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When cats attack

Defying conventional wisdom of a so-called "Yankees obsession," these two Soxaholix never mention the grapefruit game last night …

I'm not much of a Massarotti fan, but the excerpts from his book have me wanting to read it.


"A lot of good those fucking scarves have done." I absolutely love that line.


Catfights between playah's wives and girlfriends, I could read that shit all day long.


So much for my childhood picture book image of a the fireman rescuing the kitty kat from a tree … Fireman dude's gonna whack some pussy.


The cat is nature's perfect killing machine. Man is just leveling the playing field.


I thought the shahk was nature's perfect killing machine?


Fuck the shahk. Shahk's got nothing, nothing on the cat. All "I have to keep swimming or I'll die" nonsense and feeding on what, sea lions and seals and shit? How does swimming around stupid and offing a fat fucking sea lion compare with a lethal lightening fast cat strike on a sparrow?


So the shahk has, er, jumped the shahk?


That's what I'm fucking talking about.


Still, I'm looking forward to Spring Break Shahk Attack.


Shuwa. I so want to see that O.C. bitch lose a limb.



Hey h.b. I gotta tell you man, these strips make my day! If it were not for Soxaholix, I wouldn't know what to do trying to manage a network for a goverment agency here in PR in a windowless office with approximately 80 computer-illiterate individuals demanding attention like a newborn baby. Thanks h.b. for making my life easier to bare.

Glad to hear it, Moncho.

I'm embarrassed to say I couldn't figure out what "PR" stood for (my first guess was "Providence," talk about being provincial!) then went to your blog URL and I was all, duh, Puerto Rico.

Cool blog BTW.

could we not get the whole cast of the OC involved in some type of reality tv program where every week (actually I don't know if I could wait that long, maybe we should shoot for daily) the looser, of what ever degrading crap they are prepared to prostitute themselves for, gets fed to the sharks. I watched the OC and turns out that the only one not related to someone else is the blond haired kid, and that Australian guy who was vice pres in 24 last year was basically shagging anything over the age of consent. I'm waiting for that opening day ground rush, when you suddenly realise it's next week.

I would love to see a cat fight between Shonda Schilling and Michelle Mangum! In fact, maybe the wives and girlfriends should have a charity "Wives of the Red Sox Jello Fight." I think they could raise a lot of money...

My favorite show is "The L word".
on showtime. It's all about lesbians
There's like 10 of them and only one of
them seems to have a job. They're all
really hot and when they're not making
out with each other they're talking
about emotions and stuff!!!

"Following the debacle, frustration grew so high in some corners that the players' wives and girlfriends had to be restrained from one another."

I thought that was already the general policy; wives come to the home games, girlfriends go to the road games. Did they change this for the playoffs? Seems like a mistake to me. Gotta figure it creates extra tension for the players if both their wife and their girlfriend is at the same game.

I cannot wait to see that Shark Attack movie ---it's going to be the BEST WORST Shark movie since Lou Diamond Phillips in Red Water.

How can my eighth comment be the first to heap props on hb for the mention of the cuddly, furry cat as nature's perfect killing machine? I have a cat who is all fluffy and shit whom I found as a stray on the North Shore of Oahu in the great state of Hawaii. He purrs, he preens, he looks like any other cat. I came home one day to find him pouncing from a covered and concealed position in a bush onto a mean 10-pound rooster. He bit the fowl's neck, paralyzing the mofo on one side, and proceeded to torture that bugger for 30 minutes. He'd let it get away a little, giving it hope of escape, then pounce again, pinning it to the ground with his claws.

He was a 10-month adolescent at the time, 7 pounds soaking wet. Vicious.

da kine: Your description is exactly what the Patriots do to their oppoments in playoff games!
BTW, I wish there was some lesbian action in "The Gilmore Girls"

No shit to that. I'd hit all three generations of Gilmore ladies.

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