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Damned Dirty Fans

Yeah, the only downside of winning the World Series is that the ass clown contingent probably quadrupled and they feel emboldened towahd ever more stupid behaviah.


Honestly, I've never understood the fascination some fans have for getting a game ball. Trying to get hold of a foul while in your seat is one thing, but this clawing out of the stands like a zombie looking for brain to eat is pathetic and sad.


These are the greedy, gluttonous, deprived of mothah's breast as kids loosahs who love the all you can eat buffets and go back for thirds because, you know, they want their money's worth and shit.


Meanwhile, who'd have ever guessed that Gary Sheffield of all people had the presence of mind to not go all Ron Artest on their asses.


Yeah, the night was full of surprises, not only the do the right thing Sheffield but the not so big unit sans the finger pointing and glaring and very hittable.


Ovah 6 games with the Yankees, an even split. 2005 continues where 2004 left off.



First link not working! (9:09 am EST)

Thanks. Fixed now.

Fan was a jerk. He should lose his season tickets and get his butt hauled into court and fined many $$$. Sheffield showed some restraint.

But as for Johnson and Gordon, BWAH-HA-HA! The capt. made them look like chumps.

And the ump sucked behind the plate and shouldn't have had rabbit ears on Jackson.

well, I guess we have # 87!!!

what is up with the guys calling into
EEI trying to say he was protecting the
fat guy next to him? that is retaahded.
And what about the chubby chick who's beer
flew out of her hand and looked all shocked
and scared when Sheff started going ballistic...

That said, the guy was only slightly more
intrusive than Jeffrey Maier and that dude
got the key to the city...

Sheffield must be off "The Clear" to show that kind of restraint.

Totally agree, RPB. Idiots like that shouldn't be allowed within 100 yards of the park. Can John Henry get a restraining order against this guy?

So, I guess the 'roid rage has worn off of Sheff. And what's this I hear about A-Rod saving a kid's life (of course, the kid was a Yanks fan).

Maybe what those seats need is some 6 foot plexiglass on top of that short wall like they used to have when the Bruins played. Update the ground rules and keep the morons from slapping the right-fielder in the face.

Check out the sneaking bastard two seats to the viewer's left in the replay, though. "Ooops, I was trying to catch the shocked chick and I backhand spilled my Sam Adams all over Sheff." Slick. Classless goon, but a slick classless goon.

Maybe what those seats need is some 6 foot plexiglass on top of that short wall like they used to have when the Bruins played. Update the ground rules and keep the morons from slapping the right-fielder in the face.

Check out the sneaking bastard two seats to the viewer's left in the replay, though. "Ooops, I was trying to catch the shocked chick and I backhand spilled my Sam Adams all over Sheff." Slick. Classless goon, but a slick classless goon.

What a moron. I have said it before, there are all types of fans, and those of us who think this guy is an asshole, and should be banned from the ballpark, need to speak up, and represent the rest of us good natured folk.

He is just giving fuel to the fire the rest of the country feels about Red Sox Nation: A bunch of drunk assholes.

I thought I was the only one who noticed the beer toss. That's an act of insanity, wasting $6 like that.

They should run PAs on the jumbotron that say touching a ball that's still in play will give you AIDS.

There are many assholes in Redsox nation. Nobody is going to hate us especially other teams because remember no matter how many assholes there are these assholes are filling seats in every ballpark in America. I mean look at Tampa Bay its Redsox Nation south and Toronto in the North they love us!

Regarding "A bunch of drunk assholes" I have to admit going through a bit of introspection and self-questioning today over this website. I mean the characters, while not drunk on the job (as far as we know), can be nasty at times and the name "soxaholix" combined with the prominent Cask/Bud sign in the background definitely might suggest "bunch of drunk assholes" to the casual or first time visitor.

This is something I never really considered before.

After watching this on Tivo 15 times I figued that damn dirty ape in the gap shirt tossed his $10 beer on Sheff and you can see him mouthing/faking "ooops" as he looks for confirmation from his friends.(then he falls over!! har!) oughtta lock him up too

Well, hell of a fight last night. Too bad the baseball game got in the way of it all....

Anyways, let's give credit where it's due. Everyone wants to love Sheff for not going ballistic, but the real stand-up guy in all of this is the security guard. I think I heard his name was Chris Chin (could be wrong) on Dale and Holley today. Nice work by that kid recognizing a potentially explosive situation and reacting to it instantly. RSN needs to stand up and pat this kid on the back for his good work. He's the one likely responsible for Sheff's "restraint" as he was pretty much there before Sheff could get near the jackass "fan".

Don't think that way H.B., they may be nasty at times, but not to the tune of "a bunch of drunk assholes." I certainly would be disappointed if you started toning it down.

That having been said, it would be amusing if one day you had them all hammered, and falling over themselves...

Oliver Stone's currently writing a movie about a conspiracy where Steinbrenner bought those guys their tickets years ago and unleashed them at the proper moment through cybernetic implants in their neck to attack Sheffield and ratchet the tension between the ballclubs even further. "Cashman! The button! Now! Press it NOW!"

In other news, 5th graders all across the state are dumping cups of beer over each other during recess.

What if House was so hammered last night he woke up this morning and didn't remember a thing about last night.... at least it wouldn't be too hard to put the pieces back together.

I am going to go against the grain a little here. Every keeps patting Gary "Porn-star mustache" Sheffield on the back for what? For not stomping the living shit out of someone the ballgirl could kick the crap out of? Are the expectations so low for professional athletes that we want to give them a Noble Peace Prize everytime they don't kick the crap out of someone? Admittedly, that guy House is a pant-load, but Sheffield was so composed he decided to shove the guy before HE THROWS TO THE CUT-OFF MAN!!

I've definitely been having a revision of thought regarding Sheffield's "composure."

maybe mister composure was actually using the House shove to gain valuable momentum for this relay throw...

I'm more pissed about this incident becoming the sole discussed aspect of the game rather than the incident itself. HB is the only person to briefly mention the other stuff that is worth talking about.

Renteria and Jay Payton: welcome to the ballclub.

Tek: does Randy Johnson now cry whenever you come to the plate?

Umpire Greg Gibson: Are you feeling okay? How long has the Weak Unit had a strike zone 6 inches lower than everyone else and 6 inches off the plate? Also, when Manny swings 5 degrees, under what rule is that a strike?

Bronson pitched great and would have had a 2-ERA win if not for the shitty officiating. Tito and Papa Jack got booted by the blindest knucklehead wearing a chest protector. But all the media cares about is Shitfield starting a scuffle with a moron who doesn't know how the frig to properly enjoy a baseball game.

Amen, da kine. Amen.

That's odd - My comments got deleted. Well, here they are...again...

I don't know why everyone is lavishing praise on Sheffield. It reminds me of those dorky "Self-Esteem Summer Camps" they hold for kids...

"Good boy, Sheffield! Good, good boy! You didn't go into the stands, Sheffield! What a good boy you are! Now, go fetch the bone! Go fetch it!"

What part of "professional baseball player" has so seriously diminished over the years that we start to reward these people for NOT going postal?

It is his JOB to act professional at ALL times when he is on the field. It is his JOB to keep the ball in play until the play is over. As an adult, it is his RESPONSIBILITY to be mature even when others (like fans) are not.

You can't rely on every single fan to be 100% polite 100% of the time. You SHOULD be able to rely on the "professional" in "professional baseball player." If you can't, then it's time for him to retire to Florida to watch the waves crash onto the beach. I'm sure there's a 20-year old in Triple-A who would LOVE to move up to the major leagues, even knowing that fans of opposing teams will jeer, heckle & harass him on the field while reporters rip him to shreds off the field...

I don't know if anyone will come back and read this, but when that fan reached onto the field of play he crossed the line. I don't want to see a professional athlete leave the field to go after a fan, but if a fan reached out into the field I figure he's fair game.

Out here in Chicago, people are minded of one fine football game many years ago when a "fan" decided to amuse himself by running out onto the field during an NFL game. He made the mistake of running within arm's reach of Mike Ditka, who, in full gear, promptly clotheslined him. Said "fan" left the field on a stretcher. No charges were brought against Ditka. Ditka's move met with general approval. And you don't see very many fans interfering with NFL games.

If I were in charge, the moment that the "fan" made contact with Sheffield I'd have forfeited the game to the Yankees and turned my back while Sheff re-arranged his face.

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