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Talking loud and clear and saying nothing at all

Ah, those always entertaining Yankees, so much Shock and Aura, so little time …

Ah, Bill, I just want to, er, you know, um … you know … say I'm s-s-sorry and shit.


Yeah, let me get this fucking straight: Giambi calls a press conference to apologize but then can't say for what? That is whack.


Yeah, and then that assclown Steinbrenner has the fucking insolence to claim, "It takes a hell of a big man to stand up and apologize to his teammates, to New York Yankee fans and to baseball fans everywhere and admit he was wrong"? Admit? Admit? What the fuck did he admit?


Where's the Yankees "Mystique"? Where's the Yankees "Aura"?


For fuck's sake, even that midget dictatah with the fucked up hair Kim Jon Il had the balls to admit he's got nukes, something we already fucking knew.


Memo to George: If you're going to be the dictatah of an evil empire, don't be a fucking pussy. Getting outclassed by a guy who's known for stahving his people to death is pretty fucking sad.


Dude, speaking of the Korean peninsula, check this bad ass shit out.


Beautiful! I love that guy who just goes "........"


Yeah, kinda reminds me of a Giambi press conference.



I read someplace that Giambi was apologizing for some sort of steroid use? I had assumed he was groveling on his bitch-ass hands and knees to the people of NY to beg forgiveness for his shitty play during the 2004 season.

I don't know. I kind of feel bad for Giambi although he's a despised Yankee. He's taking the fall for all the other schmucks. Hey, but at least we get watch Bonds shatter the record of one of baseball's greats while he tries to balance his big fat head on his shoulders and scream he's not juicing.

That Korean Sox comic is spectacular stuff.

I'm sure that press conference was an orchestrated prelude to Steinbrenner's next attempt to get out of Giambi's contract, which is even more bloated than his head.

Spin. All Spin.

The Yankees had to know Giambi’s physique, thus play was chemically enhanced when they signed him.
There was too much money involved to not be intimately intelligent about the player.

I feel the controlled press conference was a pre-emptive attempt to somehow avert the absolute grilling Giambi and the team will have to endure for the time to come. Not gonna do it…

Giambi got caught up in what appeared to be the culture (or a sub-culture) of Professional Baseballnow he's the poster child. At least he ‘fessed up on some level (SF Chronicle story)—Sheffield’s statements are ridiculous. To me, Sheffield appears to be a craftier and more calculated individual than Giambi.

My hope: Giambi gets healthy enough to play 120 games and bat .270/17HR/70RBI—just enough to insure they have no significantly better option (Tino?!??!), but not enough to greatly impact the team’s success.

And yes, I am truly enjoying the latest “Collective Pinstripe Squirm”.


PS Those S Korean cartoons are hallucinogenic-level bizarre!

Good point, JB, re Giambi. And one other positive thing about him: At least he's now off the juice. I guess it took nearly dying to make him realize what he was doing to himself.

Regarding the Yankees voiding the contract, rumor has it they removed all steriod/drug use stuff from his contract in order to sign him originally, so now they are stuck between the proverbial hypodermic needle and ass cheek.

Forgot to mention that the link to the Korean comic came courtesy of reader "Bart Zuckerman" AKA "Flavius."

Awesome, isn't it?

Thanks Bart/Flavius.

I went to the link of the great ass from NY and I read this article:

On it he says: "Come down to the big stadium in the Bronx. And win. Beat the Yankees. Not just once. Not even twice or three times. Do it four times in a seven-game span. Do it for us so we can write about something new, something other than this story line that's becoming less and less exciting and more and more sad, tired and pathetic." Well the Red Sox did and what has he written since? Well, nothing. LOL Greetings to all of the Red Sox Fans from a Red Sox fan in Puerto Rico!!!

That was an excellent pointer to the Korean comic.. I have no idea what it says, but Google's translation tools appropriately translate the title to: "Team star total arrangement - Boss then"

Ortiz is a green monster, Millar has horns, Pedro has antennae; what, do they hand out LSD for free in Korea? Hey, h.b., maybe you should let this guy do the strip once every couple of weeks.

I think Ortiz is supposed to be Shrek, which would make Millar his talking jackass sidekick. But, I'm clueless about the Pedro one. Here's a link to the Yankees' Korean comix (its even funnier):


Where are those Korean Soxaholix fans when you need them?

The guy in the comic going '......' is Johan Santana. Not sure what's happening there, but I think it's something to do with the Cy Young?

Oh, that's who it is, Santana. He looked like Ichiro but the Twins cap had be boggled.

i love the yankee one the korean did.. shows giambi with the needle in him.

its funny that across the world people see baseball exactly how we do :)

Follow the links at the bottom to get to the other teams...this is great. Can anyone help me out here by explaining what Zack Greinke and Joe Randa are up to?


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