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The suddenness of peep frogs

Another day, another snow storm forecast, as the Soxaholix grow restless …

I'm so fucking bored dot com.


This period between the Super Bowl ending and the staht of Spring Training is the worst.


How darkness moves in now. Grisaille. Close by and uncertain. Stillness. Birdless. The quiet river. The dirty snow. It's become insufferable.


You know what we need doncha?


[Said in unison] Truck day!


Fo sho status. Truck day is the true sign of Spring.


Fuck that wintah bringing bitch Persephone and her narcissus, give me 18 wheels packed with equipment headed due South on 95.


That's what I'm talking about. Yeah, That's what I'm talking about.


That's the fucking beauty of Truck Day, nobody knows when it'll occur, like the suddenness of the first robin sighting or the song of peep frogs.


We wait and watch. Pregnant with expectation.



I'd advise fans to watch the Celts or Bruins, but the NBA lost my attention after Dee Brown won the slam dunk contest and, well, the lockout sorta limits any hockey viewing.

Truck Day! Not that is a holiday worth celebrating. I will be sure to mark it on my calendar this year, so I can reference it in future years.

And I love the idea of Truck Day eve. Now I need to print out some decorations to hang on my office door...

What is the appropriate gift for Truck day? A set of those mudflaps with the glass, naked girl silouettes? Fuzzy dice for the review-mirror? That clear appliqué of the kid pissing on a Stinkees' symbol? What about stocking-stuffers for the kids? No-doz, a Big Gulp and a pack of Marlboroughs?

h.b., nice winter quote, but how about, "People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy." —Anton Chekhov

That should hold true for Sox/Pats fans everywhere.

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