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That dust thou art

You going to check out that MLB chat with Gammons at noon?


Would love to, Dude, but I'll be changing my garments for ashes and sackcloths at the noon Mass.


Oh, right. Ash Wednesday. I'm so lapsed I forgot. So what are you giving up for Lent, Dougie.


Ah, you know, the usual sacrifices like a daily cleansing ritual of getting fucked up and watching reality TV. Special acts of piety like that and shit.


Nothing like a thorough purging of oneself with a can of sacrificial whoop ass.


The way I see it, everyone says TV is a vast wasteland, right? So a wasteland is like a desert and who spent all that time in the desert? There you go, W-W-J-D?



Jeez, how long are we going to have to enduah, these fucking lame brained comparisons between the Red Sox and the Patriots? Like anyone gets up and thinks, "You know that Tom Brady is really buttoned down and self-effacing, so I'm going to root for him and the Patriots at the total exclusion of the Red Sox"?


I know. It's not "eitha oah" but moah and moah … World Championships that is.



I knew Lent was coming because I saw a Filet O' Fish commercial.

So true about the Filet o' Fish thing. You can instantly tell how Catholic a place is by how many Filet o' Fish sandwiches they have premade and ready to go on Ash Wed at lunchtime at the local McD.

Fish Sticks on sale at Star this weekend....

But seriously, the only way I accept a pats comparison to the yankees, is that they know how to win the big game (well the 20th century yankees).

Pizza (non-meat toppings, of course) is also a real big Lent option--when I worked in Downtown NYC, the lines at the "better" pizza joints would be down the block...

As a longtime NY Times reader, I must say that Selena Roberts's columns almost always elicit my mind's "Shut the F@ck up." response. Just gratuitous "anti"-whatever drivel...like a cranky teenager.

Many feel compelled to draw comparisions between the Sox and the Pats in various fashions. The end result, at least in the last year, is championship caliber play.

I'll continue to sit back and enjoy, thank you very much.


Tuna casserole or lasagna (meatless) back in Catholic school. Becoming an RC (retired Catholic) has improved the lenten menu considerablly.

This crap about the Pats resembling the Stinkees is so much MFY fans lame-ass attempt at psychological warfare. That comparison doesn't pass the sniff-test (much like many lenten menu items). Is that the best they've got? Come on, they could at least try a little harder. How about the old playground stand-by: "I'm rubber you're glue..." Of course, MFY fans have always been know for their command of the English language.

Yeah, the MFY fans are getting more desperate by the day, aren't they? I think the events of October '04 have completely unhinged them from reality. Something has snapped. Their smug worldview was so completely shattered by The Greatest Choke In History (mean, saying that nevah gets old) that they are grasping around at any sporting comparison that makes the Sox look bad.

I mean, how pathetic and delusional do you have to be to try co-opting OUR football team by comparing it to YOUR baseball team? The Patriots-- a team that wins by submergin their individual egos into a team and succeeding within the same salary restrictions as everyone else--have NOTHING in common with the loudmouth, overpaid mercenaries in New Yawk.

Well, since 2000, NY's 4 baseball & football teams = 0 championships...

New England's 2 baseball & football teams? 4...hehehehehehehe

I think we have a consensus heah that this Selena chick should shut the hell up. Self effacing Brady? Hookay.

Schilling pitches with a torn up ankle and he's self consumed? I could not make a greater case for just how unhinged the MFY fans have become. Unreal.

On a side note, does anyone know which paper the Red Sox took out their add congratulating the Patriots? I heard it read something like this-

"Congratulations to the Krafts and their organization, to Coach Bill Belichick, and the players and fans of the World Champion New England Patriots on your third Super Bowl Victory, from your friends and fans at the-

World Champion Boston Red Sox"

I need a tissue....'sniff sniff...

Here in Boston-on-the-Mississippi (St Louis), we have Fish and Chips ads running at Burger King, Hardee's and Jack-in-the-Box. Hey, when a good quarter of your population is Catholic and there's about 20 Catholic high schools in the area, there's bound to be ads like this.

Anyways, at my high school we had today cheese pizza, 2 types of fish and chips (one with spicy fish and regular fries, the other with regular fish and steak fries) and grilled cheese.

Oh crap I'm going to hell. I am a recovering Catholic, and I had a meat at lunch, and to top it off I can't claim I'm jewish, it was bacon ...

Oh well. My 7 year old daughter, on Monday morning proclaimed "Wow, our teams always win!" I didn't know wether to laugh or cry. Then last night, I flipped to NESN at bed time, and got yelled at because I didn't tell her baseball started ...

For lent I'm giving up hockey ... except the beanpot, but I promise I'll root for the team with all the Irish Catholics on it (is that BU or BC?)

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