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Warming up to Wells

Boston beats Baltimore 8-0 …

Rider on Green Line:
Now that he's had two consecutive impressive stahts, I'm finally feel comfortable referring to Wells as "Boomah"


Rider on Green Line:
Meanwhile, I'm relieved the Sox took the first game in this Orioles series considering how Baltimore beat up on us last season.


Yeah I don't want an effin' repeat of "The Curse of the Edgar Allen Poe"



Ouch. Shit, you know, I hope the best for Nomah, but can anyone say that this latest injury comes as a surprise? It was a mattah of "when" not "if"


Rider on Green Line:
Absolutely. And the same goes for Pedro.


I know. Dude's shoulder will have him on the DL by labah day sure as shit.


Rider on Green Line:
My gut tells me D-Lowe is going to be the lone guy from the '04 team who kicks total ass in '05.


Hope so. I seriously wouldn't wish "the Derek Lowe Face" on the fans of any team, well, almost any.


Rider on Green Line:
Goes without saying …



I still prefer to call Wells "Cheeseburger", but y'know, it's from love.

Yeah, at first I studiously refrained from referring to Wells as "fat boy", but after to 0-2 start, I reverted to prior form.

Seems "fat boy" had it going last night--appears he was really (and I don't really understand how) shocked by the abuse at Yankee Stadium and he just had to recover...

Fucking 'Tek, dude...man...he is killing...

Clement has had a two (?) hard luck losses as a Sox--the fellas owe him some runs, no?

I guess Nomar will join Todd Walker on the Cubs' DL.

Wells : Staypuff Marshmallow Man

The scene at Nomar's home:

*Mia applies an ice bag to Nomahhh's crotch*
Nomah: Thanks, beautiful.

A fantastic pitching performance last night by Fatty Arbuckle, but it's gonna take many more of those to make me warm up to him. He's still a pinstripes-worshipping blohard, but if he pitches well I'll be glad that he's OUR pinstripes-worshipping blohard.

Very happy for DLowe, hope he has a great season in LA. Also hope that Nomar makes a speedy recovery and salvages his season in Chicago. As for Petey, I really doubt he'll go down with a shoulder problem this year. I suspect that pitching in the NL in a big ballpark like Shea is must less wearing on his arm than staying in the AL would have been. But I agree that at some point in the back-half of that 4 year deal, he's likely to have problems.

Not that I like seeing anyone injured, but with regards to Nomie's popped nut, we used have a saying, back in the day: "you gotta have 'em first to hurt 'em"

I hope Wells does a good job, but I just can't warm up to the guy...he's just not likeable. I hope he doesn't become the embedded Yankee in October.

Still hating on Nom-AH even though he's long gone. Typical SAWX Nation class.

gary - Don't worry about having an 'embedded yankee' in October. You won't be playing...

I can guarantee with 100% certainty that both the Yankees and Red Sox will play games in October.

I have been enjoying Wells. I don't care how many donuts he eats. I can't help but like his attitude.

BigBri, I wish you would post daily, you always make me laugh. I am glad there are people like you in the world that think everyone cares what they have to say. It makes for such uninhibited comments.

yeah, H.B., because we are playing each other on 10/1 and 10/2.....

yeah, where was bigbri when the yankees were getting swept by the o's.....

he was watching his ugly redsox hating kids get uglier..... oh no he didn't!

"...his ugly redsox hating kids"

In all seriousness--this guy is an adult with children???

Holy shit.

"Still hating on Nom-AH even though he's long gone. Typical SAWX Nation class."

Of course, absolutely no one in the strip or in the thread was 'hating on Nom-AH', as the troll puts it, but other than that, he's got a great point. Too bad it's on top of his head.

Anyhoo, maybe we're all just tired of the whole Sheffield/House fiasco, but I think it's a farce that Balco Boy doesn't get a 2-3 game suspension. Yankee Bob Watson strikes again. Milton Bradley got what, four games last year for doing nothing more than Sheffield did last week.

and one more thing:

based on last weekend and last night, I'd say Disco Lee Mazzilli is finally off of Georgie Porgie's payroll.

Is there a humorous Spankees' site or what? I'm guessing no, hence the continued appearance of Slappy McBluelip's boyfriend here.

AJM - re-read the thread, dumbass, and perhaps you'll be able to see soome Nom-AH hatin'.

Ric - You IDIOTS think Johnny Damon is attractive and you want to talk smack about my kids? Get a grip.

Qustion- We all know V-Tek is a Cocksuck-AH. Does he really NEED to wear that 'C' on his uniform?

did I say your kids? sorry.... i meant your mother! really though, if you continue to post stupid comments, you should expect the same. seriuosly, your kids should be able to look to you as a man... not some immature townie punk.... should i be concerned?

"AJM - re-read the thread, dumbass, and perhaps you'll be able to see soome Nom-AH hatin'"

Prove it, moron. C'mon, BigBri, point to one comment that slams Nomar. You've got nothing better to do sitting there in your mommy's basement, other than to update that piece-of-shit blog of yours with another entry proving your pathetic, obsessive hatred of the Sox and their fans.

Apologies to h.b. for feeding the troll.

And now, this:

BALTIMORE -- Boston Red Sox hitting coach Ron Jackson was suspended by the commissioner's office for Thursday night's game against the Baltimore Orioles for arguing during a game against the New York Yankees last week.

Bob Watson, baseball's vice president for discipline, cited Jackson for "excessive arguing" during the April 14 game at Fenway Park.

Yet Balco Sheffield gets off scot-free. Yankee Bob and Clueless Bud strike again.

AJM - Okay. Here I am, provin' it to ya. Will posting quotes be good enough or do I have to arrange for a tutor to read these to you as well?

From gary - Not that I like seeing anyone injured, but with regards to Nomie's popped nut, we used have a saying, back in the day: "you gotta have 'em first to hurt 'em".

Papa Jack was tossed because the ump "lip-read" something--during one of the worst umpired series in my recent memory--and now he's suspended for a game?

That is fucking lame.

Gee BigBri, are you so fucking stupid that you think saying that a guy has a pair of nuts is an insult?

I guess you are.

it was the excessive arguing after he was tossed that earned the fine... lame, but he did have to be held back....

Doesn't Papa Jack get credit for 'showing restraint' by not actually slugging the umpire? Maybe he should have shoved an ump once before being restrained...that would have definitely gotten him off without punishment.

You're correct, Ric.

The ump is shitting the bed, he likely hears it from both dugouts, then he ejects Jackson for what he "lip-reads" and then Papa Jack went nuts -- probably to get "his money's worth" at that point...

When you think about it, Papa Jack will stash himself in the clubhouse and watch his boys swing away on the TV...just the league "protecting the ump", despite the ump's zen-like interpretation of the strike zone--apparently it is shapeless and without form, but yet it exists...

And NOW you bitches are gonna piss and moan because 'Papa Jack' got suspended for something but Shef didn't??? Can't any of you, just once, step up and take your medicine? The guy who took a swipe at Shef was in the wrong. There is NO WAY Shef should be suspended. You are a Nation of WHINERS! The rest of the country HATES YOU!

God I love when BigSty shows up here. Good for a laugh and proof he's an outta work loser...dropped in @ 1:38, 3:45, and 4:25...dude get a life. wow did you think of the Teck "C" jab all by your self or did you have help from your daddy. I thought you were a 12 year old, then I saw you had kids!?!? They're not your sisters or somethin' freaky like that are they?

Christ, now 5:23! See what I mean!

Ideally (in my mind at least) the comments to each strip should be an extension of what the characters themselves would say, and, today, that is exactly what is taking place.


"They're not your sisters or somethin' freaky like that are they?"

My turn to spew my drink out of my nose from the total merriment that and other comments today brought me.

BigBri, why the hell are you here? Are you trying to come up with a way to your poor wounded sense of self worth, since your overpaid bitches are currently at .400 and the Big Unit is serving up homers like they're blue plate specials?

In case you haven't noticed, Tek is hitting .340 (highest of any Sox starter, and higher than most of the aforementioned overpaid pinstriped bithces) with 4 homeruns (tied for most on the team). Oh, and unlike Posada, he can actually get a good game out of his pitchers. He doesn't even need to bribe Boomer with a cooler of beer behind home plate (maybe he's saving that idea for summer day games).

And why shouldn't we bust Nomar's balls more than he's busted them himself? He didn't do jack the past couple of seasons except sit and sulk (didn't he hit something like .200 in the 2003 playoffs?), and was hitting .157 this season for the Cubs. If he'd gone on like that much longer, Dusty should have sat him and put in a guy who could, I don't know, score some runs. Just an idea.

In conclusion, BigBri, go home and get your shinebox.

Can't we all just get along? No? Not a chance in the world? Okay, just checking.

I don't like the Overpaid Stankees fan being called a troll, though. He doesn't leave something negative then depart, never to return. He adds to the conversation and gives us something to shoot at. Case in point: How does he know Tek is gay? Is it because Tek raped the Small Unit's arse last time we faced him?

Advantage: Sox fans.

"BigBri, why the hell are you here? "

"I don't like the Overpaid Stankees fan being called a troll, though. He doesn't leave something negative then depart, never to return."

Taking these in order:

He's here primarily trying to drum up traffic for his crappy little blog about his pathological hatred of the Sox and Sox Nation. And actually he pretty much fits the classic web definition of a troll, since even though he visits repeatedly, it's for the sole function of pissing people off with annoying crap. It's possible he's not even actually a Chokees fan, just a clown looking to stir up shit for kicks.

The only thing for certain is that he's doing it from his mommy's basement.

re: wells. a puke. beware.

2. straight. shutouts.

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