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2004 Laid to Rest

According to plan, the Red Sox lose their 4th consecutive season opener …

I'm so glad we could take a pause from the 24/7 Catholic Church infomercial to sneak in a seculah ballgame.


Yeah, the only problem is even in his final barely alive days, JP2 was more animated than the lifeless Red Sox last night.


No shit, and if David ten hits, four runs, two hit batsmen, one walk and a balk Wells pitches like that a few more times, he's gonna be run out of town fastah than Cahdinal Bernahd "I'm Above the Law" was.


Absolutely. And speaking of the culture of life can somebody wake Congress the fuck up and tell them we need an emergency injunction to get the Red Sox feeding tube reinserted?


Hell yeah. Even the brain dead Johnny Damon has a right to go 0 for 4 with dignity fercrissakes.


Seriously, he is the public face of the Boston Red Sox these days. He's got to be on Regis this morning for fuck's sake.


You know la hottie Penelope Cruz is going to be on, too. That ought to shake the Caveman out of his persistant hitters' vegitative state. I hear he's got a thing for the ladies.


Something tells me Senorita Cruz would send the same message as Randy Johnson's fastball, all "You can look, Johnny, but you no touch."



but JP2's condiotion is stable now. The Sox can still get into a gear here.


Wells balked just after he was clearly getting crossed up with ‘Tek. “Unprepared” is what came to mind. Not cool.

Manny, Damon looked helpless. Not cool.

The new guy out of the pen, Blaine, was throwing BP pitches. Not Cool.

In the event that I should be dwelling on the past, will someone please inform me of the proper Post-World Series Championship decorum?

ENOUGH talk shows, guest appearances, etc.

ENOUGH the C of the B is over/2004 in general talk


I’m whole, I’m healed, but it’s over. Time to staht anew.

It’s 2005. Play fucking ball.

OK, I’m done.

Now, I was heartened to see ‘Tek, Papi, Millar getting around on Johnson’s pitches.

Rent and Bellhorn will do fine. Can’t believe the Sox have a talent like Payton as a non-regular, it’s fantastic.

Matt Clement…can’t wait.

Yow, that was one ugly performance by Wells. A balk and two hit batsmen? I don't believe I've ever seen that by one pitcher in one game before. He was not a fan favorite out here in Chicago when he pitched for them in 2001. Going 5 - 7 will do that, of course. I never personally got the impression that he worked as hard as some other pitchers do to keep in shape to pitch. IIRC, this is the guy that got injured falling off a bar stool.

Nice link, h.b. Was it cold in Florida when the pic of Johnny's wife was taken or is she hiding peanut M&M's in that shirt? No wonder he could not concentrate on the Big Eunich's fastball with headlights like those staring him in the face everyday.

look on the bright side!! at least Wells didn't
get his ass kicked in a diner by a 5'7" butter
knife wielding assassin.

Lest we forget that this is the same Senorita Cruz who lured Tom away from Nicole... be wary Mr. Damon, we don't want you leaving your bat where Eppy Calvin LaLouche left his fastball

Ugh that was not pretty. Wells was horrible, Renteria almost threw one in to the third row, and Damon goes 0-4? Never mind the accident waiting to happen out in left and center field.

Oh well. That was just one game, and by god if I don't still get goosebumps wathing the Dave Roberts steal from last year. We had a party at a friends house to watch the game and we watched "Faith Rewarded" before the game itself so we were running on Championship fumes the whole game.

And how nice was it NOT to hear Joe Buck fellating the Yankees after each pitch? I'll take Morgan and whats-his-name and day...

Yeah, I am SO GLAD we got Wells. Now if only he can start throwing actual pitches. I won't even bother to mention the equally miserable fielding. Sheesh, guys.

Best freckin' blog! Well put there!

Just stumbled on this site - awesome.
Was a Sox fan at Sunday's game - one word - brutal.

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