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It's only arrogance if you're wrong

Didya heah the latest? "Fans from all ovah express their dislike for how the Sox go about their business. The swing from lovable loser to arrogant 1st-time-in-86-year winners has been quite dramatic," one Seymour Ruskin purports.


Ah, yes, the same old worn out memes. If the Sox were coached by Belichick blabbidy fucking blah and the Yankees, especially A-Fraud, are classy.


I'm still not exactly sure why having one guy, Juicy Giambi confess, well sort of, to steroid use and anotha, Pay-Rod, ostensibly say that he'd do his cheat slap play again if given the chance, defines "classy," but that's just me.


And for what it's worth, I'd like to let Seymour know that Trot's deadbeat dad comment did give me a "rush in the loins" but I'll have you know I was not drunk when I heard it, you fucking bastid. I was high on marijuana brownies. Jeez.


What I think's funny is how all of a sudden people have discovahd an arrogant streak in the Red Sox. Nevah heard of Ted Williams, I guess, and his self-proclamation as the Greatest Hittah That Evah Lived?


And as for us fans, fuck, we were arrogant even when we were losing 86 yeahs in a row. We had the best Curse. Our losses were the most haht wrenching. Our ball pahk is the best by fah. And we all know we are the smahtest fans in all of baseball. Winning the World Series just ratchets that shit way the fuck up.


I'm so fucking arrogant I can barely stand myself.


The enormity of our arrogance, is it something one not of us can evah really understand?


Indeed. Our striving toward arrogance isn't at all practical. If anything, we are arrogant precisely because it isn't practical.


We choose to go to the motherfucking moon not because it is easy, but because it is hahd!


To these charges of arrogance from the Seymour Ruskins of the world I say, "Wait 'Til Last Year" Bitches.



Fuck Seymour Rustdick. I'll be as fuckin rude as Ice Cube for some time to come for less than a World Championship. I'll curse you out if I win a game of dominoes and keep at it for two weeks. I was born arrogant and I just got bigger.

My beloved Red Sox will call you a nancy-boy, smack your Mom in the grill, and steal your rims to use as coasters for their monstrous mugs full of arrogance brew. Trash talking is the new black. If it weren't for the trash talk, I'd have had nothing to occupy the hole in my mind where spohts normally resides.

If arrogance were tits, we'd all be Morgana, the kissing bandit. I used to love watching her run on the field to kiss some player. Just seeing her sweater cows swinging in the breeze was enough to send this horny teen off to a quick session of doing the prison pull.
Just heard Damon on Menace and Sallyhan on 'EEI. They brought up the fact he's not signed past this year. Boy, did he take the high road...People better get used to the way the new regime does things. If ANYONE in the minors shows ANYTHING in CF, he's gone. If not, he's back but not at 7 mill per. Isn't this what happened with Tek? Shopach dropped a big doodie last year so faced with not having anyone else, Theo signed Tek. Bye Johnny...

You people are so fucking arrogant; I can barely bring myself to post a message…:)

(I NEVER do that "emoticon" shit, by the way)

When I encounter the word “classy”, I think of ornate chandeliers, champagne glass-shaped hot tubs, black lacquer and mirrored ceilings. Thus, I want nothing to do with “class.”

Now…”dignity”…well, that’s another story. Frankly, anyone whose occupation involves culling “controversial” quotes and getting them to print from an entire conversation they initiated …well, that’s undignified. It's 5th grade schoolgirl shit, actually.

Further, “Dignity” does not involve illegal or questionable activity: from non-prescription steroid abuse to strategic exclusions of contract verbiage to contact via karate chops on the baseline.

The Yankees purport themselves to be World Class on YES Network promotions—Seymour Ruskin apparently feels he is the Arbiter of Class.

The Media (as far as Ruskin is representative of the Media) and the Yankees. Made for each other...with class.


What gave me a "rush in the loins" was the babes that site links to. Thanks for the link!

BTW, I (unfortunately) live in the KC market. I haven't heard a damn thing about this: "Listen to any sports station (other than one in Boston) and hear fans from all over express their dislike for how the Sox go about their business." 'Round here they're still trying to figure out how to lose next year.

I'm so arrogant, I'm gonna wear my Red Sox WS Champions t-shirt to opening day when the Royals host the Mariners in their home opener.

Whitey, you ah wicked arrogant!

Yeah, the links to Seymour's website include bookie and scalper websites exclusively--mad classy, yo!

General question:
Is "rush in the loins" equivalent to a "stirring in my manhood"? Just curious...

I don't get it, isn't this what the fans earned with the Sox won the series? Bragging Rights? Arrogance? The ability to thumb our collective noses at any team and anyone who thought the sox would never take the girl home from the prom.

It sounds like some of the disdain and envy Shotty Red Sox media expressed before the "Year of the (Bloody) Red Sock"

One can only hope a drought in this dork's net presence occurs - sour grapes anyone?

I'm with Jeff - we have the bragging rights, we use it. But while we're defining how "Yankee class" means "not throwing stones, even at a bitter enemy", what about Gary "I though it was arthitis cream, I swear" Sheffield's comments just before the Great Collapse last October? Is HE a "true" Yankee? This offshore-casino-and-FHM-ripoff-advertising hack is doing more to manufacture controversy than even Shaughnessy. At least Dour Dan could get himself a newspaper to write him checks.

Whitey, you will not be the only one wearing Red Sox clothing at the Royals home openah. I will be there with my BIG PAPI t-shirt. Hope to see ya there in all your arrogance.

If this clown thinks we're arrogant now, just till we repeat next yeah.

How exactly did Trot manage to bat 2.17 in the ALCS? That means he got over 2 hits for every time at bat...how did he not win the series MVP with that performance?

Wanted: Copy editor who knows ANYTHING about sports. Please contact [email protected]

I can't believe you spelled losing "loosing." I see this bizarre misspelling all over the 'Net, but not here! C'mon!

Hey Sambo,
Maybe H.B. spelled losing "loosing" to further accentuate his obviously overly exaggerated Boston dialect that is the premise of this bit. Your arrogance to point out a potential misspelling ain't welcome in our house, bro. H.B. is an idol to us Mensa-like intellectually gifted World Champion Boston Red Sox fans. By the way Ruskin, how's this for arrogance: You dick head fucks spend hours slamming us Massholes but would you care to compare the mathematical discrepancy of how many New York fuckbags come to our schools compared to how many brilliant Mass. kids attend your roach infested schools? It's not in your favor, fuckface. So take your fraud fuck big league teams and shove them up that hole where whatever brains you may have reside.

Steinbrenner Killed Kennedy... I lived in Boston for nine years and recently moved to NYC. I am a Yankee-hater and enthusiastically rooted for the Red Sox last year, BUT you need to know that no one in New York EVER talks about Boston or gives it a second thought. Those NYers who are Yankee fans, when thinking about baseball, feel hostile towards Boston. Otherwise, Boston is not on New York's radar because New Yorkers consider it an insignificant place. I have been amazed at the contrast between the extent to which Bostonians obsess about all things New York (not just baseball) and the complete absence of any reference to Boston in daily life here. Sorry, but they just don't care about you.

News Flash, we all know that is bullshit. Like SKK pointed out, our schools are infested with eggcream-drinking NYers. When I went to BU (95-99), there were probably more people from Long Island than there were from NY. NYers make a point of proclaiming that there city is the center of the universe, open 24 hours a day, blah blah fucking blah, but none of them are happy. They're too busy buying their Prada bags, Manolo Blahnik (sp.?) shoes, and snorting coke to enjoy life. Ever known someone who was raised in Manhattan? Were they truly normal? That's why they come to Beantown for college. They need to spend time in our little hamlet to get their heads screwed on straight. Just because they don't talk about it doesn't mean they don't think about it. Incidentally, every time I meet a New Yawker and I tell them I'm from Boston (I lost the accent) they can't shut up about the Spankees choking.

Hey StenKenn
Sorry... that weak-ass excuse 'ain't flying. I lived my whole life in Beantown and there's nothing about the Boston dialect that sounds like "loose" instead of "lose." This is a common Internet spelling disaster that appears all over the place... evr read the spelling on SOSH and everywhere else? Maybe the kids nowadays just can't spell, Mensa-level or not.
Nice try, though.


Thanks so much for pointing out the misspelling.

I do that all the time. Also I'm prone to typing "their" when I mean "there" and vice versa.

FWIW I write the dialog between 430am and 500am each morning, and it isn't always easy. My first priority is to get the strip out. Then I try to go back and proof a couple of times, but sometimes, that just isn't possible. I have a day job. I have a other responsibilities and pleasures. Etc. I'm bound to make the occassional typo or misspelling or other mistake. (Actually, I'm surprised I don't make more than I do, considering.)

In most situations, readers kindly point these mistakes out to me and I make the fix ASAP.

Occassionally, someone comes along who, probably lacking in self-esteem or something, feels the need to point out errors in a "he's so dumb, I'm so smart" sort of fashion.

Whatev. We don't throw at .260 hitters around here, so feel free to slap me for what a disaster the misspelling is for you and the world at large.

Hell, if you want, you can even lay a "dropping the shoulder move on me," if it makes you feel any better.

Sambo: Great point about the spelling error. You are 100% right with your accusations. But after reading your last post, I spent some time trying to find the word "evr" in the dictionary. It's not there. Is this a word from another country?

To that News Flash poster: I didn't say you gave a fuck about us. Your boy started this shit with an article calling us arrogant. My rebuttal implies that most NY'ers are scum and if we're this and we're that, why do they invade our schools and summer resorts every year? We weren't too insignificant to kick your asses last year, were we. By the way, REAL sox fans don't stick up for anything or anybody from NY. Nor do we ever say anything nice about those burrough dwelling fuck sticks. Maybe you're just a nice person. Which if you're going to be true Soxaholix, you must get over.

da kine and SKK: I didn't claim to be a "REAL sox fan"... I just said I rooted for them against the Yankees, whom I despise. da kine writes "Just because they don't talk about it doesn't mean they don't think about it," i.e., he admits NYers don't talk about Boston. Are they thinking about it? Living here for a few months, I've seen no evidence that anybody thinks about Boston except in the context of sports. But you know, if in 5 years the Orioles are great and the Red Sox are bad, they'll be thinking about Baltimore in the same way. There is not one New Yorker who would take seriously the idea that there's a rivalry between NY and Boston as cities.

You both argue that NYers must think Boston is important and great because they send their kids to schools there. By that logic, NYers who go to Yale think New Haven's a great town. Like everyone else, NYers who go to Harvard, MIT, Tufts, BC, etc., etc., go to those places because they're great schools. And maybe seeing Boston as a fun "college town" factors into it.

But *after* college, I'll betcha far more Bostonians migrate to NY to settle permanently than vice-versa, because if you're ambitious and want to live in the national (or even global) center of your field, NY is the place in law, finance, media, advertising, fashion, etc. Boston's got medicine... I'll grant you that... but barely. Manhattan alone has four of the top 30 medical schools in US News.

I love Boston, and I enjoyed living there. But you guys do need a reality check.

"By the way, REAL sox fans don't stick up for anything or anybody from NY. Nor do we ever say anything nice about those burrough dwelling fuck sticks."

Uh...this is a spectacularly provincial statement--say what ever you like, this is America--but you must admit this is quite short-sighted. You've quite easily proved News Flash's point.

My parents are from Watertown and Somerville, MA. I have family as far south as Cohasset and friends as far north as Groveland. I've been in or around the city of Boston 100 times.

But, I was born, raised and employed in NYC until 2001 and I now live in Upstate NY. Yeah-I'm a New Yorker. But, for you to imply that I am not a real Sox fan is the height of arrogance. (And fuck Seymour Ruskin--this is about the statement above.)

Arrogance not based on the Sox winning the World Series, not based on comeuppance for the shit that WE ALL have endured from the douchebag NYY fans out there--try wearing a Sox cap anywhere in NY--well, until last October...

It's a simply ignorant and arrogant statement.

Swap the cities and it's the same thing you'd hear from a kid who's never left 4th Ave in Brooklyn or his neighborhood in Roslyn, LI.

From my perspective, I've seen BS from both sides--the funny thing is the people who point the finger and suggest their relative innocence or victimization.

I'm sorry to recite my C.V. as a Red Sox fan, but, the results of the 1978 Playoff game? I was 10, so I admit that I bawled to my Grandmother on the phone while she was still working at Polaroid, OK?

I ATTENDED WS GAME 6 at Shea in 1986. Nosebleeds, but I was there. That fucking episode has been re-hashed 1,000 times--WTF...

The 2003 ALCS almost destroyed me. The 2004 World Series rejuvenated me.

I am a Red Sox fan. 30+ years ago, my family made me so and this is who I am.


H.B. As I have outed myself as a New Yorker, feel free to ban me. I still think your work is funny as hell.

ruskin is a friggin genius and all your comments prove it.

Hey, let's not forget this is supposed to be fun.

Now way off topic, here's my two cents.

As for the arguments between cities, let's face it, while the East Coast cities, particularly Boston, NY, Philly, are where you want to be if you're a baseball fan, the real action in terms of economics and cultural influence (e.g., trend setting) is all on the West Coast. And, if we really want to get out of our provincial thinking, we need to acknowledge that a city like Shanghai or Hong Kong has more energy at any given moment than NY and Boston combined.

The future is on the Pacific rim and not the Atlantic.

HB: I agree it should be fun, and it is. I get a real kick out of your site. However, at the risk of getting banned, I feel I cannot leave the equation of NY and Boston as both somehow second fiddle to LA (or California generally or Hong Kong)unchallenged. It is true that NYers DO talk about LA and respect LA as a power center, but let me share with you the following excerpt from the Wikipedia entry for New York City:

"New York City is the largest city in the United States and the world's most important center for global finance and communications. The city is also home to hundreds of world-class museums, galleries, and performance venues, making it the unrivaled cultural and entertainment capital of the Western Hemisphere.

"New York City lies at the heart of the New York Metropolitan Area, which, with over 22 million people, is one of the largest urban conglomerations in the world. The city comprises five boroughs: Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island, each of which could be a major city in its own right.

"New York City serves as an enormous engine for the global economy, with an estimated gross metropolitan product of US$488.8 billion in 2003, the largest of any city in the United States and the sixth largest if compared to any U.S. state. If it were a nation, the city would have the 16th highest gross domestic product in the world, exceeding that of Russia ($433 billion). Though this value has been as high as 10 percent of the United States' GDP, in the last ten years it has been around 4.5 percent, fluctuating only recently. Along with London, Paris, and Tokyo, New York City is considered one of the four primary global cities of the world.

New York City is the chief center of finance in the world economy, with Wall Street in Lower Manhattan's Financial District. Financial markets based in the city include the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, American Stock Exchange, New York Mercantile Exchange, and New York Board of Trade.

New York is also the center of many of the service sector industries in the U.S., with more Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the city than anywhere else in the country (including companies as prominent and diverse as Altria Group, Time Warner, American International Group, Pfizer, and many others). The city is by far the most important center for American mass media, journalism and publishing. Manhattan's Madison Avenue is synonymous with the American advertising industry, while Seventh Avenue is nicknamed "fashion avenue" as it serves as an important center for the fashion industry. New York also has the most important scenes for art, music, and theater in the U.S., with an increasingly active artist's community.

I am not trying to be mean, but no one outside of the Boston area thinks New York and Boston are rivals in anything but baseball. New York is an icon to the world; most non-Americans have never even heard of Boston. As for LA, SF/SV, Shanghai and Hong Kong, each has specific areas of prominence but none possesses all the different dimensions of importance and influence of NY. You may be right about the future, but for now, Boston is a flyspeck compared to NY.

Sox Rule.

NewsFlash - are you Dan Doctoroff, by any chance? Enough with the propaganda. I love NYC but this is a Red Sox site, dude.

I'm a NYCer. And a Sox fan. And while New Yorkers don't go around talking about the city of Boston all day long, they *do* talk about the Red Sox an awful lot -- they did when we were losers and they especially do now that we're the champs. Since Boston = the Sox (and are you going to debate that at this point?), you can reasonably say that New York (especially the Daily News, Post & Times) *is* obsessed with Boston. We're not talking about gross state product here. We're talking baseball.

When New Yorkers feel the need to defend their city on economic, cultural, and other grounds, well, I'm just sayin'...

New theme song at the stadium,

"I've got you, under my skin..."


Mission fucking accomplished.

soxinthecity: Pretty funny -- I am not Dan Doctoroff. I am against the West Side stadium and think Bloomberg and Doctoroff should both be turned out on their corrupt arses.

hb: You're confused. As I said, I hate the Yankees and like (don't love) the Sox. I'd love to hear "I've got you under my skin" at Yankee Stadium. I revel in the suffering of Yankee fans.

But the dummies above tried to extend that to comparing NY and Boston on other grounds and begged to be smacked down. You can call it "defending" NY if you like, but it's really just my nice way of pointing out what Boston lacks by comparison. Denial is not just a river in Egypt, it's apparently the capital of Massachusetts.

"Denial is not just a river in Egypt, it's
apparently the capital of Massachusetts."

But the thing is there are many, many New Englanders who have no desire to live or work in NYC.

Indeed, the characters in this strip are representative of that point of view as, I suspect, are many of the readers.

You can point out your own feelings that NY is "better" on any grounds you want, but, in the end, it'll just be a waste of time.

People are who they are, and like what they like for all kinds of reasons.

And this isn't just a Boston and New York thing. Lots of people are attached to their cities. There are people in Dallas, TX who are quite convinced their city is the center of the universe. Same for LA, San Fran, Chicago, etc.

Hell, lots of New Englanders don't even want to live in Boston but prefer a more rural life in Maine or New Hampshire or a small scale urban life in a place like Portland or Burlington.

That, in the end, is what makes the big distinction between the two ball clubs. The Red Sox are part of the life blood of the entire region. The Yankees, on the other hand, are just one of many "entertainments" within the city of NY. How many New Yorkers are even Yankees fans? 1 in 10, maybe?

as a nuetral observer - i have been to both cities, but from neither. Boston is cleaner (especially after getting rid of the red light district and cleaning up south station), has more historic importance (of course), has better places to eat (unless you want to overpay for some dumbass fancy-pants new york chef's idea of what food is), has better universities

boston is a better town to live in, period

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