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I'm not hearing enough cowbell from the bullpen

Usual disclaimah about "it's early yet blah blah blah" but is Foulke fucked or what?


There's nothing, nothing that unnerves me more than not being able to trust your closah … Fuck, I can't even talk about it.


A "stunned gaze," the manager "frustrated with him," not recording an out until his 16th pitch, and you're just going to, what, go all Tom Delay evasive on this?


Oh, don't you fucking worry, I've got magazine rack of issues ovah heah … like Wells going on the 15 day DL and they call up Dinardo? Dinardo?


Why not Youkilis?


Exactly! Do we really need 8 fucking relievahs ovah the next two weeks?


Hey, don't fucking second guess Theo. This rostah will kick your shitty ass in a 23 inning game and don't you forget it.


Author's Notes:
The "23 inning" line was inspired by a post from "Rudy Pemberton" in the SoSH thread "Wells DL'ed, DiNardo up."


Looks like Mariano isn't the only one having problems. What's with Brian Roberts all of a sudden?

Sox Rotation: Schilling, Clement, Wakefield, Bronson, Halama. Sox need speedy recoveries from Wade Miller and Boomer.

My head is fucking spinning.

Meanwhile, Brandon Lyon recorded his 10th save of the season last night in LA. Why can't WE get players like that?!?

yeah, Youk got screwed in the lastest call-ups. I see a Vazquez is to Manny link as Merloni is to Nomar birthing here. HB, why doesn't someone urinate into bigbri's mouth..it made Alou a better hitter. Spinning heads...19 games in...Red Sox fans were born with spinning heads.

the way Foulke swung his arm in tha air after Lopez's HR.... you'd think there was some sort of pitching mix-up.... either that or he was telling Tek that he gives up...

Can we talk about how absurdly long that game was? I came down with a nasty fever yesterday and promised myself I'd watch the game and then get an early night's sleep. Wrong. I thought it was my feverish imagination dilating time or something, except I kept looking at the clock and saying "why does it take two and a half hours to play four innings?"

Don't hang it all on Foulke - keep in mind ALL the Sox pitchers let the O's hang around. 20 hits? 2 E's? It used to be, scoring 8 runs was enough for a W.

On the bright side, Mueller looked good for being two steps from the grave the night before.

what is going on with closers nowadays????? first, we kicked the living shit out of Marianito, and now Foulke is going through a difficult time. Eric Gagne is still out for LA and I bet he would have a difficult time when he returns. John Smoltz, being the closer for the most part the last 4 years, suddenly comes back as a starter and goes 0-3 before getting his first win a few days ago. The season is still very young, but we have to remember that every win counts, and we were up by 5 runs at some point last night. Lets not forget that 7 out of those 11 runs were Clement's fault. Also, we stranded many runners in scoring position, we should have score more than just 8 runs. Foulke blew the save, but offense should have give him more runs to work with. At when it comes to Wells, being from San Diego and watching him pitch many times for the Padres, I could tell you he had a slow start last year and then it went to have an average year, but as I said before, every win counts. Well, h.b., greetings from San Diego, CA and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning. I hate to ruin all the good will we worked so hard for yesterday but.... ah fuck it. I can't. I just can't do it. You guys were so nice yesterday and you seem so sad today. I'm not going to say anything. I'll stand over here in the corner and nurse my beer. I won't say anything. Honest. You won't even know I'm here...

I don't think we are sad. "Bewildered" is more like it.

After how last year finished, this team could blow 10 games in a row and I'd still be confident they'd win the next 20 straight.

Last year redefined the notion of not giving up on them no matter how impossible the situation seems.

All I know is that almost every time Halama laced 'em up for a start last year he got f-ing SHELLED. Where do we find ourselves in three weeks when Wade "not quite ready" Miller and BOOmer are MIA and Halama has three losses and a 9.60 ERA? At least we don't have to see anyone in the division 'till late May...

...and now I'm going to pretend that I didn't just go to the Herald's site and see that Schill is going on the 15 day DL (screaming inside).

did anyone see a wheel go by?

uggh, I just saw that too. Schilling going on 15 day DL.

I'm gonna put in my "Faith Rewarded" DVD in and leave in running until June. Then I'll tune back into NESN and see what's going on. Schilling could be throwing a no-hitter; Varitek could be throwing one. Anything and everything's possible.

They're ruin' my summa-a-aah!!!!

Not really, just felt like throwing that one out.

Arrrrgh. Who doesn't hate injuries except CFy fans.

It's those bobbleankle dolls, I tell you! http://www.lovesox.blogspot.com>They are evil incarnate!

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