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Yeah, what do you call that, a pre-emptive doom and gloom strike? The season hasn't even fucking stahted and Mazz is already preparing the "Who is to blame?" angle?


Yeah, we would have repeated if it wasn't for those fucking quee-ahs!


And how the fuck would Bill Belichick feel about this, huh?


No, shit, as a Red Sox fan, according to the media, I'm obsessed with casting the shadow of Belichick's gray hoody ovah every situation.


Abso-fucking-lutely! I mean, my God, after I saw the new Star Wars trailer, the first thing I thought of was "I wondah what Bill Belichick thinks? Does he like what Lucas is doing or not?"


Yeah, I'm in the frozen food aisle at Stah Mahket buying fries and I'm thinking, "Crinkle cut, Shoestring, Country Style … for the sake of fuck, what would Bill Belichick buy?"


Shit, I so need one of those "WWBBD?" bracelet thingies.



Good stuff as always, HB.

Hey, at least Mazz is being upfront about it. If they win, everything's cool. If they lose, you gotta find something or someone to blame (can't be incompetence or racism -- has to be a "curse") -- and this year it might as well be the "queeahs."

Here's a thought -- if we repeat, we credit the "Queer Eye" guys. We can give them a full playoff share. And a lifetime supply of those damn pink hats.

What Would Bill Belichick Do? Well, no disrespect intended but the Pats failed to make the Playoffs the year after their first Super Bowl, so take it from there...

I think Massarotti and others confuse the issue--is it Belichik the football coach or Belichik the roster manager (in conjunction with Scott Pioli) we're concerned about?

What's up, Da Kine?

I have a hard time with this kind of space filling journalism. The season is a minimum of 162 games, of which you need to win more than 95 to be in contention (Anaheim and Houston made the playoffs with 92). It doesn't matter which 95 you win, sure there are 19 that I would rather the Sox win than not but after that I'm not picky. So the guys in the team want to cash in a little on their '15 minutes' of fame if Tito and all are happy then I'm happy, I'll save the tales of doom until the wheels DO come off.

good news late in yesterdays threads about Da Kine.


"Queer-eye guys?"...I like it. Didn't the O's win with switcher BRANDY Anderson? Either way, at least our boys will have a new place to shit without walking all the way up to the Beer Works.

Wow, is he serious? The first part of that article reads like mild self parody... which I could understand. If he's serious though, this is one of the most ridiculous things ever, on several levels. I mean, one, the Bill Belichick thing? Priceless. Two, does not everyone say that spring training means little? I mean, we're more concerned about some players taking a day off to have a little fun and oh yeah, rebuild a little league field damaged by hurricanes than we are about the season-long viability of Schilling's ankle? Please.

I would totally buy a WWBBD bracelet. Or, alternatively, a What Would Grady Do bracelet, then just do the opposite.

I don't get Gerry Callahan's obsession
with the queer eye 5. That show is
pretty cool... I swear one guy looked
like Grizzly Adams and when they were
done with him he looked like Don Johnson
circa 1985.

I think one issue to consider is, there are different levels of fans. The fans that were sticking with the Sox during their 500 mid season run, are the fans that see it as a marathon. The fans that never owned a Red Sox article of clothing, until it had the words "World Series Champions" on it, will get right back into that "The Red Sox are cursed" mentality once they lose two games in a row. (drama, no matter how irrational, makes a better story)

The media will cater to the new fan, because they are potential new readership. The time-tested fan reads the writers they like, and stick with them.

IMHO this puts a bit of a twist on how to interpret the Boston media's writings. It is as if they are trying to reintroduce the "drama" of it all, or build new "drama" for new readership, to challenge their new readers to stick to it, and be patient (keep reading my columns). To the steady fan, it sounds like space wasting.

Totally off topic:
Speaking of Don J, I heard they're making a Miami Vice movie w/ Colin Farrel as Crockett and Jamie Foxx as Tubbs. Ok. Jamie Foxx I can see but Colin Farrel as Crocket?? That's worse than the episode where they blew up the Daytona. NNNOOOOOOOO!!

I was thinking before I read this post how badly it would go if a BB type were coaching the Sox, and a Francona type were coaching the Pats. You have to give some props to the execs in each case who put the right leader in the right place. Not sure if this is b/c of the culture of the sport, or more likely the different salary/free agency structures. I think there are limits to the WWBBD mindset, but it sure does seem to work in the NFL. I'll predict a host of 2-way players and turfed vets, at least until someone gets injured playing out of position.

What's Gerry Callahan saying about the Queer Eye guys? I don't listen to him (can't now that I live in NYC), but I do remember that he hates the gays. That might explain something.

I agree that Francona is perfectly suited to the Sox In general, the BB-submerge-your-individuality-We-Are-the-Borg approach does not work in baseball. Besides the obvious fact that baseball is inherently a more individualistic sport than football, the season is just too long and grueling, too much travel, etc., etc., for that. Baseball players have to stay loose by cutting loose. My 2¢.

N/Flash, Imperial Wizard Callhan is saying exactly what you'd think he's saying. All the as-close-to-the-edge-without-going-over-it anti-gay shit you'd expect from Daniel Carver from the Stern show. I'd bet a testicle that he has chugged as much chowder as anyone on that TV show. But he was probably a young man and "confused" so it doesn't really count. I refuse to believe that his show is number 1 in Boston. I'm numb at the stuff they've ripped off of Howard. I'd say 50% of their show is taken from it. My wife loves the QEFTSG show and was loving it today, listening to that alien foreheaded fuck squirm in his seat having to talk about it. If he had as many dicks sticking out of him as he's had stuck into him, he'd look like a fucking porcupine.

Just had my 12 year old sports addict yell "Dick Raditz Died" What a sick feeling that came over me. Then he asked "Was he any good?" "Just ask Mickey Mantle, son." If I remember right, 65 or so AB's against the Monster and 55 or so K's? May God rest your soul, Dick. Mantle will shit when he finds out you're now pitching for God's team.

The funniest thing about the WWBBD thing, is Matt Light went on Queer Eye or a local news show that was spoofing them and was made over. Light was fine with it, his wife was happy, and Belichick didn't cut him, rip out his heart Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom style, or anything similar. WWBBD indeed.

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