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Tom Brady Carrington, Bill Belichick Carrington

The Patriots do it again …

Somebody ring up that bitch Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan because we've got ourselves a Dynasty!


Unbelievable. Back to back Super Bowl victories and three of the last fowah … Of course, the hatahs will be quick to tell us the Pats only won each by a field goal.


No mattah. As Bob Ryan writes, facing Indy, the Steelahs and then the Eagles, three very good football teams and all drastically different in style of play, "was the most difficult postseason task ever presented to a team attempting to win a Super Bowl."


No doubt. But what was up with Eagles fans outnumbering Pats fans by like 100 to 1? Have Patsaholix become, as was alleged, blase with victory?


Nope. I'd be willing to bet the diehahds from both camps were even. It was the casual fan in attendance wearing green and rooting for the underdog that tipped the scales.


Are the Patriots the Yankees of football then?


Don't make me come down theah and beat your ass! What kind of sick talk is that?


Ah, don't mind me. I'm just going through racy commercial withdrawal. Talk about blase. This year's commercials were a serious yawn fest.


Yeah, I was laughing until I remembered Go Daddy is my effin' domain registrar. How the fuck can they afford a Super Bowl commercial? Hello, Go Daddy! Er, maybe spend a little cash coming up with a more usable customer interface? I'm just sayin' …



I watched the Supah Bowl on AFN (American Forces Network) and AFN didn't show the friggin' commercials. One never notices how often they cut to commercial until you see the same stupid thing every 3-4 minutes for 4 hours.

I haven't gotten to see too many games this year, but I must say I wasn't impressed with the Eagles. The Pats' offense (besides Dillon and Branch) never really clicked, but McNabb was horrible. I know he threw for a shitload of yahds, but that was on his receivers who moved really well.

No comparison to the MF Spankees can be even remotely correct with the salary cap in effect. If an MLB team serves as a model/parallel to the Pats, I'd have to say it is the Oakland A's except, you know, the whole winning thing.

they picked 'safe pair of hands' for the half time show. No risk of McCartney getting his tits out, I wonder if they had the show on the 5 second delay with the guy poised over a cut button.

da kine,

You can see them all online here: http://dyn.ifilm.com/superbowlads/

The "thanks to the troops" one from Bud is especially poignant and appropriate considering your location and job description.

The Tabasco one is also a good one. I missed that one during the game. Must have been going for more food and drink at the time.

Despite all the media bashing, I think JAX did alright hosting the big event - and I'm sure the Pats will have fond memories of their sojourn in North Florida. I'm not so sure that new ACC member BC will enjoy the same success down here at Doak Campbell in lovely T-L-H... Now, when do pitchers and catchers report? The NBA and No-Hockey-League ain't cutting it.

My favourite part of the Super Bowl (which admittedly I didn't watch most of) was turning on the last minute and hearing the FOX announcers actually whole-heartedly praising a New England team. God knows we couldn't get the fuckers to stop fellating the Yankees.

The Fox guys love the favorites, which is one of the things that makes them unbearable (among others: lousy color commentary and a play-by-play guy who loves the sound of his own voice more than Marv Albert).

The Ameriquest ad with the cat and the sauce was kinda funny. Was it just me, or were they replaying ads in the 4th quahtah? That's pretty rough if you can't sell out ALL your ad space for the Super Bowl to people who, you know, come up with different ads and stuff.

I can't see anyone comparing the Pats with the chokees. Their fans are obnoxious, and loud (you heard more eagle fans more than pat fans before and during the game). $teinbrenner throws money at all-stars and expects them to win, while the pats pick up unknowns, and molds them to win. The Chokees are cocky, flashy and "expect to win" while the pats keep their moth shut, and are almost boring (I have talked to friends in other parts of the country, and they wanted the Eagles to win, because they were bored with NE winning)

I have heard a couple people ask if there is a comparison, and I can't stand it.

We played a drinking word-association game last night, and one of the words you had to drink to was "dynasty".

I think we drank about 5 million cases.

How about the championship sandwich though? A big hearty helping of Red Sox deli slices bookended by two Marble-Rye Pats super bowl wins.

How long is the moratorium gonna be for waiting to start complaining about Boston sports teams?

What have you done for me lately Celtics?

Hey, don't look now, but the C's are actually in first place. (Yeah, yeah, I know, it's the Atlantic Division, big whoop.) Kind of ironic that the team that was, for so long, the Gold Standard of New England sports, has been relegated to a distant third place (and fourth, if the Bruins ever play again.)

And if you want to extend the "New England reigns supreme" theme to college sports, you've got UConn being the defending champs in men's and women's hoop, BC undefeated and ranked in the top 5, and no fewer than SIX New England schools in the top 15 of the college hockey rankings. We could easily end up with an all-Hockey East final four.

New England rules the world. Deal with it, bitches!

New England does rule, at least the country. When I moved to Texas (for 6 veeery long years) in the early '80s, in order to get your Teacher's certificate you had to take a course named "Texas History". I couldn't believe the ego that entire state had. When I started bitchin' that I had taken American History, why did I need this weak-ass, cow-poke history. One red-neck soon-to-be Texas teacher said, "Don't y'all have to take Mass-a-two-setts and New England history up there?" To which I responded that Massachusetts and New England history IS American History. This is where it all started and this is where it stays. The MLB and the NFL are our Bee-otchs now.

Tito, kiss my redneck, Texas ASSSSSS!

Great Blog. So Awesome to be World Champions again. All Hail the REAL trio: Belichick, Crennel, and Weis.

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