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We'll be right back

The quest for first place suffers a temporary setback as the Sox get beaten back by the Orioles, but …

Lisa the Temp:
Yes, Lisa the Temp again to tell you The Soxaholix are too busy because of shortened week at day job to talk about the Red Sox.


Lisa the Temp:
What? Did you say something? I hope I didn't hear you bitching. You got a weekend strip and a holiday strip, right?


Lisa the Temp:
If there's any bitching to do around here I'll be the one doing it. Look at this flipping computer they stick me with? Oh, I see, I'm just the temp. Why would a temp need more than 4 keys on her computer?


Lisa the Temp:
I Ctrl+Alt+Del all your sorry full time with benefits asses to hell.



I'm not bitching h.b., but the sentence in the first panel is messed up. Words are missing, right?

well Jake maybe Lisa is drunk after the annual O's ass whupping of the Red Sox on Fenway defeat of yesterday but these whuppings are becoming more and more frequent. Let's hope tonight they get rid of all the bad mojo and gain some ground on the O's.

You know, I've always had a thing for Lisa the temp. She's no Circle, but her profile portends an ample female endowment..plus, she's not technically a coworker, so a little hook-up would violate 'company policies'...Holy Crap, I'm so desperate for the Sox to beat the O's I'm fantasizing about Lisa the temp.

Sorry..meant 'wouldn't violate company policies'...the Edgar Allen Poe curse is likely responsible for my typo.

Last night was unbearable. Bronson's pitches were flat meatballs, Rodrigo Lopez' were unhittable. My world is spinning...

Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuck up Tanyon Sturtze.

Bitch. Drilling Trot like that...

Yeah, Sturtze's real big, but I have righteuosness in my haht...

I'm sorry, I'm still laughing over the "4 keys" comment......... brilliant!!
PLEASE, PLEASE Wade, pitch a good game tonight, we need to start "dealing with" this Orioles shit-uation.

I honestly didn't think Bronson was throwing too poorly. It just seemed like the O's hitters had a mad read on what was coming, so they were laying off his ill breaking balls, but wailing on his infrequent fastballs. Even though I didn't think he was pitching too poorly, I was glad when Halama-mama came in. That Lopez kid did have some mad skeelz, too. At least we didn't get blanked.

da kine,

No offense, but your favorite food must be Italian. Because Bronson was serving up big, fat meatballs last night. Nearly every pitch was waist high and over the middle portion of the plate. No nibbling the black at all. Even decent movement on a curve or fastball won't stop a good major league hitter from slamming poorly located pitches. I have complete, 100% faith he'll be fine though. At least I think he will. Oh for God's sake, be okay Bronson!

Yeah, that was a tough one to swallow last night, though I took haht in the O's getting gunned down three times (twice by Manny!). I'm all for this aggressive baserunning n' shit but those guys were making Dale Sveum throw up the stop sign.

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