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L.L. Cool Bean

The so-called "Last Out" Ball arrives at Fenway …

Jesus Christ I'm glad no gang of wayward thugs tried to pull a heist on the Last Out Ball, because those two Brinks guys were scary fucking tough. Pure fists of fury cage fighters those two.


But, hey, the old guy was Chief O'hara from the original Batman series so everything was cool. If the Penguin or the Jokah showed his dahstahdly presence, it'd be just one quick call to the Bat Cave.


You think Lucky Lucchino cahded those Brinks' guys to see if they were "official" members of Red Sox Nation before letting them near the Ball of Turin?


More importantly, do you think Brinks has to special order that L.L. Bean beach tote bag they carried The Ball in? Nevah seen the all black version in the catalog. That shit is bitchin'.


Dude, you know that shit would be a huge hit with the beach goin' Kenneth Cole wearin' crowd up in Ogunquit. Black is always in style. And coordinates with everything.


Absolutely. From now fucking on, regahdless of sexual orientation, everyone should lug all their precious valuables around in a Bean tote bag. Who knew they were so impregnable and secure?



Mrs. Mnkrenwvtwvnicz is crying herself to sleep right now. I hope you're proud of yourself, Mr. Lucchino!

Perhaps Chief O'Hara and Commissioner Gordon take long weekends in Ogunquit, justifying the expense report with a jaunt up to Freeport to buy high-security tote bags and other stylish yet practical crime-fighting geah.

If that older Brinks guy is really Chief O'Hara, then that other dick head has to be the bastard son of Barney Fife.

I hear the Sox are now going to build a requilary to house the One True Ball. They've also acquired a lock of Johnny's hair, Curt's ankle and Trot's bum quadracep muscle. Who said relic mania died in the 12th Century?

I'm glad this is over. It was embarrassing to the organization. Minky got a raw deal.

The ball of Turin, that was a good
one ;)

BTW: Go Pats!!

I love the showmanship that JH, TW and LL use for everything. Must be the Hollywood influence. Red carpet. Shawshank guards escorting the ball. It was priceless.

All that for a stupid ball that means very little to me. Sure it's great the Sox won the WS. But there were hundreds of balls used, through four games. The final ground out ball is a yawn. It's not like Joe Carter's walk-off HR ball. That would be fun to see. But just for a second.

Careful of hawkin' the Bean, man! They're looking to take over the world...


"reliquary" - that's the first new word I've learned since I left college.

the think that was amusing to me. apart from the octagenarian guard, was that the put it on a little shelf in a big photo and little plaque. I don't know I kind of wanted more. I think that in the fullness of time they should work on a deal with Jodi to have Doug stuffed and mounted holding the ball like in the photo.

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