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Leader of the pack

So in the off season Theo and company spent money, some say overspent to sign Varitek thereby leaving the team fiscally unable to resign high priced FA pitchers Martinez and Lowe.


Yeah, and how's that shit working out again?


The stahtahs have gone 48 innings with just six earned runs for a 1.16 ERA.


So fah, so good. Theo looking like a genius again …


And don't forget Wade Miller on rehab up in Portland.


Miller is pitching Saturday afternoon at Hadlock … Wanna motor up 95 and check it out?


Hell yeah I do, as long as we can detour onto Route 1 in York so I can inhale 5 or so Flo Dogs.


But when we roll into the mean streets of Portland keep your wits about you due to the ensuing retaliatory turf war among motorcycle gangs.


Jesus, I know New Englandahs, especially Mainahs, like to hold on to and appreciate the past and all, but motorcycle gangs? The Outlaws? The Hells Angels? Hello 1970!


What do you suppose motorcycle gangs in Maine fight ovah anyway? Who can chop, cut and stack the most cord wood?


Yeah, I picture big leathah clad guys sporting lobstah tatoos on their backs and shit.


And they're all coming in with the trash talk, all "Ayuh, you wicked gawmy bastahd, I'm gonna crack you open like a quahog."



Does l.l. bean make leather motorcycyle jackets?

I made the trek south to Wilmington for Miller's last rehab start. I sat five rows behind home plate, looking just over the catcher's right shoulder. (Gotta love single-A. $9 seats!) He looked OK. The curveball was a soft roller dropping into the zone. I think major league hitters would have teed off on him. Fastball was high 80s, topping out at 91. I say, no need to rush him with the starters pitching like this.

The whole Schill, ‘Tek, Clement dynamic is fucking heartwarming.

Yah, I’ve read that Miller is getting antsy and wants in right now, but this attitude may have contributed to overworking his shoulder in Houston.

Starters don’t operate like relievers, though—different schedule for side-sessions, rest, etc. I’m curious to see how this is managed/transitioned.

I know I’m influenced by how the Sox were careful with Pedro, but is he throwing a lot of innings for the beginning of the season?

HB, you crack me up. Happy Reward Friday.

I know it is early, but I am starting to think it might be time to refloat the notion of placing "In Theo We Trust" on all of the currency in New England. I thought Clement was going to lose it when Millar missed the tag on the play at first, but he (and you can't underestimate Tek's influence here) kept it together. There are many a former Sox pitch who could have made a face or freaked out and let it slip away. So much for the "head-case" label.

Obligatory SoSH disclaimer: Small Sample Size.

With that said, very encouraging to see Clement and Fatty Arburkle with good #'s after posting back-to-back gems vs the Birdies. And I'm so lovin' the Orioles finally playing the MFYs tough and rolling over for us.

And I think Circle (that's her name, right?) is being a little disingenuous in the strip. I can definitely see her in chaps on a hog riding up to Portland.

Great post today H.B. The wife and I love to go up to Portland, and even talked about going up tomorrow. Is it supposed to rain up theah as well?? Maybe it will keep the gangs off the street for the day.

You are so right regarding Circle. I almost had her suggesting they rent a couple of HOGs and head up there to pull a Hunter S Thompson, but I couldn't quite pull it off... If I had more time I probably could of.

Good to see that you understand the persona lurking inside Circle.

Oh man, you even busted out the "Ayuh." Brilliant. My father had to move from the comfort of the Merrimack Valley up to Maine for work a few years ago, and he was continually amazed / weirded out by the Mainahs. As opposed to the Flatlanduhs that visit.

Oh well, they're still New England.

True story about Mainic bikers on York beach. Two years ago my girlfriend and I are on the beach at about 11:00 am. Old hotel across from the beach. Tons of Harleys parked in front. Up on the porches of the rooms are tons of empties, and about a dozen chap-wearing, lobsta tatooed bikers sitting around drinking, hollering and chucking their empties off the 3rd floor. All of a sudden 2 of their 'old ladies' strolls out onto the porch BUCK NAKED, grab a few beers and join the boys on the porch for the fun. Evidently some of the good people of York Beach have a problem with a little Sunday morning fun combined with gratuitous nudity. The cops were there in about 5 minutes flat.

Not a ME biker relevant tale, though friends and I went to a bar just outside York Beach--we were NOT welcome, this was immediately apparent...so we to the more tourist-friendly bars in Kennebunkport.
The "friendlier" beer is always the better beer..

People, people, can't we all just get along? We're all New Englanders here. Don't force us Mainahs to start busting out with the "Masshole" comments. We'll do it if you force us.

All meant in good fun. I love Maine (except for the black flies)

Here, here h.b. Indeed, we are all New Englanders here. Go to Maine every year, Bethel in the winta for xc skiing and Bah Habah in the summa for kayaking. Besides, the bikers all probably from New York/New Jersey anyways.

As a son of York, Maine and RSN lifah (without the damn bracelet) - now living north of San Francisco - I've been a Soxaholix-aholic for the past year. Always look forward to getting my imaginary piece of home through your strips. Nevah woulda thought that I'd see Flo dawgs mentioned. Brings back high school memories - skipping out buying about 40 and bribing my teacher with a couple when I got busted. Good times - great blog.

btw - ain't no quahogs up theah only real clams. Quahogs are for the freaks from Rhodey

Who the fuck is Wake Miller?

I wouldn't quite peel teh headcase label off Matty just yet.

Here's an idea. Let's wait until we've played at LEAST 20 games until we decide if Epstein is a 'genius' or not. You idiots are quoting ERA stats for a guy who's had 4 starts! No wonder Boston fans are so manic. You have no perspective! It's a looooong season, knuckleheads.

Good point, BigBrie, it's early... but the 177 played last year were enough to convince me of Epstein's GM l33t skillz.

Hey, how's Cashman doing? He's a very good GM himself, too bad your idiot owner veteos him so often.

Meanwhile, it's not like Yankees fans are ever manic or anything.


I like what Vic Ziegel wrote about your 2005 Yankees the other day:

"The Yankees keep telling us it's early, way early. That there's plenty of time, plenty. ("Just you wait, 'Enry 'Iggins, just you wait.") But what if these April problems aren't solved? October doesn't come with a guarantee. Early can get late, and time isn't always on your side. Could it be that this team has the disease of 1965?"


Thanks for pointing out my "Wake" typo. Fixed now.

HB - alert the media! I believe we have found something you and I agree on - Steinbrenner is an idiot. Of course, he's MY idiot so I can say whatever I want about him. You guys have to watch your step. In much the same way that nobody can beat the crap out of your little brother except you.
The Yankees were able to put together the core of their championship teams (Bernie, Jeter, Petite, etc.) with home-grown talent while Steinbrenner was suspended from basaeball. His free-spending ways have never really helped the team. (Danny Tartabull, Steve Trout, etc., etc.)

We won't really know until the season is over, but I doubt this team has the 'disease of 1965'. I DO think the Sox will succumb to WS hangover however. Too many books and too much hype.

Yeah, h.b., gotta admit I'm into the Circle. What's not to love?
Passionate about the Sox
Wicked smart seamhead, Sabr-fluent.
Got the whole conservative-dress thing goin' on in the office, just for appearances.
And yet, you know she's gotta an inner freak that comes out everywhere else. Definitely cultured, strong artistic bent. Probably bi, or at least curious. Definitely tatoos.

So you know that she knows her way around a Harley, even if she tries to pretend she's just slumming for kicks.

Ah, BigBri, you're full of crap. ANYONE is free to criticize the moves of an owner/GM as long as they can back up their argument.

Sounds like you've read The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty (it's really good, even if Olney is a Yankee apologist), and you're essentially spouting its points where Steinbrenner and the Yankees are concerned. Admittedly, you might not have since it doesn't really take a genius to see that when Steinbrenner has had his way, the team hasn't done so well.

Don't tell me if your starters (and relief) suddenly threw up zeroes against a hard-hitting team like the Orioles that you wouldn't feel pretty good about your team's chances.

I don't like when people criticize another team's fans (for enjoying their team doing well) just because they don't like that team. I don't do it to Yankee fans when they're having a good time of it (of course, living in New York, it would be an unwise policy anyway). If the Yankees had jumped to 12-4 at the beginning of the season, I'd think they had every right to celebrate the current state of things. And frankly, BigBri, you'd be talking about how the Yankees were back and were gonna walk all over the Sox this year, instead of moaning about how Sox fans were getting all happy in April.

Speaking of too early to call, you wanna take your own advice and not talk about the over-hyped Red Sox until, say, the end of June?

BigB youre going all soft on us now.

I gotta wonder whats goin on with Cirlcle's right hand while thinin bout trash talkin tattooed bikers?

Well, as a Georgia boy transplanted in North Florida (BTW, not that different than south Georgia) I must point out that we are most definitely not all New Englanders here. That being said, I am amazed that ya'll from the Bay State talk about Maine like we discuss L.A. down here... Lower Alabama, that is.

There is a huge motorcyle gang problem in Quebec--Rock Machine vs. Hells Angels--it is of course too cold most of the year, so they cruise around in SUVs, fight over drug turf, and kill each other. A lot. The ME stuff is likely a spillover, considering the magnetic appeal of OOB et al for Quebecois. What else will they do? Watch the NHL playoffs? Go to an Expos game?

Holy Crap...There's actually violence in Canada? I thought there wasn't a single locked door in the entire country! The way they sell Canada down here in the states, you'd think there was a halo over every single citizen up there.

I guess I've got a few pointed questions for Michael Moore the next time I see him...

Come on with the Mainer jokes! We love the Sox as much as anyone down there and we have to put up with the 8 feet of snow in the winter as well. Besides, you don't see kids in Maine killing their parents or other crazy stuff like that. I'll take lobster-tattooed bikers any day. ;-)

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