clubhouse? Damn!" "

Wow. I guess that would be a quote of a quote of a quote?

Out here in sunny California, I heard some interesting news this morning on the radio. I haven’t been able to confirm it yet online, but it seems the Red Sox have traded Jay Payton for the A’s sidearmer Chad Bradford.
Bradford went 5-7 with a 4.42 ERA last year for the A's, but he was 4-2 with a 2.65 ERA at home. He’s coming off the DL after the All-Star break & that’s when the trade will go through.
He’s been tearing up our AAA out here getting back to his form, & if you like the sidewinders on your side, you’re gonna love this guy.
He's easy on the eyes too ladies :-)



At least with Nixon, it was a simple momentary lapse in judgment. Tito intentionally decided to sit our stars, and then had plenty of time to think about subbing for Ortiz.

in today's globe, edes says the deal is for bradford.


#53 Chad Bradford Oakland Athletics | Roster | Statistics | MLB Index

Age: 30
Height: 6-5
Weight: 203 lbs.
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Pos: RP

Born: September 14, 1974, Jackson, MS
Full Name: Chadwick Lee Bradford
College: So Miss | Others
Experience: 7 years
2005 Salary: $1,400,000

60 Day DL. 3/22 (Back)
RosterJ. BlantonC. BradfordE. ByrnesK. CaleroE. ChavezB. CrosbyO. DotelJ. DuchschererE. DurazoM. EllisR. FloresK. GinterR. GlynnR. HardenD. HarenS. HattebergD. JohnsonJ. KendallB. KieltyM. KotsayA. MelhuseR. RinconK. SaarloosM. ScutaroH. StreetN. SwisherK. YabuB. Zito

Profile | Scouting Report | Fantasy | Statistics | Splits | Game Log | Batter vs. Pitcher | News
Search: ESPN | Web

Scouting Report

2004 Season
Following two-plus solid years in a setup role, Chad Bradford hit a bump in 2004. He struggled at times, both with injuries and the consistency issues that impacted the entire Athletics pitching staff. Bradford was bothered by a sore back off and on, and his ERA and hits allowed per nine were way up, while his innings pitched dipped for the first time in three seasons.

Pitching & Defense
Relying heavily on his submarine delivery, Bradford delivers a fastball that tops out at 88-89 MPH. It is not uncommon for Bradford to scrape his knuckles on the mound during that delivery, and from that angle, pitches in the high 80s jump on hitters quickly. Bradford also has a change and a curve, but it is that combination of delivery and control that fuel his success. While Bradford is primarily a groundball pitcher, his glove work is not that solid in support of his pitching style. He does hold runners fairly well.

Yeah, I'm glad ESPN had technical difficulties just as Nixon got picked off. I was about to punch the TV but now i'm glad i missed it cause i probably would have kicked it off the friggin balcony. I knew we were not going to win when the only run we scored was because Cabrera threw 50 wild pitches. I do have to say its good to see Stern being aggressive on the base paths in his first start after getting hit on the leg/foot. Anybody else glad?

I'm glad. But I am glad that the Red Sox got Mirabelli for Duchscherer. The kid would have been no help to the great bullpen we see today. I have not seen a greater bullpen in Boston since the days of Crawford and Lollar.

I am wondering which was the greater quote: Foulke's "Burger King", or David Newhan equating his demotion to Ottawa and not being traded, to communism.

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