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Just chillin'

Facing the Yankees, the Sox lose a blowout on Sunday and a close one on Tuesday …

I'm just so fucking glad I no longah panic and shit.


Absolutely. I so love this era of being fat and happy.


That neithah of our stahtahs got past the 5th inning? No fucking sweat.


Shuah. That Manny is 0 for 8 and the offense only managed 5 runs ovah 18 innings? Hey, no biggie. Pass the dutchie and shit cuz I'm on cruise control.


Right, totally cleah your head of negative thoughts.


Negative thoughts are like a giant dildo in the dark working its way into my pleasant no panic mind-ass-hole. I will have no paht of it.


Goodness knows there is no place for dildos in our Fever Pitch chick flick mythologized Red Sox fan world.


Good lord! Would someone please demythologize me!



In my view, yesterday's game actually countered the notion that the Sox are too relaxed--rightly or wrongly, I felt that Damon's RBI single was a large indication that he's not totally removed from the trivialities of fucking Red Sox baseball!

Clement was as expected 3 runs allowed, wildness and apparently prone to get rattled...

Manny is killing me...Rent and Trot have stranded like 10 guys already...

It's early...It's early...It's early...It's early...It's early...It's early...

What's up, Da Kine?

Did you know that Fever Pitch, over in England, was a very good book and an equally good movie?

You don't have to watch this chick-flick shite!

It's like it's 1919 all over again.

"BREAKING NEWS: Red Sox manager Terry Francona has been taken to a New York hospital this morning from Yankee Stadium with what Theo Epstein described as "stiffness" in his chest.


Don't even fuck with me...

Oh, shit, not another heart thing in Boston? First Bias, then Lewis, then Bruschi, now Francona?

I hope it turns out to be just bad heartburn or acid reflux or something.

I am with you on that one SawxSince67: it's early to panic. But note this: if the MFY sweep the series I hope it serves as a reminder for these Idiots that the honeymoon is over and they have to get their asses up and start playing hard. Fuck new hair do's, book signings, living the magic of being world champions. These idiots have to learn that as "world champions" they are targets from everyone (the fans, the haters, the media, other clubs) since last November. "Can they repeat?" is the question I always get from MFY fans. My answer is "Of course" hoping I would not be proven wrong. I still believe that the Red Sox can repeat. I hope these two losses serve as a reminder that in the field of play there is no small adversary.

I'm not worried. The honeymoon may be over but the shit about the curse is gone. Now they're just an underperforming team like anyone else. Like Bill Belichick said at the start of last (read: repeat) year: "last year doesn't matter, everyone's undefeated now." Well the same goes for when the Sox do bad as when they do well.

What could you do yesterday, Foulkie left one hanging just like Mo did the inning before. Shit happens. I got my money on the moose having spring problems too...

Moncho, good point. I guess I am actually glad they opened the season against the Yankees, and that it is going down like this. If we opened against TB, and won a few games, they would stay fat and lazy. Not they are getting kicked in the crotch right out of the gate. Hopefully a reminder that it was hard work last year, and it will be hard work again this year.

Every Redsox fan on this planet, save for the constant freak skeptics, knows that this is the beginning of a grueling season and that we shouldn't worry until atleast June. What we learned last year is that IT (as in a WS win) is possible even in the most dire of circumstances. But, if you have been a Redsox fan your entire life, and your genes are wired to detest the MFY's, and you still feel your heart drop when you think of all the heartache you're grandfather, father, and yourself had to go through, you tend to realize that there is something that scares the living shit out of you deep inside after two games such as these against the Yankee Fuckers. When you think of what could be, again, that feeling creeps up and reminds you of a past that is not so far away. They've fucked me up for life, but I'd have it no other way.

Sweep or no sweep, I simply just don't get intimidated by those MFY's anymore. We could just change it to FY's now. Mariano? Please. He came five feet from giving up TWO homers in one inning. Did anyone else see him wince like someone kicked him in the nuts when V-Tek went deep? Classic, I'll never get tired of that.

The big unit? Please. Papi was a few feet away from taking his second pitch he's ever seen of the guy deep. Tek got off on him too.

The rest of the chokees just don't scare me anymore. Sure I get sick of watching Jeter and Godzirra hit clinch hit after clinch hit, but slappy Mc Blue lips? Please. I-took-a-dump-today-and-named-it-Scheffield? Please- lemme know when he and Giambi stop sharing needles.

Sure they look like garbage right now, and Renteria makes me miss Cabrera, but folks this is the WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON RED SOX.

'nuff said.

W'sup Da kine!

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