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Shakes are for fries

Ah, Christ, this handshake idea is friggin' retahted.


Poor lil' Spankees fans got their wittle teeny hahts bwoken. Boo hoo hoo.


And what kind of snot nosed kid lives in Acton and roots for the Yankees anyway? Fucking grammah school sycophants.


The other sad thing is this is yet anothah example of adults having to change their behavior "for the sake of the children."


Right, like Congress having to get serious about steroids because of the children. Omigod we have to protect the kids from this serious scourge sweeping the nation, damnit!


Remembah the good old days before the infatuation with building self esteem when kids were seen but not heard? When the fuck did that go out of style exactly?


I think that coincided with the advent of T-Ball, youth soccer, and the minivan.


It's way past time to reintroduce the The Three-Martini Playdate.



<<''While shaking hands before a game may not be practical, sportsmanship and respect are at the heart of this game that we love."

When asked what was not practical, Zillo responded: ''You don't have to shake hands to play the game the right way.">>

Does Ari Fleischer now teach a class in question-dodging? At least this reporter showed Zillo's answer to be the BS that it is.

Not that I care about whether they shake hands.

I think we as Red Sox fans should
initiative in creating a kinder gentler

I'd like to propose that we not
yell Yankees suck when the Red Sox
are playing the Orioles, or when the
Celtics are playing the Utah Jazz ;)

If these snot nosed kids grew up in Brockton where i come from they would know why nobody wants to fucking shake anybodys hands. These teachers should get the fuck outta Acton and go visit the Bronx. Who the fuck wants to shake the hand of anyone from a rat infested city like New York.

Gimme a fuckin break.

We finally beat those bastards and now we've got to feel bad about it and worry about how it makes the Yankees feel? FUCK THEM.

Other than that, I have no strong feelings about this topic.

If the finally vanquished bully extends a conciliatory hand, do you slap it away?

Said bully and its minions have done nothing but remind you and yours of your inferiority for decades.

Now, things have changed...

So, the idea of comeuppance is not to be part of the school's curriculum? Or, bluntly speaking; "Payback is not a bitch, it is to be foresworn"?

I think not.

For every "1918", "Dent", "Buckner", "Boone" exclamation placed directly in my face over the years, I have no interest in cheerful harmony with those that have done so. That I didn't relentlessly punch them into submission is accomodation enough.

I won't return the favor, but I will sit back and revel in the "Greatest Playoff Collapse in Baseball History" schadenfreude.

That's just how I roll, yo...

I'm particularly cynical about this since the the teacher primarly involved is a NYY fan. I guess he wants to insure his pupils don't understand the ebb and flow of life.

What's up Da Kine.

Why aren't these children learning math and science instead of campaigning for handshakes? Is this how my tax dollars are being spent?

I just gotta say "Yankees Choke!"

There's no hand shaking in baseball.......

This is kinda off topic...has anyone seen the "I live for this" commercial. They have it on the Sox home page. Its got these two women who claim to be huge Sox fans. Problem is, one of them is wearing a PINK SOX HAT! Why?!?!?! I know we ranted about this a while back, but I just saw the commercial and screamed, "She's not a real fan! She's got a pink hat on!" Maybe we should start a campaign like those kids to get rid of pink anything having to do with the Sox and Pats. OK I feel better now. :)

We here at The Red Seat do solemnly vow to never have any pink merchandise ever. Amen.

When I grew up, my parents had parties all the time, and I either tried to get a long with any kids that showed up, or entertain myself some other way. If it was my birthday, my friends were dropped off, and their parents ran and did errands.

Nowadays, it's all about the children. Aren't we just fostering this idea of entitlement in kids.

I coach youth baseball, and I am amazed how many times the parents call their kids over to the side to let them rest. I wind up getting in arguments with the parents that the kids gotta toughen up, and get some exercise. If they don't practice, they suck, but the parents still want them playing the full game. Hey parents, it's your fault you are giving in to them...

Pink is a stupid color and is not meant for baseball. There, I said it.

Glad my hometown Cards, my second-favorite baseball team, have no pink merchandise to my knowledge. Then again, I haven't visited the Cardinal Clubhouse Stores in a year, so I could be wrong.

Thank you. You cannot even imagine how much I hate that. Just because I am female, I do not want to wear a diminutive little pink Sox hat or shirt nor one that has little sequins or sparkles on it. "I like baseball but I have to wear this in pink so no one forgets that I am a girl too!" Yikes.

Actually, things have gotten better though. For awhile all of the girls shirts were all frou frou and awful... at least now you can buy shirts that fit in black, red, blue, etc and don't have to restore to wearing ill-fitting guy's t shirts. The Sox Souveneirs stores have gotten a lot better but there does seems to be a mad proliferation of the pink ones particularly since the Sox won the WS.

Say no to pink, ladies.

Well, pink isn't entirely bad. Depends on the circumstances.

Tatiana, of the Sex and Sox blog, for instance, has a jones for the pink jersey with the rhinestones. And she's willing to go to great lengths to repay anyone who can provide such a jersey.

I LOVE that there is pink gear for girly-girl baseball fans. If you or your girl is anything like me, she was a tomboy growing up & wouldn't have been caught dead in ANYTHING pink.

But now that I've grown up, I've come to embrace my feminitity. Plus it's fun to throw guys off when they get a cold shoulder followed by a baseball debate with a chick they were just trying to hit on in a bar. (As if I'd hook up with a guy in a Yankees hat!)

Memo to Ice Princess and Jennifer:

I want to marry you both, and the ride away on a unicorn, back to the land of Things That Don't Exist. Why must you toy with the hahts of red sox fans.

Leave the pink and camoflauge gear to those trendy Yankee fucks in the Rats Nest. Let the magazines keep telling them how to be cool and we Sox fans will stick to our Red, White, and Blue.

I have been either a Cubmaster or a Scoutmaster for the last 12 years. Can't tell you how many times I've had to deal with a parent (almost always a mother) who's just horrified that I'll let their kid fuck up and a) lose b) go hungry for a couple of hours c) get filthy d) get wet e) get scraped up f) look stupid in front of the other kids because he couldn't be bothered to read his Boy Scout Handbook g) not earn his rank at the same time the other kids did because he didn't practice his knots or didn't listen at Troop meeting.

They tend to have a hard time with the concept that self-esteem is *earned*, not *given away*. Fortunately, such kids usually quit the Troop because Mr. Scoutmaster isn't going to run around and hold his dick for him and tell him that fucking up constantly is someone else's fault, not his.

I have a blue Red Sox hat, and it is covered with paint and dye and grease and I will wear that fucker until it falls apart at the seams. And then I will buy a new Red Sox hat, and it too shall be blue, and not pink. And when that one meets its ultimate end, the cycle shall continue, and never shall the hat be pink.

And if that makes me less of a lady, so be it.

The over-pacification and way over-medication of today's youth will eventually put them where the haters of America want them to be, in a cerebal coma without any will to fight. It's starts with T-Ball. Fuck you we can't keep score. Get back into your Volvos you bra-less hairy armpitted pinko liberal fuck bags. I wanted to take a travel T-Ball team to Cambridge some day and beat the ever loving b-Jesus out of a team where every kid either has one parent or 2 mommies or 2 daddies. Take-out slides would have been encouraged. I would be drinking some sort of white liquor of course while standing next to my 4x4 pick-em-up truck smothered with Bush stickers. Not too many though. I don't want to cover up the gun rack.

im usually more articulate, but:

Fuck pink hats, fuck the yankees, fuck steroids, fuck steinbrenner, fuck handshakes, fuck good vibes, fuck arod, fuck jeter, fuck not giving out the rings, fuck the pansy asses in the red sox organization, fuck new york, fuck aaron fucking boone, fucking bucky fucking dent, fuck jacked up parking prices, fuck jacked up beer prices, fuck not having guiness at fenway last time i was there, fuck pink hats again

handshakes, not giving out the rings.... are we still grabbing our ankles for the yankees? fuck no! WE WON AND WE SHOULD ACT LIKE THE ARROGANTS BASTARDS WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN

fuck em all

Mr. blue, I tip my hat to you, brother.

Yes .. yes.. and most of all fuck the Red Sox... fuck everybody... fucke you!

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