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Headlights on for safety

Does the Big Dog have a thing for Mrs. Johnny Damon or are the daily Michelle Mangan with taut nipples photos just a clevah ruse to increase hits to the Dirt Dogs site?


Hey, now, Michelle Mangan is a newsmakah and an important piece of the Red Sox as royalty media bubble. That she is, er, buxom and in what appears to be a permanent state of nipple arousal is purely coincidental. If anything, we are not seeing enough of this wonderful woman.


Ah, yes, a role model of sorts, a g-string to riches story, the little pole dancah who could …


Oh, yeah, that's what I'm talking about.


Not in the least. He's ready to rise to the occasion as he always does.


Yeah, but let's remembah, nobody can run distance like Pedro Martinez, as the Mango Eatah himself points out whenevah there's a microphone in whining distance.


Ah, yes, the all important distance running to pitching prowess correlation. I'm still waiting for Bill James or Voros McCracken to come out with some statistical data on that one.



Michelle Man-can's nips nothwithstandingout, how about some Bill Jame's figures on losing your CHI...and how do you spell CHI in Panamaniam?
Pepsi-boy Mario caught Kimmy's disease and there's no known cure.

Find future Pedro Martinezes here:

"If he didn’t say it, I guess I expect that from the media in Boston.”"


This is all BS...boring...the Herald makes a headline out of purposefully-solicited commentary taken out of context. Then the entire nation reads the same headline via AP wires, etc.

Fuck it. Let Pete do his thing as a Met and let the lack of supporting cast blow it up for him...

If he thinks he'll line in anonymity in NYC, he's nuts...

We will certainly miss Petey on the mound this year. No one can deny that, no matter how well our staff does. But we won't miss the distractions. I think the team this year will be a little lighter for it.

Do any of you guys actually think she's a hottie?

Very touchy subject--she is another man's wife...

That said, JD doesn't know where I live and I bought his book , so I figure I can at least say that Mrs. Damon's look/appearance is not my style in any form.

"Yeah, but what about her "enter euphemism for breasts here" and her "etc,"...that's all well and real good, but I can't roll with that whole "go-go dancer chic" style some women utilize.

My wife requires no make-up, maintains the "all-american girl" thing and is in the gym by 5AM daily. She is much cooler than I deserve.

But, would I surreptitiously glance at Mrs. Damon? No doubt...

We are helpless in the regard.

I do think JD and MM are perfect mates.

What I mean is I know women who think Damon is a hunk and others who think he's gross and or looks like a caveman.

I suspect Michele gets a similar reaction from men; some think she's hot, others not so much.

Beauty (or degree of hotness) is in the eye of the beholder, as they say.

Did anyone else get a load of this howler from Petey?

"Boston was so small, everywhere you went, you were recognized. At least here (in New York), I have places to breathe, places I can probably go to the park without being recognized."

Ah yes, that humble, forgiving town known as the big apple. Just ask Mariano how easy it is to "disappear" in New York after a few blown saves.
I'm tellin' you, this guy just slays me. Does anyone else wonder if he hires his own speechwriter or something? Cause this stuff is classic.

after his comment about not needing the world series ring and other stupidity, i'm willing to give petey a special ring presentation through the rectum if he talks poorly about beantown again.

I think what Petey has realized is that 53 million mangoes won't get him to the post season; not with that squad. He's a bitter little fuck who, absent his ever declining pitching ability, would be carrying around a leaf blower instead of World Series winner's share. I'm with da kine.


Take it easy on Pedro. Just cuz he, along with the rest of the civilized world, realizes that NY is better than Boston is no reason to hate on him or threaten him with rectal abuse. Why do you knuckleheads ALWAYS turn around and spit on your stars after they leave town? Half the time, the SAWX management PUSHES them out the door!

How's the BigDig treating you these days? Got all those fire doors blocked? That's a good idea. What a SMART city!

We spit on'em when they leave town!!!! You fuckers spit on'em while they are still on your team, you mook!! Before I even read what you wrote, I saw your name, big bri, and the fact that you're a Whores In Pinnstripes fan only seemed to fit.

It cracks me up when retarded New Yorkers breach the subject of "smarts" when comparing themselves to Boston. I've got a few questions for the brilliant minds of NYC... How 'bout that nice rat problem in NYC? And is anyone even concerned about the smell? How is it that a SMART city like NY can't figure out a way to return the color to A-rod's lips?

Big Bri: Biggest. Choke. In. Baseball. History.

Have a nice day.

Mr. Damon is a very lucky man to marry the woman that I was once engaged to marry some 10 years to date. The city of Boston, where I ironically lived from 2000-2003 in the burroughs of southy, becoming a die hard fan of the FENWAY atmosphere when the dreaded yankee's came to town and were handed their asses in a hat. Good luck Michelle you always believed that you would become someone someday, and kudos for not giving up on your career, it has led you to your soulmate slugger. For sometime I stopped wearing my favorite red sox hat, I soon realized that no dame will shame the way I support my favorite American league team. Go Sox, and I will always have a place in my heart for my michelle renee mangan.

Matt: I'm sorry to hear that you didn't make enough money to actually get the g-digger to marry you. Condolences. To Johnny.

by the way, Matt WHAT was that career again???

Just unbelievable....! By curiosity, I was doing a web search on Michelle Renee Mangan, a girl with whom I slept with on several occasions 10 years ago in Miami... I just realise that she is now Michelle Damon, wife of Johnny Damon, a baseball star!!! I recognised her as well in the pictures. This is quite funny...Well, she was an interesting character...She was living at the time in Jacksonville, dating at a guy who she liked and was successful and drove a Ferrari according to her (who cares!). I never met him, of course since she was dating him officially...But what a great girl in bed! She loved to talk dirty, moved well in bed, and she is one of the few girls I slept with who really liked it from behind, up in the A$£E! She was nice, but at the end she lied too much...she was a good actress but this double life was tiring me and she was too materialistic for my taste. I could see that she was with me for other reasons than love, and probably for other reasons than sex (even though I would like to think otherwise!). At the end, she was loosing her mind, and even ended up going to meet a guy in Europe, in Portugal I believe, someone she barely knew...! in any case, it is funny to see that people completely idealise her. As for you Matt, I hope it was not you the guy she was dating at the time. If so, apologies, although to be fair, it took her a while to tell me about her "other boyfriend....". Good luck to you Michelle!

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