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Bunch o' berserkers

Jeez, I somehow managed to forget what a bunch of wannabee surly punks the Devil Rays can be.


Yeah, this "you plunk me, I plunk you" thing has become standahd when the two clubs meet. Remembah the famous Ryan Rupe game when he hit Nomah right square in the back?


Big Papi Ortiz places the blame on Pinella. Says little Lou Lou stahts everything up by way of his management style or lack thereof.


Well, Pinella is fucking insane.


You gotta figure managing or playing for the D-Rays would drive anyone ovah the edge … last place every year, stingy ownahs, small market, your home field doubles as a climate controlled mall … Fuck, I'm ready to start tossing beanballs just thinking about it.


Yeah, and don't forget the general fucked-uppedness of Tampa Bayans in general, I mean they worship George Steinbrenner down there fercrissakes.



I thought Nomar's injury woes started with getting hit by an Orioles pitcher (Reyes?) in a September game at Fenway. Is this true or have I not yet had enough coffee this morning?

HB - Keep in mind who STAHTED tossing beanballs yesterday. None other than the biggest pussy in the major leagues- Bronson Arroyo. If you are not embarrassed as a SAWX fan today then you are an idiot. Oh that's right. I forgot. You guys are PROUD to be iditos. Carry on then.

P.S. - Is V-Tek EVER going to take his mask off during an altercation??? It is SO bush league to get in someone's face while your OWN face is protected by a steel mask.

"Nomar's injury woes started with getting hit by an Orioles pitcher "

This is my recollection, as well...

"It is SO bush league "

Considering the source, this statement is utterly ridiculous.

General "dicketry" via the anonymity of the internet is the definition of bush league.

This entire thign started because the DRays were upset the way Manny and Ortiz react after they smash the ball into oblivion at the freshly squeezed juice field. Now even if Arroyo did hit someone it was well deserved after taking down Millar and Manny the day before. Besides its fucking Arroyo he beans people with breaking balls and changeups i mean does that even count?

Re: "Well, Pinella is fucking insane" Too right, h.b.! I am always a little amazed when I see video of Pinella, during the game. With the exception of the fact that he gets to wear a TB pullover, you'd swear he's homeless, he looks like he slept in his uni. I always expect to see a bottle in a paper bag in his back pocket or empty 40's under his seat in the dugout.

Looks like you're stuck with the Yank-Me Troll, h.b. At least until mommy makes him come up from the basement.

I wonder if LilBri was one of those "classy" Yank-Me fans who were booing Jaret Wright as he walked off the mound clutching his shoulder Saturday? What a bunch of assholes.

And, of course, the D-Rays started the entire thing on Friday night when Kazmir hit Manny and Millar....not that LilBri would let facts get in the way of his idiocy.

With that said; I would have much prefered that Arroyo not hit Huff or Singleton. And yeah, I understand that piece of crap Carter threw at Ortiz' head and the code of baseball and all...but it was still a close game when Singleton was plunked. I think the thing that would piss off Piniella and the D-Rays most would be to avoid their baiting and treat them with complete disdain, like they're barely in the league. Which they are.

I don't know where I got the idea that Nomar's wrist injury occurred in a a game against TB. Maybe he got plunked in the same spot by a TB pitcher after returning from wrist surgery?

It definitely was Reyes who did the deed on Sept 25, 1999 with Baltimore.

I watched the game and OK so you throw at our guy and we gonna throw at yours. It jsut got silly when Arroyo came out after the Ortiz incident, two guys warming, 'for no reason' and he plunks the very first hitter. So this was called from the dugout or the bullpen would have been quiet. So how does that conversation go tito passes Arroyo a piece of paper with a black spot. Did he blow white smoke from the dugout a/c. Then what happens at the plate does tek put down just his middle finger and pat his thigh on the inside part of the plate. Do you think the batter gets the message only when Tek shufles across to set up just behind him.
I'm with The Rat I don't think it should count.
Anyway, as for bench clearing, that was a bit schoolyard, if they can hancuff a 5 year old for throwing a tantrum, then mlb players better start getting a subscription to Bondage magazine.
And before I become destracted by work has anyone looked at the BDD keeping up with old friends section for Gabe Kapler (main page down the left menu)

New slogan courtesy of BigBrie:

"We're a bunch of iditos!"

is that Spanish or something ?

I checked it should be
somos un ramo de idiotas

Ortiz may be fined, but not suspended... i think he showed great restraint in not pummeling the pitcher.... i have no doubt that Ortiz could literally jack hammer carter into the pitchers mound... beanballs, however, are pretty serious stuff

Robert, to answer your question, these are decisions that the pitcher often makes on their own. Very rarely will a manager make that decision (except, of course, for LaRussa). Instead, the manager anticipates the act, and gets action going in the bullpen.

The mentality is, the pitcher needs his team behind him, and he needs them to execute the plays. In turn, he protects his players at all costs. Very few managers can prevent a pitcher from going after a batter. A pitcher who isn't willing to retaliate, loses the respect of his team.

This is my experience working with pitchers through the high school level.

Also, the safest, least painful place to be hit is in the ass, as BA did. The worst place, is the head....

"A pitcher who isn't willing to retaliate, loses the respect of his team."

Shawn Estes.

On Crap-a-cana Field - at least us North Florida taxpayers aren't being expected to chip-in for a NEW stadium to replace it, like we are for the Dade County Fish.

Pinella is a Tampa homeboy who married a local beauty queen way back when... you know it must be bad for him to put this "major league" product out there in front of friends and family. Who could blame the old boy for raging against the machine from time to time, if only for some entertainment value for both fans who show up every night.

On Yankee-love and Florida... Steinbrenner is a major contributor to the University of Florida Boosters, thus those Gator types generally swoon in his presence. And then, Slappy McBlueLips maintains a relationship with the work-release bunch at Coral Gables (i.e. Miami Off-Season Workout Gurus). Could there be two better reasons to wear garnet and gold if you live down here?

It was a pretty obvious play, I'm surprised the announcer didn't call it "now batting, center fielder Chris Singleton, who will most likely be stoping the ball with his ass".
As an aside, I'm watching the Twins Tigers, if there was a fight there I doubt anyone would notice, I think there were more people at my wedding.

Arroyo is going to be a Cy Young winner in 3-4 years by my account, and he showed how he truly understands a big league pitcher's job yesterday: he wailed a couple of Devil Schmucks by hitting them in the leg or ass, NOT aiming at their fucking head!

I was kind of upset with Ortizzle for the bat flipping at first, but then I remembered that cocksmoker who hit the walk off homer against Embree flipping his bat and doing a Kid N' Play dance down the baseline. Papi is reminding the Tramp-full Bay team that one home run is nuffin and he hits them all the time. The pitcher tossing at his head means they either forgot their own asshole's performance or they understood David's lesson and were upset by it.

Fuck 'em. The more aggression the better.

In response to BigBri's comments: How is Bronson the "biggest pussy in the major leagues?" He hit Huff, yes. But Bronson hits a lot of batters becuase he pitches inside. It's the same logic as to why Kevin Millar gets hit a lot: pitchers pitch him inside.

It's what you do if you're a pitcher: you try to get the batter out. By pitching inside, Bronson, and many other pitchers, can get batters to chase pitches, resulting in either strikeouts or groundouts. It's very simple.

But I guess I'm just an "idito" and wouldn't understand baseball...

Gosh, they can't fine Ortiz... I mean, after all, he showed immense restraint in not really trying to overpower the guys holding him back and beat the shit out of the TB pitcher. And really, if we can't fine Sheffield because he showed such marvelous restraint, Ortiz should be treated the same. I mean, man, you get brushed by a fan and it's human nature to want to pummel them into the ground, I'd assume it's much the same if some guy chucks a ball at your head.

BigBri, you dipshit, Arroyo didn't start it yesterday. If you're going to be so short-sighted, note that Kazmir started it on Friday. What a short and stupid memory you have.

This is the TB M.O. They flex their barely existent muscle, and then the Sox smack back, and then they start throwing at melons. This happens almost every year, and it is always the D-Rays who go the extra mile to turn it from a normal heated exchange into a 2-minute SportsCenter highlight reel.

OK, that one time it was Nixon who pushed the extra button when his bat "slipped," but that's only because the umps were too asleep to do anything about the TB pitchers.

BF in MI, no shit. Sheffield should have been suspended at least a game for taking a swipe. Ortiz didn't even do that much, he just yelled. Oh boo-hoo, the big man yelled at me, I am gonna go cry in my ... whatever the fuck they eat down there.

In all honesty I couldn't help but laugh when I saw Nomar writhing in pain on the Busch Stadium turf. Maybe it was because karma is a bitch. Or because the Cardinals started kicking serious ass after that.

Hey BigBri: Having your mother breastfeed you should have stopped 53 years ago when you were 3. Your fuck faced team has the BIGGEST bunch of pussies for a pitching staff ever assembled. Hey Kevin Brown, did that wall punch back? Or that fucktard Big Goonit pushing a 5' reporter, Castiglione's kid.

By the way, please anyone take a swing at any Castiglione. This guy sucks. His world series ending call is the lamest thing I've heard since Robert Plants post Zep shit. He makes more mistakes broadcasting a game than I can count. Another born-again fuck up.

Lastly, if anyone can't see that the Tampa Bay Double A's shithead manager isn't throwing at Red Sox players for any reason other than Steinbrenner tells him to, is blind to the obvious! They're drinking buddies, c'mon!

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