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I'm only sleeping

Rider on Green Line:
Man, I so ovah slept this morning … I've got nothing.


Again? What are you turning into B.K. Kim or something?


Rider on Green Line:
Heh. Who knew that in addition to Kim's othah problems, he sleeps so much that when he was still with Arizona they thought he had narcolepsy?


What a wicked wee-ahd little guy he is.


Rider on Green Line:
So let's say a playah does have narcoplepsy and he takes some drug that allows him to stay awake long enough to play a game of baseball … Is that cheating?


You mean in the "performance enhancing drug" sense?


Rider on Green Line:
Well, not falling the fuck asleep on the mound would be a serious enhancement as near as I can tell.


And what if a relief pitcher takes a beta blockah to calm his nerves before coming out with two on, two outs in the ninth clinging to a one run lead?


Rider on Green Line:
Well we all know there are good drugs and there are bad drugs. Our government tells us so. And the government would nevah lie to us.



Thanks for the link!

I'm not a Doctor, but I read
alot of Ann Landers and National
Equirer. I think B.K. might be
clinically depressed.

So let's say he is clinnically depressed and he's prescribed an anti-depressant and all of a sudden he gets his 96mph fastball back, is the anti-depressant, then, a performance enhancing drug?

if he took something that caused an unatural chemical balance in his body and as a result of that balance his performance was enhanced. The key for me is that he took with the intent of enhancing performance or he took it for medicinal reasons.

Was this a conference call? I get those dudes confused enough as it is ...

What if Palmeiro takes Viagara? That's pretty much, by definition, "performance enhancing."

I would say it's not going to enhance his ability to slide headfirst...

re "conferance call"... those are just two different views of Bill.

I should probably put all the views for each character on the about page just to be clear.

There's a view of Susan at the computer which throws a lot of people off, too (which is why I rarely use it).

"I would say it's not going to enhance his ability to slide headfirst..."

with viagra, yes it would - so to speak, nudge nudge wink wink, know what i mean?

say no more

//if he took something that caused an unatural chemical balance in his body and as a result of that balance his performance was enhanced.//

OK, but theoretically speaking, if BK was depressed and took an anti-depressant, he'd be taking drugs to correct an unnatural chemical balance. Which should be OK. Like a pitcher who uses an insulin pump during games (Jason Johnson), it shouldn't be seen as 'performance enhancing' if it's not enhancing, just bringing back up to normal.

Like MI Boston fan says, I think the crux of the matter is the basic reason people take drugs in the first place: to correct or ameliorate (my 8th grade english teacher would be so proud of me) diseases and disabilities. It's an enhancing drug if you take it to improve your otherwise normal abilities.

Of course that opens another can of worms in "what's a normal ability" - if a guy has the stamina to run stadiums all day we call him an athlete, but what about the lethargic dude who downs tons of ginseng or whatever energy drinks to do the same thing?

Did you read the NYT article Pinto links to?

The Difference Between Steroids and Ritalin Is . . .

"The lines between treating an illness and enhancing a performance are so blurry," said Dr. Elliott, an associate professor at the center for bioethics at the University of Minnesota. "Most people don't conceptualize it as performance enhancement; most people conceptualize it as a treatment for an illness."

I don't have a problem with that, I don't have a problem with maintence type stuff like asthma medication insulin etc, I don't want guys to be using large amounts of steroids with no other objective than to give them an unfair advantage over the guy that works hard and just 'eats right'. I would randomly test guys those that fail have to undergo a repeat testing regime maybe 12 months every 30 days and if they can't explain why they are still outside the normal levels after that then the sanctions kick in. It would allow for the 'oops it was something I took for the flu' kind of pitfall.
I know I go off on one with this particuar subject but I want to know that I'm seeing a game played by guys not chemists.
If we go down the 'any means necesary' route then throw out the rule book , let the pitcher bring out a box to the mound to get a little more height, why not.

Nice reference to the Beatles in the title, (if that was the intention)"Don't spoil my day, I'm miles away, and after all, I'm only sleeping" Especially appropos since performance ehancing drugs are today's theme and I'm sure massive amounts of acid were ingested when this song was written.
This was just one of those trades (BK Kim)that didn't work out. But think of it, with Triple A Shea out of the picture, Millar moves to 1st, and Ortiz gets his shot at DH. We all know what's happened since. Too bad we had to spend 10m on Kim-chee.
Why doesn't Congress interview Mrs. Plameiro? Then we'd know if it was performance enhancing.

Glad you noticed the Beatles ref.

Revolver is my absolute fave album by those Liverpudlians.

What about all the women in Hollywood with implants? I know all that saline has helped MY performance. Yet you don't see Congress involved in that.

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