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Nelson Alert

Curt Schilling's first start doesn't go quite as well as expected …

Schilling says fatigue was not the cause of his "yanking a slider and hanging a split" to Giambi and Williams …


Rider on Green Line:
It's not in Schilling's makeup to admit weakness or pass blame.


Yeah, Schilling could lose 4 straight to the Yankees and there won't be any "Daddy" talk.


No shit. And if he wasn't a major league pitcher he'd have gone into medicine. Can't you just imagine Dr. Martinez?


Rider on Green Line:
Yeah, patient comes out of routine surgery doing the Schiavo for life after something goes horribly amiss and Dr. Petey would be all, "fucking nurses weren't helping me enough."


Meanwhile, Mr. Nelson is missing and needs help fercrissakes.


Rider on Green Line:
Poor fucking Nelson. Won't somebody in authority fiah up a frickin' "Ambah Alert" or something. Jeez.



Oh my god... Pedro is more spoiled and
narcissistic (sp) than the Gastineau

i have to tell yea im a big fan of this site but that Schiavo site was overboard. I mean yea the first couple photos were funny until you got into the "Photoshop Schiavos". Where the hell do you get these links from?


If I don't feign some sort of moralistic indignation at that Schiavo site, I might actually piss myself from laughing, so here goes:

I am very disgusted at your promotion of that site, and I will never read the Soxaholix again...today.

Good thing I don't buy into that "Hell" stuff, as I would certainly be heading there.

hey that Schiavo site kicks ass. I think I have no heart but damn, those flicks are too funny to ignore.

I guess it is a good think the Shiavo link didn't work by the time I got to it, I don't want to bring the scruples, I will just assume it was tasteless, and leave it at that.

So, let's talk about something more amusing. How fucking funny was the Johnny Damon/Theo Epstein Dunkin Donuts commercial. Pure genius. That is my sense of humor...

I thought Schilldizzle did fine on his first attempt of the year. At least he wasn't Wells, eh?

Pedro must have recently entered a shit-smelling contest where the winner is the one who says so much stupid stuff people toss garbage bags full of feces at him. Saying Millar was the reason Nelson was so popular adds to KFM's popularity and further declines Petey's. What the fuck, Pedro?

Having these two teams play 6 times this early in the season is a joke: great when the Sox win and all, but neother side will be all cylinders until May. A temporary bummer, last night, but that's all.

(That being said, I'd prefer us to split 3-3, all the same, thankyoumuchly.)

Whats that shit at the end here? The Jimmy fund? A better choice of names maybe. I think that one is taken by some Boston sports team. But being an Angels fan I guess I wouldn't know.

Shaka DaKine.

Dr. Martinez?

There's a respiratory therapist at St. Elizabeth's named Pedro Martinez. He took good care of my nana back in 2003, even after putting up with the usual jokes. (He must get SO sick of that shit.)

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