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It's just not natural

The Red Sox lose in the bottom of the 9th to the Jays and slip toward the unexceptional…

At least the friggin fustilugs owns up to his ginormous suckiness, saying if he keeps pitching like that he doesn't expect to be around.


Toronto hits for the cycle in the 4th!? A 6.81 ERA!? 52 hits in 37 innings!? Talk about a case of flusterpation.


I'm still trying to figure out what Theo and his band of geeky paste eatahs were thinking when they signed Wells.


This season is shaping up like last season … on again off again glimpses of greatness but mostly mediocre .500 play thru early summah.


And that's the bitch isn't it? I mean aftah what happened last yeah how can one get too freaked out about anything this yeah?


This "wait and see glass half full don't panic" it a lot fucking hahdah than it looks.


It goes against our collective na-cha.


It creates a metastasizing emotional conundrum.


It's a nightmare of relativism from which I cannot awake.


How do people live like this?


The happy-go-lucky state of being is so fucking overrated.



Well, at least the Renteria glass looks a bit fuller than it did over the weekend. 2 for 4 with a triple and some good plays in the field, too.

And the glass as a whole looks a bit fuller if Bill Mueller doesn't decide to head home. Not that I blame him for the loss, but it was a crucial mistake.

Fustilug: "A fat, unwieldy person"...you can't make it up if you tried. Perhaps we can work a favorite archaic phrase for next Monday's headline after the Fustilug implodes in the Bronx on Sunday: "Fustilug Hoists his own Petard in S. Bronx" Best part is not one Yankee fan will know what it means.

Dave Wells should be doing his rehab with the Pawsox like everybody else does, not up where his extended spring training workouts go into the American League loss column. I don't care if his contract pays him for the number of Major League starts he gets; he should have to earn them like everyone else. In the meantime, let him come play at One Ben Mondor Way, aka McCoy Stadium, for awhile.

Re: "Dave Wells should be doing his rehab with the Pawsox like everybody else does"

Exactly! Are Theo and the boys in the front office afraid of hurting Fustilug's (thanks, h.b., I think that may stick as Wells' new moniker) feelings? Isn't he supposed to kind of biker 'tough guy' with attitude? Is Theo afraid Fustilug's 'self esteem' going to suffer? If that's the case, there better be no mirrors in the locker room.

Look, if I got a load of cash everytime I went out EVEN IF I GOT SHELLED and/or HUMILATED, I'd keep doing it. Who knows, maybe these starts are funding Wells' 401k.

Like pawsoxpop says, "Fustilug, get your fat-ass to Pawtucket!"

A horizontally-challenged individual; a fat person.

Ex. - At 350 pounds, my Aunt Gertrude was quite the fustilug. According to her husband, her naked ass had moe dimples than a golf ball.

The real question being: would the Sawx be better off handing the ball to J-Gone or Halama-mama every fifth day? Maybe so.

The other question being: are there enough bars, liquor stores and/or donut houses in the vicinity of McCoy to keep Fustilug's voracious appetites satisfied? Methinks not.

My cousin George is quite the fustilug. When he ran away, they had to use all four sides of the milk carton.

I can't yell at Theo or his minions too much for picking up Sir Fustilug. 2 years ago he was a monstah and last year he was pretty good. With D. Lowe and Pedro departing, and the other pitching acquisitions saddled with unknown variables (i.e. injuries and no good starts for months), he had to take a stab. Unfortunately, the stab went into the right calf of the Red Sox and they're now limping along.

Maybe what Mr. Fustilug needs is a therapist, or a couple or even three therapists. Hey, it supposedly works wonders with other major leaguers so why not try to give it a try? Hmmm...maybe I do need therapy. I dunno, maybe it will give me the courage to perfect my "drop my shoulder" technique and tackle my boss, which is an A-hole. But what am I saying?? I can't afford a therapist, let alone thrice the amount! Fucking Alice!

To the good people in Pawtucket who like donuts, adult beverages and adult entertainment, I apologize for suggesting the Fustilug should go down there ASAP, but we all have to shoulder some of the burden in these trying times. So if you hear he's on the way down there, stock up, and hide your daughters. With any luck, he'll be back at the Fens before he cleans out D&D's.

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