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The ties that bind

So the Yankees' GM Brian Cashman looks at the Patriots and sees his beloved dynasty Yankees team of the 90's.


And our favorite metrosexual quarterback imagines himself all snuggled up in a Derek Jetah jersey.


Are we for certain that the Apocalypse will be signalled by the appearance of the Four Horsemen? Because this sure sounds like some nasty motherfucking end of the world harbingering to me.


Is it any fucking wondah, then, that the Red Sox continue to own this town?


Absolutely. Hey, so I hear you got an invite to the Boink Magazine launch pahty at the Roxy … Alecia O must have heard about your bonah for her.


Nah, rumor has it she's got a major league crush on Mike Timlin.


Timlin?!?!?! Gun totin' camo wearing tobacco tastin' Timlin?


Hey, at least she's keeping it in the family and doesn't have some groupie love for fucking Jetah or something.



I love Tom Brady like a brutha, but why does he have to say stupid shit like that? It's like when Schilling said he was a Steelers fan. There's stuff I think but don't say in public because it will get me ridiculed or hated, like my desire to get Tyra Banks and Jennifer Garner together with a midget and a tub full of tapioca pudding.

yeah it was kinda goofy but on the
whole I think he handles himself
amazingly well considering he won
I were him, I would be at the
playboy mansion every night hanging
out with my new best friends, Vern
"mini me" Troyer and Corey Feldman.

I would give up my chihuahua to be in Boston for that Boink party.

Well, okay, maybe I'd just ignore him for a day.

Yeah, Tatiana, I figured the Boink party would be something you in particular would gravitate to :)

Since Tommy Boy is shacked up with a Massachusetts' gal (Bridget Moynahan) you'd figure he'd lay low on the MFY thing. Alright, granted Miss 'I Robot' was born in New York state, she did grow up in MASS. Come to think of it, isn't that always the way, folks who by all rights should be hometown fans, get famous, rich and shit then some switch flips in their head and they go to the DARK SIDE. Tommy, like we told Schilling, just throw, win and let that gash under your nose heal and everything will turn out fine.

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