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Yeah, without any "any real problems, controversy or turmoil" he claims he doesn't have a "challenge." What the fuck is he talking about? It's easy to write the "Playah Such and Such is an Assclown" stories.


While Mazz is contemplating beating himself ovah the head with a bat, and don't let me stop you Tony, a guy like Bob Ryan is writing an excellent piece about local boy Manny Delcarmen's recovery from Tommy John surgery.


The Hyde Park kid's fastball is back in the 90s. Flippin' sweet.


Yeah, nice fucking cap, muchacho. [Laughs]


Maybe the Yankees' new theme song should be Cockburn's "If I had a rocket launchah … I'd make somebody pay"?


Sad fucking thing is the Yankees' payroll is probably greatah than that of the Nicaraguan army.


And about as effective.



I've never read articles on the Herald website. But, I've heard Massarotti is part of the "negative" media element that perpetuates the perceived negativity of the generic Red Sox fan.

I mean, if I can't tolerate Shaughnessy, why would I pursue more curmudgeonly writing?

You'd think that these guys would comprehend that we want to hear about how Millar's "new look" has impacted him during BP. Or how Trot is progressing...or how's Mantei pitching...or if Renteria's getting along with the fellas...

No, this guy commits an entire column to his sorrow over a lack of controversy.

Fucking lame.

Yeah, it's kind of a shame that Boston only has one respectable newspaper...but I guess that's true in the vaunted 5 boroughs as well, unless you count the WSJ. Which I don't, since it's so special interest.

On the other hand, we do have Soxaholix for fayah and balanced coverage.

Oh yeah, another Clash reference...very nice.

Hear about the train from Bristol to Coventry(???) named after Joe Strummer? Big placque on the side of the engine...fucking sweet!

"The JOE STRUMMER locomotive was unveiled today at Bristol Temple Meads station. Joe's wife Lucinda unveiled the name plaque showing Strummer's name. The Train is Class 47 Diesel, which is owned by Cotswold Rail, and bears the serial number 47828."

See Strummersite.com

Ok, back to the Sox...sorry!

Back in the 90's National Geographic did a story on Peru. They included a picuter of a few Shining Path Marxists, the guys who are killing people up in the Andes there. They showed about 5 extremely bad-looking dudes, with ragged clothes and first-rate weaponry that looked well-used. One of them was resplendent in his Chicago Bulls cap. Made you want to buy them tickets and put them in the front row in Chicago Stadium. Let's see Scotty Pippen decide he wasn't going to go in then.

What I'd like to know is how did Bill get away with not getting any snow today? Lucky bastid =)

Delcarmen is a great kid. He will go far, I just hope he stays in the Red sox uniform.

Off-subject random thoughts... NY thinks Boston is obsessed w/them? In today's Daily News A McCarron evisions Damon in pinstripes in 2006...I don't see any Boston articles in breathless anticipation of Bernie Williams gimping around CF in Boston next year.

Did anyone catch David Wells on BDSS last night? I was surfing through and caught most of it. The guy is just not likable. Funny? Marginally. Irreverent? Certainly. But likable? No! When asked if he would like to pitch the opener against the Crankees, he replied,"Sure, then you'd have 2 pitchers who have thrown perfect games." I hope that the Sox leaders, (Ortiz, Millar, Varitek, Nixon) sit on him, (no small feat) if he gets out of line this year. I see nothing good from having signed this load,

James Taylor a Rock Star for fuck's sake? Yeah, and Bootsy Buddin was a gold glover.....

I want to like Wells, but it isn't going to be easy. I had the same feeling when we got Canseco: "Oh man, I gotta root for this clown now?"

Photo caption: "Even with this weapon, the Evil Empire stood no chance of stopping Dave Roberts."

"What I'd like to know is how did Bill get away with not getting any snow today? Lucky bastid =)"

Remember I typically do the strip around 5am. Wasn't snowing then. And the forecast was for off/on snow showers. Hence only snow on the ground outside Bill's window.

Wasn't tryin to be critical with my comment about the snow H.B. Just goofin' around. =)

No prob MrB&W... It was a valid question.

Meanwhile, if any of you reading are at Spring Training or are planning to go, there is a reporter who is looking to do a story on that. Drop me an email and I can put you into contact with him, if you're interested.

I'm grateful to MrB&W for pointing out that the weather can be observed outside Bill's window. Sorry, h.b., I haven't been giving your artwork enough attention!

Could he be a reporter for Boston's one respectable newspaper... you know, the one that's a wholly owned subsidiary of the New York Times? By the way, Rick, the vaunted Five Boroughs have three great newspapers (NYT, WSJ and Newsday, which has won 17 Pulitzer Prizes, the exact same number as the Boston Globe). One of ah tabloids compaihs to yaw "good" papah... and the NY Times doesn't even own it! And awl the Filenes toinin' inta Macy's now... fuhgedaboutit!

Boston -- a wholly owned subsidiary of New York City.

P.S. I do hate the Yankees though. As hb pointa out, they are not part of the heart and soul of NY the way the Red Sox are in Boston. I much prefer NY's scrappy National League tradition, like Dem Bums, who finally beat the Yanks in '55 on the seventh try. That's why I like the Red Sox. But you know, with all the "arrogance," you guys ah squanderin the lovable scrappy thing.

Arrogance? Now you get why we have hated the Spankees all these years, and their fans.

Some Sox fans get a little arrogant for four months, and the sports writers make a big deal. My how the media loves the yankees.

Enough with the NYC as Mecca bullshit, News Flash. It grows tiresome. If I want my kids to grow up as coke-addled hipsters with the blood pressure of a 50-something salt addict, I'll remember to give you a call.

da kine: That is so thoughtful. In return, if I want my kid to be a provincial, beer-bellied get-a-lifer with rosacea and a persecution complex, I'll send him to live with you for a while.

This thread is probably dead, as its the day after, but News Flash, I got a news flash for you: The "one respectable newspaper" in Boston ISN'T the one owned by the New York Times.

You talk as if people from New York aren't provincial. My folks moved out of New York to get away from the provincialism. My dad's greatest fear growing up was that he would "get stuck in Brooklyn".

Yes, we New Yorkers are so worldly, now let's go to the Aqueduct and get fucked up

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