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State of the Nation

Yeah, the Yankees always seem to project out that way and, hell, even if they go out and win 162 straight games, you gonna be scared of 'em?


Rider on Green Line:
[Laughs] Nope. Funny how the press wants to go on and on about how winning the World Series is going to make the Red Sox fan lose his or her identity or some such shit … but what's really changed is knowing, just knowing that not only can the Sox beat the Yankees, they can defy all odds in doing so.


It's like Sully says, we're trying to be tempered, but there is a "feeling that the Red Sox may very well have just entered into a prolonged era of excellence."


The state of our Red Sox Nation is strong.



"...the Red Sox may very well have just entered into a prolonged era of excellence."

The Red Sox are finally operated by management that bonds intelligent baseball and intelligent business. The Spankees set the precedent for properly managing a modern baseball operation; the Red Sox have fine-tuned it.

The Sox won the 2004 World Series and, based on what we have witnessed as a Nation, there is no reason why they couldn't be expected to pull off a few more championships.

I identify myself as a Red Sox fan, media bitches...always have and always will...

The MFY kung fu is weak.

I'll admit it, I was scared of the Yankees. They are consistently the "best All-Star Team Money Can Buy." But now I don't care. Now I look forward to the rivalry, and the games, and for game 7 of the ALCS. Even if they don't go to the World Series, just knowing all the Yankee "Fans" out there are sweating every pitch is so worth it.

Sox 101-61

I notice that the Crank's age-adjusted win total for the MFYs is only 90. Rob Neyer has been pointing out for a few years that their Pythagorean projection is consistently in the low 90's as well.

Besides, the Crank is just a super-nerdy right-wingnut Met fan, so why take him seriously to begin with?

"The Spankees set the precedent for properly managing a modern baseball operation"

It's fair to say that Gene Michael, Mark Newman and Bob Watson did a very good job building that team in the early and mid-90s for the start of that run, but by '99 Watson was gone and Steinbrenner had pushed Michael and Newman to the periphery and had given the reins to Brian "Overrated Doofus Who Looks Like Nosferatu" Ca$hman and Randy "Fat Toadie" Levine. Ever since they've just been a dysfunctional, inept bunch that succeeds only by throwing around a ton more money than anyone else.

Whilst I don't take the same slant as the major media that we in RSN have "lost our identity", I will admit that the fact that I wasn't curled up in a fetal position at the end of October last year was an odd feeling.

But that where myself and the Media part ways, just because it was odd doesn't mean I didn't like it. It seems like the media have more to lose by the Sox winning, Shaughnessy's book sales for the curse crap must be in the tank right now.

Who really freaking cares about the curse this year anyways? THe GREATEST CHOKE IN SPORTS HISTORY combined with the GREATEST COMEBACK IN SPORTS HISTORY sounds like a better story line to me, and one I'll gladly get used to.

OK, I get you: "The Spankees set the precedent for properly managing a modern baseball operation; however, they have graciously run it into the ground since setting said precedent.”

Yeah, works for me, too. Good times.

If the Trio pushed Theo aside, we’d fucking riot. I always wondered why George gets away with doing the same to Stick Michael and Bob Watson? And what about Showalter?

Levine. Remember his act following about the TB D-Rays missing a game after the hurricane? What an unconscionable prick.

hey HB...is that Doug on the train? I always get confused...

Re "who's on the train?"

Sometimes I have in mind a specific character but other times in just a "walk on" character who is not defined. Today was one such day. Just another Soxaholix out there...

You know what i think? Since the Boston Red Sox (future Lynn Red Sox, see previous strip for comments) have an academy in the Dominican Republic, they should have a minor league team in Puerto Rico full of the latino flavor. Instead of hot dogs, we would offer guests at the ball park arroz con gandules and other culinary gifts that we have on the island.

As long as they serve *decent* (i.e., != Bud, Miller, etc.) beers I don't care what they serve to eat. Are there breweries on the island?

There are 3 breweries on the island: Budweiser; Medalla, and India which they brew locally the ones from the States. Plus there is a great rum industry so if you're into that you've come to the right place. There is nothing to do here except drink.

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