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The Fartful Dodger

So Derek Lowe tells the press that the Red Sox mounted a smear campaign against him and the next day the Red Sox tell him he, a Dodgah, is no longer allowed to work out at Fort Myers, and Lowe is fucking surprised?


Yeah, and he thinks it odd that the Red Sox don't like playahs to criticize the team publicly? Is he totally out of fucking touch with reality or what?


Big time. And then, just to dot the i and cross the t in stupid, Lowe comes out with, "The funny thing is, I'm the one getting attention for working out, but there are probably guys from three or four organizations working out here." And tell me again which of those guys accused the Red Sox of perfidy and maliciousness?


Meanwhile, I don't think the Sox brass could give a fuck about Lowe's after hours escapades. It's the who's gonna show up, "the Good Derek or the Bad Derek?" question that led to his not being resigned or even given an offah.


I hope DePodesta and Los Angelinos are ready for some Derek Lowe face.


Well, from what I've heard, out in Hollywood fugly is the new pretty.



Derek's a moron. It's like nobody told him that he is an utter mediocrity.


A point about baseball players/pro athletes and a point about DLowe in particular (just my opinion):

Pro athletes likely have no idea about the real world--any indications they have are probably from their family, friends who still go food shopping, to the mall, watch CNN, worry about bills, etc. Lowe, in particular, always seemed a bit "suspended" re maturity; the "Face", fits and pouting after a walk or single, stuff that most pro pitchers don't succumb to. He speaks and acts, like other players, without any ideas of the implications--apparently, he literally doesn't know...

He was occasionally brilliant--top of the game and, at times, he was also MADDENING to watch on the mound. I'll regard him as a Sox semi-legend, in any case...

H.B., the links: I never even conceived of the following phrase:"...painful-looking camel toe..." from the "Fugly" website.
The 6' former stewardess of the "Queen of Sky" website is PHENOMENAL.


Go Fug Yourself effin' rules! You never click on the link and think, "Awwww, this is going to suck." It's the anti-Derek Lowe: it's consistently funny AND grounded in reality.

sorry...this is bs. the sox are runnign this as a business. they have as much loyalty to their players as duqutte did. Lowe CLICHED 3 SERIES. He is a ground ball pitcher who had an AWFUL defense behind him most of the season.

dlowe feel rejected, like the hot chcik just dumped him. But Dlowe is one of the best guys...nothing but heart. RSN is worse without him.

anyone asks me who i will miss the most of all the players who have left this year, and it's no contest. Lowe for the most part has shown nothing but class. he wanted to stay, but clearly wasnt wanted. id be pissed too. but look how he has handled it compared to Pedro, who red sox management grabbed their ankles for

I love the guy but he needs to
stop playing the victim...

and BTW; you're married and not
even that good looking like Johnny
Damon or A-rod so stop hitting on
all our girlfriends at THE RACK...

Yes, the Infield Defense was crap until the Nomar trade--crucial point for a groundball pitcher.
But, DLowe's ERA was still 5-ish and he went 5W, 3L in AUG/SEP--after the new D had time to acclimate to the park, each other, etc.
He wanted ALOT of money for that 5-ish ERA and "middle of the rotation" W/L record and I believe that's why the Sox let him go. LA is paying him...what? 36MM over 4? Someone correct me if I'm wrong...

NO ONE will forget him locking down to clinch THREE F#cking series in a row, but he doesn't get a new contract for what he's done, he gets a new contract for what he'll do...


Wait until Derek has half a season or so under his belt, and it starts to sink in that he's not going to get the 7 runs/game of support he has grown so very accustomed to. Then, LA shall see a Face to call its very own for 4 long and expensive years.

What's with the subliminal advertising? One minute a shirt and tie the next a "Battling Evil" t-shirt, which so happens to be for sale, finally back to the shirt and tie?

DBlow doesn't want to make the cross-state trek to Vero since he lives in Ft. Meyers. He's damn lucky that the Dodgers are one of the few West coast teams that have camp in FL. Didn't he show up late for a spring training game once because he was screwing around watching NASCAR in Daytona???

Sorry about the wardrobe malfunction. It was unintentional. (FWIW it's one character in a line of CSS code that swaps Mike into the tshirt. Almost every day I screw up like that, but I normally catch it myself.)

as a Sox fan living in LA, i cannot WAIT to indoctrinate the locals in the ways of the DBlowe Face...and to see our man rubbin' on honeys in the clubs on Sunset Strip like he used to do at Daisy Buchanons...welcome Derek!

O.K., I want to talk about Mike Greenwell asking for Canseco's MVP award:

The Major League Writers say they won't do it because steroids weren't illegal then. Does the basic agreement have anything to say about the use of performance-enhancing drugs in the general case? How about the use of illegal drugs? Ever since the first drug acts in the Federal code, it's been illegal to use prescription drugs without a prescription, and IIRC anabolic steroids are prescription drugs. Anybody out there know the answer?

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