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The Doug Roy Show?

Doug thinking to himself:
Note to self: Purchase copy of latest Vanity Fair magazine that has supposed great Red Sox article in it.


Doug thinking to himself:
Christ, just realized I haven't bought a magazine in yeeahs. Who the fuck still reads magazines? Anyway, use opportunity to cruise aisles for unattached bookworm and nightclub-challenged hotties.


Voice from car radio:
[Thwunka Thwunka deep bass line and voiceover] Hey, everybody, once again from Studio AA this is the Daily Source Code coming to you from …


Doug thinking to himself:
I fucking love this podcasting shit.


Voice from car radio:
[Voice of Adam Curry] … let's go to our first track today, which I've got queued up hear on the iPod … this is a great mashup I found a rather enjoyable version of "Let it Be" [music begins]


Doug thinking to himself:
I fucking love mashups … I so need to get my own podcast.


Voice from car radio:
… you mentioned in today's show that there are no easy services for podcasting. i found one. it's at libsyn.com and pricing is cheap. $5 a month for 100 megs, which is enough to keep a handful of half hour shows up. and the bandwidth is unmetered. and all you have to do is upload your mp3. they do all the rest …


Doug thinking to himself:
That sounds easy as fuck. I just need a good title for my podcast. If I were a hot Middle Eastern chick I'd call it "What's bunched up beneath my hijab?" [Laughs out loud]


Doug thinking to himself:
Holy shit. First I'm buying Vanity Fair and then I'm imagining myself as a chick under Sharia? I need a fucking vacation or something.



Due to bandwidth limitations, I still haven't gotten into the whole podcasting gig. Is it really all that? I use my iPod to listen to Irish music, angry rap, or Brudda Iz, depending on my mood. I feel like I'm not using it to its full potential.

I'll confess to being not only late to the podcasting meme but also getting sucked into all the recent hype surrounding it. And there is definitely a lot of hype.

With that said, I'm intrigued by the possibilities of a "blog on radio" kind of thing. When I'm reading blogs, I hate having to go to the audio, but when I'm driving around in the car or on the train and don't feel like listening to my music/playlists on the iPod, I like the idea of listening to somebody other than a Clear Channel DJ or sports radio talk jock. And like blogs, I'm fascinated by the way listening to one podcast will lead to another will lead to another and you find all these talented, entertaining DIY amateurs.

..or you could end up listening to some real mindless shit, that could make the winer line sound good.

ok the pod link was spooky, the Ipod guy was talking from outside Surrey University in Guildford where I used to live. Like I said above I got to listen to a guy reverse a German car, with enough technology only an idiot could crash it.

"..or you could end up listening to some real mindless shit, that could make
the winer line sound good."

True, but, like with blogs, I think we'd end up not listening again to the podcasts we don't find interesting and/or entertaining. So we'd end up with a core group of "shows" that would be similar to our bookmarks for blogs (or RSS subscriptions) that we'd keep going back to.

pod casting?
source code?
mash ups?
Adam Curry?

I'm reading the words but it's like another fucking language.

Man, now I got my hijab all in a twist.

Great. Now instead of getting shit done here at the Software Factory, I'm gonna have to waste valuable company time learning about 'Podcasting'... ;)

Probably going to pass on any podcasting related activity as my brain requires daily "atrophy time"--there is only a finite amount of hours during the day.

Probably going to pass on any podcasting related activity as my brain requires daily "atrophy time"--there is only a finite amount of hours during the day.

didn't "podcasting" used to be called "an audio file"? i don't understand how this is supposed to be a new technology, but I'm probably just missing something.

Yeah, it's just an audio file. Sort of like how a "blog" is just a type of website. They were around for years before they starting calling such things web logs.

Regarding podcasting, what has changed to make it different than just a plain old audio file from a coule years ago:

1) The rise of the iPod and other MP3 devices. So many people have these. It makes it convenient to download an mp3 podcast and listen to it later, like in the car, on the subway, whatever.

2) RSS works in conjunction with podcasters and 3rd party apps such that you can subscibe to a podcast and whenever there is something new uploaded, the software will go download it and drop it into your iPod. It's there when you want it.

3) Most folks are on fat pipes now, making the download of a 25MB audio file no biggie.

4) Technologies like GarageBand etc make it easy for people to have an in house "studio" for recording/editing sound files in a near pro quality way right out of the box.

5) Blogs have opened up the way for people to crave/demand opinion, entertainment, whatever, from authors who aren't part of the mainstream. Podcasting is the next step in that movement.

What about portable iPods that can recieve satellite radio stations? that would be cool with a whole series of channels of blogs....damn I must submit this idea to the Patents Office...

I think there are a lot of question marks out there about this "fad". As computer technology gets more advanced, and our PDA's become super computers, and everything is wireless, the public can have constant access to the internet. Perhaps this will be the next ipod rollout, as Moncho Arzuaga is hinting at. People will broadcast live shows on their websites, and "pod casts" will just become audio files again, a file with static information in it, or archives of past shows. I think "pod casts" will be a blip on the technology radar.

Calling them "podcasts" will probably be a blip on the radar. Same with blogs. But the notion of a DIY citizens media in text/audio and, one day, video (be it live or on demand) is already well underway to changing, well, just about everything we think of regarding "media."

This is a great time to be alive and to be creative.


is that owned by lacoste? has a little alligator on it?

Yeah Josh, someone should make Ipod shirts...

I think the podcast dealio is pretty damn cool, but I'd like to see what Moncho was talking about happen, where you could get a satellite feed direct to an MPS player, thus turning the idea of radio stations about as far on its head as possible.

Imagine scrolling through some Soxaholic podcasts for a certain day.....HB get on this asap buddy...

So, the wife of one of the guys at work is having a baby. Turns out she's from Boston. They're living on the north side of Chicago. We had a baby shower for them at work (yeah, I know, but the women arranged it so I figured I'd go along). He had been following the Sox this year. But when we talked about buying a Red Sox outfit for the kid, he was all against it. "NO, NO, she'll be growing up on the north side of Chicago, she's gotta be a Cubs fan!" Apparently his wife was going to buy a Sox outfit and he shut her down.

Well, me and the other Red Sox fan at work are not about to take this sitting down. A little work on the 'net and, presto, a pink Red Sox outfit is going to show up at his front door addressed to his wife. That'll teach him. Cost the two of us all of $26.00 w/shipping, and well worth it.

I-Pod this. When will they make a f-ing phone cord that doesn't tangle? Worst thing about all this new technology is trying to clean my weed on an MP3 player is a bitch. NOTHING will replace sifting some good gold on "Abbey Road" and trying to figure out what the fuck "28IF" meant!

More Lebanese Hotties.

Thanks da kine!!!

Is it me, or if you put a flowerpot on this fellow at the gas pump, wouldn't he look like one of the lost members of Devo?

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