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Everybody has one

So were you able to put your personal politics aside and enjoy the White House Ceremony for the World Champs, or did you pull a John Henry sick out?


You know the Red Sox are biggah than politics. Besides the Tony Massorotti tells me that an baseball playah's "opinion on political issues counts as much as that of the landscapah, gahbage collectah, dentist, teachah, fishaman, astronaut, baggage handlah and tree surgeon."


Abso-effin-lutely. Which is why I don't much place too much value in the ramblings of our sports media pudnuts.


Yeah, what makes Massarotti or Buckley or the CHB more qualified to offer opinion on the Red Sox than the landscapah, the gahbage collectah, the strippah, the grocery baggah, or the mid-level office managah or anyone else with a butt hole and an opinion?


Yeah, the days of the mainstream guys sitting back and offering so-called expert opinion on high are so ovah.


Yeah, fuck the columnists. Blogs do that shit bettah. The big media needs to focus on what they do best: access and deep sources.


Blogs on one side. Mainstream media on the other. Mix at your own risk, eh?


We anxiously await the ensuing shit storm and blog versus blog hot action.


Speaking of blogs, we interrupt your daily reading for this request …

Lisa the Temp:
Please fill out the BlogAds Blog Reader survey, if you have a chance. It's 18 brief questions. For question #16 please put The Soxaholix, with an x, as the blog that referred you.


Lisa the Temp:
Thanks. Lisa the Temp out …



I have to respect the Office of the President, if not the man. I would travel to the White House if summoned--assuming I ever accomplish anything of significance!

Oh yeah, Shitstorm...As Boston.Com has a direct link on its Sports Page to the Steve Silva’s Boston Dirt Dog website, should it not be a tacit endorsement of the contents derived therein? It is not an advertisement—they are compensating Silva--so they ARE responsible for monitoring what he puts on his website.

Yes, let’s make the distinction of the “tongue-in-cheek” stuff v. the BDD “scoops”/legit endeavors. I’m intelligent enough to interpret the jokes v. the journalism and I do find the Nomar and Pedro bashing stuff out of line. Especially, when it is done with a journalistic slant—the implications of Nomar on juice, not wanting his WS ring, are particular examples.

As Howard Stern says:”If you don’t like it, don’t listen…” I don’t "seriously" consider the BDD content (he is occasionally funny, though). Nonetheless, I believe that if the BDD website is to make forays into the discipline (ha!) of Sports Journalism, then Silva should be held accountable to fact-checking standards.

ANYWAY…the Red Sox World Series Championship has officially been recognized by the US Government and all is right with the world.

Champs, bitches!

Lisa the Temp digs me…I can tell these things.

I'd rather bang around a few thoughts on the sox with some like minded bloggers than the high minded rumour and inuendo that passes for legitimate journalism. The BDD stuff is mostly harmless fun but I guess it does stray, I suppose that it makes it easier to know when they set the journalism to the tune of camptown races.

Does anyone believe BDD without outside confirmation? I don't trust that at all. He's the Drudge of Boston sports. He is entertaining though.

What is he still doing in cyberspace, anyway? He promised to close up shop if the "100% done" A-Rod deal didn't go down.

I never expected my Metafilter post to show up here. I was disappointed that it didn't generate much discussion though. I guess the $5 cover charge to post is partly to blame.

So BDD published innuendo, rumor, and gossip, as opposed to the regular sports journalists who pick, berate, and badger for hours and use the one iffy thing a player says. What's the real difference? If the newspapers want to pass on a story on BDD as fact, they are the ones doing the legitimizing.

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