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Tears, No Fears

The Red Sox unfurl the championship banner and go on to beat the Yankees 8-1 …

For only the second time in my life, I am without speech, devoid of words, struck with silence …


What a ceremony. DiMaggio, the 87 year old Bobby Doerr, Frank Malzone, Jim Lonborg, Yaz, Jim Rice, Oil Can Boyd …


Bill Russell, Tedy Bruschi, Richard Seymour, and score numbah fowah Bobby Orr!


And while I'll probably be struck down with cancah for saying so, the sight of the Yankees standing on the top step of their dugout for a full hour watching the Red Sox ceremony was an incredible display of team character.


I'm not ashamed to say I openly wept when the veterans came out bearing the ring boxes.


Are you kidding me? I cried like the homely schoolgirl aftah she got asked to prom.


Who knew winning would bring more teahs than losing evah did?



Yesterday's ceremony brought back fond memories when I was at home with the wife and the princess watching what turned out to be the final game of 2004, culmination of an illustrious year. Tears were coming out of my eyes (where else?) and in midst of this celebration, in my head I was remembering my friends in Boston, how hard it must've been in those years from yore, the endless winters where angst accumulated towards the MFY or whomever went on to win the WS. In that precise moment, my wife interrrupted me by asking why are you crying? Screeching sound please! I looked at her and I calmly told her that this is something that she would never understand until she accepted the fact that she's a Red Sox fan for life. That being a Red Sox fan is a way of life, just like religion is. This is what we breathe, what we live for, this is the center of my universe. And yesterday was so beautiful because like when I remember my princess being born or when I got married, the WS win is something that will forever live in a special place in my heart and mind. So go Red Sox!

When I saw Pesky come out and get his ring I damn near choked up too. I didn't think anything would top the moment, just minutes before my birthday last year, when Foulke lobbed that ball to first and gave me the greatest birthday present anyone could ask for. But they just about topped it yesterday. It was all class all around yesterday, from both dugouts to the guys claiming hardware who donned the colors of our team one more time. And it was nice to see D Lowe wearing a cap from my alma mater. :)

As heard on ESPN radio yesterday:

"I have a ring and a pole...my name is Johnny Pesky."

America's Favorite Ballpark was dressed to the nines yesterday and nothing (inanimate) could be more striking.

Dave Roberts, D Lowe at the pahk...OC with a GW HR in another corner of the country...Pete even sent some good thoughts...and a resounding Sawx victory via Wakey's arm.

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...

I don't weep about is as much as I used to (unless I'm drunk and plug in my Faith Rewarded DVD--bizarre, I know), but the absolute cosmic justice of J Pesky receiving his ring broke me down again.

Yeah...the Yankees deserve alot of credit for toughing it out.

OK, now f#cking play ball. It's 2005, bitches...

The ring ceremony was so beautiful. It made me proud to be a fan of the Red Sox. And to see all my old favorites and the legends of the team out there was awesome.

But I think my favorite moment of the day was when they were annoucing the Yanks lineup and Rivera was announced and as he walked onto the field, the park was filled with cheering. And Rivera took it well, just laughed and tipped his hat to the fans. And everyone had a good laugh. That was priceless. :)

And to top the wonderful day of, the Sox kicked the Yanks ass! You couldn't write a more perfect script of the day. And thats why I love baseball. :)

What a great day! Everything was perfect! (well except maybe for that song... you know what I am talking about, but we will save the negativity for another day)

Class act to see the Yankees applauding. I almost didn't want them to be booed. I thought it was very classy the applause Torre recieved.

Now keep it up boys. Let's have a party like this again next home opener.

I thought Trey Parker wrote that song, Jeff. Only it wasn't a cruel parody. It was the actual song.

How could it have possibly been better? I saw my 1st game in '61, and have seen all the horrors leading up to 2004. (The worst of which was seeing Ted Williams managing the Sens in '69--at age 50 he could still out hit that bunch). I had to watch the NESN replay at 11pm----it was perfect, tasteful and the once-in-a-lifetime thing we all knew it would be. The Sox may win it again, but it could never be like this again.

Plus, clubbing Mussina like a baby seal...priceless

But the best moment to me, was when Johnny Pesky was going down the line with his ring, shaking hands with the boys. Someone had a mic open and, I clearly heard Pesky say as he clapped Leskanic on the shoulder, "Leskanic, you sonofabitch, you're ok!"

add another 5 points to the 'espn is the shittiest sports network' count. not only did they fail to show the ceremony before the game, they only had a 2 minute recap after. mad respect for them showing pesky and bruschi, but i have no idea how the rest of the event looked.

on a separate note, has wakefield moved into cy young competition this year? holy shit he's punking out batters left and right. i could give a shit if he allows 2 homers a game as long as there's only 3 hitters otherwise and they all get stranded. much love, timmy.

Same crappy ESPN feed down south too, Da Kine. I guess NESN carried the whole bit including a replay. All I got was John Kruk's fat ass stating how he'd never go out there in the old uniform or come out into the visitor's dugout if he wasn't getting the ring. Sounds like that 'bring a bag of hot dogs to the Vet' work ethic paid huge dividends. I guess I shouldn't say that too loud cause our current #3 could be listening...

Didn't get to see shit down here in Texas, either. You bet I'd love to see it, yeah. Nice of ya'll to describe it, though. Damn it all!!!!

Near the beginning of Act Two in Arthur Miller's play - "The Man Who Had All the Luck," one of the lead characters states: "Well, Look at that sun! God must have pulled up the sun this morning, grabbed him by the back of the neck, and said, 'make it a baseball day.'" The opener was the greatest of baseball days!
Long Live Johnny Pesky!

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