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Koo Koo Kachew

The Red Sox took 2 of 3 from the Braves, but a vocal contingent of the Nation is losing patience with Edgar Renteria …

So the boo birds are roosting on Renteria's struggles big time.


But at 7 games ovah 500 hundred and with a fresh World Series pennant hanging I'm just not ready to accept the Rent-a-Wreck branding.


But it's not just the bat woes it's the 8 errors and no evidence of speed that has us thinking Theo laid his second turd with this signing.


I'm sticking with Schilling on this one when he writes as SoSH, "Don't make the mistake of letting 7 weeks overshadow 8 years."


Jeez, I guess wearing that thing on his ankle for so long has gone to Curt's head as now it sounds like he's channeling the ankle braceleted Mahtha Stewaht.


Look on the brightside, it's not like Boston is the only team with a recently signed high-priced free agent who is not, er, meeting expectations.


You know that hit he gave up to the Mets' reliever Koo was only Koo's second at bat since Little League?


Beatiful. Buck 'n' McCarvah and Johnson both spanked. Thank your favorite supreme being for life's little miracles.



You know what makes RJ's sad outing even better?

In their last two starts, Brad Halsey and Javy Vazquez have given up exactly *one* run combined. Vazquez threw a CG shut-out against the Tigers last night.

I kind of imagine the Diamondbacks organization pointing in the general direction of New York and laughing hysterically.

Best/worst part about yesterday: Clement throws an amazing game, and within ten minutes, NESN's showing a stat that essentially says, "Don't worry, if he trends like last year, he'll start to suck any day now."

Honestly. If we're two games out and playing at 70% of our capabilities, I'm pretty happy. Doesn't make me wanna shave off Clement's awful facial hair any less, but I'm overall pleased.

Man, good point about the facial hair Clement sports. Fugly.

Clement is exceeding my expectations this year. Another case of Tek bringing his battery mate to another level.......

Agree with the opinions on the beard. You would think that SOMEONE would mention how dorky he looks, but I guess he's not listening. Case in point: Arroyo's cornrows last year, thank goodness I don't have to see those every five days.

check out Arroyo's hair from behind these days... I looks sort of like He-Man's. i think its the color and the texture. I just may be out of my mind though......

Does that make Tek Man-at-Arms?

And who is Orko?

Give Edgah a break willya? The guy has played in Miami and St. Louis, and even at $10 million a year he's not going to start bashing the ball right away in the coldest spring ever on record in Boston. When the weather heats up so will his bat, and so will Manny's bat too. Meanwhile, let's enjoy the great spring the team is having and be thankful they get to play under the dome in Toronto while we get a Nor'Easter around here.

Well said, pawsoxpop, the weather really is a factor in all of this.

Millar is definitely Orko... sort if bumbling. Also, the exceptional 13-6 home record can justify comparisons between Fenway Park and Castle Grayskull.... sorry about all the He-Man talk...

I agree with the weather thing. I was at the Fens on Saturday. Holy crap did the weather suck. I've lived in western Massachusetts whole life. Had I not had a seat under cover of the upper deck (as well as fearing I would be disowned by my entire family) I would have considered leaving early. You have to give Rent a pass for Saturday at the very least..it sucked out there.

Major props to Man-Myth-Legend a.k.a. Tek on 2 counts: 1st-he didn't do that bad with Wake. 2nd-Clement is no way 5-0 this early in the season without the tutelage of the Captain.

Ok, was searching web for an uglier bread than Clements and found this site:


Some folks just have too much time on their hands.

Hey h.b.... "500 hundred" in the third panel? Does that mean 50,000?

If Clement lost about 20 pounds and grew about four inches, he'd be a dead ringer for Abe Lincoln with that beard. Sic semper starters!

And I agree about Bronson's He-Man look. Did he get a little Queer-Eyed with the highlights?

If the Boston sports media was smart, or actually had the skill to dig up a real story, they'd shut up about Renteria. Destroying a guy's confidence and making him feel hounded and unwanted isn't going to have him suddenly spraying doubles all over the field. But the sports media loves kicking down players and since there's no other doom and gloom in our lives right now, they have to go starting some crap.

Seems everyone's saying "Cabrera's better," but taking a look here, his numbers (.223/3 homers/12 RBI) are about the same as Renteria's (.239/2/14)--in fact, a little worse. The only big difference is in errors, and that could be the result of several factors (field conditions, weather, etc.). Of course, people expect greater returns from Renteria, but if Cabrera were still with the Sox, I think people and the media would be ripping his low offenive production, too. And I'm not ready to give up on a guy not even two month's into the season.

Apologies for the long post. I'm all torqued up.

How about some props for Wade's exceptional performance on Friday? He's definitely been noticeably better in each of his starts. Too bad he isn't pitching this weekend- I'd like to see what the MFY think of our new toy...

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