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Keeping proper perspective

Rider on Green Line:
So it's an honor just to be a finalist I guess …


Yeah, right, rationalization. Sort of like when a chick believes it when I guy pulls the old "it's not you, it's me … I just need some space, some time" when the truth is …


Rider on Green Line:
He's just not that into you?


Bing-fucking-go honcho.


Rider on Green Line:
Yeah and anyway it all seems trivial when you learn the heavy that one of our gang is all busted up in Kuwait.


Seriously. Breaks my haht this news.


Rider on Green Line:
We're all pulling for you Da Kine.



OK, I have no fucking problems whatsoever--that is some harrowing shit.

It's trite, but: let's get this man back together and get him to Fenway. Baseball is irrelevant in the grand scheme, but normalcy is really what the soul requires after an episode of this magnitude.


God bless, da kine. Please get well. We miss you already.

best wishes to the family of Da Kine as well, lets hope he is well enough to dispense his wisdom soon.


Get well, brother. God speed.

Godspeed Da Kine. Thoughts and Prayers to his friends and family, as well...

You rule Hart.
I know the Corcoran Brothers (and myself, being an "honorary brother") appreciate the thoughts and prayers from all of you.

(Minor fact check, though: Da Kine had been restationed in Kuwait after serving in Afganistan, and that's where the accident happened.)


Thanks for the heads up on Kuwait and not Afghanistan. I made the change to the character dialog.

Da Kine, your Da Best. Mend quickly and honor us with your return.

Get well soon, brother...btw, chicks dig purple hearts...

To the people that read regularly the Soxaholix: I don't know any of y'all but I felt deep hurt when I read the news about da kine. It was as it were my own brother had that accident. I regularly root for our brothers and sisters overseas doing the dirty work so that I can enjoy my freedom so da kine, my brother, I pray to God that you will be healed and that the Lord keeps you company through these difficult times.

Worth noting:

2005-03-15 UPDATE - Good news, Shane has been taken off of his respirator early. He is still out of it but starting to come around. They will assess him and he may be going to Germany in 24 – 36 hours. This is a very positive sign. Looks like everyone’s prayers are working.

Ah, that update is very good news.

And Moncho pegged it: deep hurt upon hearing this news.

I didn't check email at all yesterday so was stunned this morning to find out.

In addition to all of da kine's regular comments here, he and I have also exchanged a series of emails as well. And while I've never me Shane in person, I feel like know him.

So, yes, it hits very close to home here in our e-community of Soxaholix.

Get well soon and a thousand thank
you's for serving our country!

Shane/Da Kine -

I wish you a speedy recovery and thank you from the bottom of my heart for paying such a high price for all of us. All the best...

I look forward to hearing good news about da kine. We need his witty comments around here to keep us all in check.

Are thoughts are with you da kine, the Soxaholix community is wishing and praying for your safe return. The place would never be the same without you.

And without a doubt, thanks for your service to our country..

Da Kine,
On the edge of my seat down here in Green Harbor hoping you mend well, my brother. Please, please, please...

hey guys, da kine is out of the drug induced coma two days early and spoke to his wife this morning. he is speaking in complete sentences, but is still a little confused. ever the master of understatement, he said, "i seem to have been in a bit of an accident."

thank you all for your kind words and prayers.

god bless you and the soxaholix nation.

Just want to add my sincere thanks and well wishes Da Kine. Hope you are feeling better soon!!

Da Kine, hope you are feeling better. Get well soon!!!

I posted one over at the Corcoran Brothers already, but another one never hurts. You are in our prayers in Tallahassee, Da Kine!

Get bettah and get back home, Da Kine. Thoughts, prayers, and tons of Sox love from us here in NYC... Godspeed.

Come on back home, brother. From Texas to you, miss ya, and many prayers.

Da Kine, my prayers are with you. Thank you for what you do. Get better soon!

YOu're in our prayers in St Louis, da kine. Get well soon and thanks for your selfless service of the nation.

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