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One if by land, two if by sea

Three if they come electronically …

Bill from home:
I'm so freakin' glad the Globe has gone to a registration required mode for the online edition.


Tara from home:
Yeah, I love having to login with a username and password for the privilege of reading the Curly Haired Boyfriend make stupid unfunny slurs about Schilling and "his little website friends."


Bill from home:
Yeah, maybe if they weren't so busy being disparagahs of the web they'd realize how nobody puts accurate info into those silly registration pages.


Tara from home:
As far as Boston dot com knows, I was born in 1918, I'm retired, I live in poverty in Uzbekistan, my email address is [email protected]mailinator.com and my favorite section of the Globe is "real estate."


Bill from home:
As the Patriot version 1.0 Sam Adams said, "The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth …"


Tara from home:
Absolutely, and in 2005 a fundamental part of protecting our liberty includes never revealing our personal information inadvertently.


Bill from home:
Happy Patriots Day!



H.B. I love the gifs, are they new? The house definitely looks new.

Anyone else working today?

..and I on the opposite short will be" How many generations of Massachusetts school children had to memorize that entire poem. I was 20 before I realized other states don't celebrate Patriots' day - no lie. Speaking of other Massachusetts-only holidays: Patriots' day - chance to golf vs. Evacuation day - to to hurl (unless your in the Marathon).

Three words:


OK, so that's three words combined into one.

F-ing outstanding. This is the internet verison of the old "fake ID"

And on the REAL Patriot's Day, the Red Sox win a slugfest 12-7, move their record to 8-5, and are a 1/2 game out of first. Manny had as many home runs as errors (2 each), which works for me.

And THREE AND A HALF in front of the MFY.

Bugmenot is the shit but some sites get wise to it (nytimes.com, I think). The Herald has required loot to read their columnists for years unless you are a subscriber, so I've been signed up under my mother's address and subscription since 1999.

Incredibly short sighted H.B. Yeah, it's easy to be knee jerk negative about registration, but as Papa Jack says, somebody gotta pay. And all you have to do is give up a little info so advertisers can better target the message. Not a big crime. You get served baseball ads, not diaper ads if that's your demo. Most other online paper properties have registration. Boston.com's is painless with no opt outs. And no one is charging for columnists like the Boston Herald. Why people think they're entitled to free content with no info back on the internet is beyond me. It costs money to get the content. It costs money to put it online. It costs money to maintain the site. You get it all for free. Bug Me Not.


Couple points.

1) These are characters who go out of their way to foment "knee jerk reactions." That's part of the fun.

2) The characters are not me but are meant to represent various views points of all sorts. Yes, I'm behind it driving what they say, but I certainly don't feel exactly the same as all the characters, indeed, that wouldn't be possible as often the characters themselves are in disagreement. (Remember when Doug was pro-Bush and Bill was pro-Kerry during the election? Likewise, I never had a dream about urinating on Dale Sweum's face after another bad call at 3rd, but Doug, the character did.:) But I will confess that in this case I do feel the same as the character Bill in points #3 and #4 below.

3) Bill's complaint over the registration at Boston.com wasn't about wanting to get "free content" but was about privacy rights. Also included in there was questioning, given that most people put fraudalent info into those registration forms, what is the point? What does boston.com gain from someone like the character represented by Tara who claims to be born in 1918 when registering?

4) My personal info has value. If boston.com or Wal Mart or Shaws or anyone else wants it, they should pay me for it.

My fav address to use is:

1313 Mockingbird Lane
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
[email protected]

Please tell me you didn't just get called out by Dirt Dog for being a knee-jerk reactionary.

The irony... oh my.

*giggles uncontrollably*

Fuck the Globe.

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