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Their edges may be dulled somewhat

I like Spring Training as much as the next guy, but the media hype of the split squad game with the Yankees tonight is reaching new bounds.


Rider on Green Line:
You know the media have a Cialis strength hahd on fantasizing over the crowd's reaction when Giambi first comes to bat.


Absolutely. Which is why it'd be great if the fans fuck things up by being gracious to the formah Juicah.


Rider on Green Line:
Yeah, that's so likely to happen with a bunch of Sox fans who slept in a pahking lot to get tickets. A good bed of asphalt always brings out one's affable side.



Rider on Green Line:
I'm surprised, aftah being called an "embarrassment" that we haven't heard so much as a snarl back.


You think the Globe's got him on a tight leash? Muzzled him up?


Rider on Green Line:
That's my guess. Big media can just ignore the issue until it goes away. Nobody will notice.


Fuck yeah. That'll work. Just ask Dan Rathah and Eason Jordon.



Whoo scary. They may force a fifth game fercrissakes.


Rider on Green Line:
Hell yeah. Nobody fucks with Tony Room Service LaRussa.



Kenny Mayne properly deconstructed the hoopla on Sportscenter last night. Big Papi: "who are we playing on Monday?" The best was his interview with Tanyon Sturtze:
KM: So don't you really get sick of the Boston fans
TS: No, not really.
KM: But what about their accents, you know, dropping the R's all the time, isn't that annoying?
TS: Dude, I'm *from* Boston.

Where did the LaRussa = Genius stuff come from, anyway? They were completely unprepared for the WS!

Yeah, Spring Training Media Hype...

"To Boston fans, first date with Yanks means World " or "Sox & needles await Giambi"

Pick it...


Includes some transparent baiting of Slappy about seeing the Sox fans or Sox players since...well, since everything...

Then some Giambi baiting about BALCO chants...

Pitching line:

Chieng-Ming Wang NYY v. Abe Alvarez BOS

That should say it all, really.

I do want to see if Alvarez is a potential mid-season call-up, though...

I put the BDD silence down to what my old Mum would say "least said soonest mended". CoPP is a nice place to watch baseball and all but I might have to draw the line at sleeping in the car park even to watch the Yankees non-rosterd invitees v the Redsox nri. I did drive from Orlando and back once to watch them play Cinci in spring training about 3 years ago, I suppose that's a different place on the same line, of significance of game v hardship endured.

The real kicker in the Gammons column is not that the Cardinals may be better this year (and hence a 5 game WS instead of 4) but the absolute ABSURDITY of Derek Lowe even suggesting (half joking or not) to Sandy Kofax that he wants to wear Kofax's number. Kofax always a class act, says go ahead. But it was painful to read, I was so embarassed for DLowe (though, full disclosure, I never liked the guy to begin with -- though give him his props for last year post-season).

The Sports Center rip by Mayne was genius! I can't believe he went so far in underplaying it all! Instant classic.

Based on Friday's strip, I stopped by the magazine rack at the store yesterday and, for the first time in my life, picked up and opened a copy of Vanity Fair.

Holy $h!t! I didn't realize that such a paean to mindless excess existed. I'd rather bring a porno mag home than that thing. Are there really people out there whose existence is tied to continually buying a whole lot of real expensive everything and have fashion as a major concern in their life?

There were some people profiled in there. Some fool owned 25 watches and went on about what his favorite one to wear was. Gah.

ron, i got 25 Sox hats and it's always a dilemma as to which to wear...

'sides, who ever said vanity was fair?

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