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If you let them kill you, they will

The Red Sox are "leaning" toward changing the date of the Ring Ceremony? …

You know I used to think the Red Sox brass was pahtly responsible for finally bringing a World Series to town, now I more and more feel that was just a fortunate coincidence for this bunch.


Rider on Green Line:
Making Theo GM? Brilliant. Monster Seats? Fenway improvements? Yes, yes, very good. Red Sox Nation Fan ID Cards? Stoopid. Leaning against presenting World Series rings to players prior to the home openah at Fenway against the Yankees? A collective shitting in their Armani suit pants.


Steinberg. And who the fuck is Steinberg anyway? Keeps talking about "decorum." Well decorum means doing things according to convention and tradition. Throughout history the Ring and Raising the Pennant Ceremony has occurred at the Home Openah.


Rider on Green Line:
Abso-effin-lutely. To altah the traditions and rituals of baseball is the ultimate impropriety.


You know, if I was Steinbrennah, I'd seize the uppah hand heah and demand that the Ceremony occur as scheduled. He'd come out looking classy and brass ballsy and would make the Sox look like assclowns and totally make the ceremony all about the Yankees' respect for tradition and willingness to hold their heads high even in defeat.


Rider on Green Line:
Jeebus. That's totally evil. I'm surprised he hasn't thought of it.


And the otha thing is this is real backhanded slap at the Yankees and their fans. Basically saying we have to protect their self-esteem and shit. If the situation were reversed, I'd be way insulted.


Rider on Green Line:
When exactly did New Yorkers go from the "What the Fuck Are You Lookin' At?" tough bastids attitude and into the smoke free, saffron wrapped, welcome to "The World's Second Home." pansy shit?


Yeah, how much fun is this rivalry going to be if New Yorkers identify more with Carrie Bradshaw than Thurmon Munson.



I'm numb over this. I wonder if Dr. Charles Steinbrennerberg thinks that having the Japanese present aboard the USS Missouri to sign a surrender of their country at the end of WWII was "rubbing it in their faces". Also, let's all hope and pray that Teddy pulls through this ordeal enough to lead a normal life. I don't think I ever saw him interviewed where he didn't somehow slip in "we do this because we have the greatest fans in the world". What a coincidence, for we have the greatest linebacker in the world!
If over the years some Sox players gave 1/2 what this guy does we wouldn't have waited 86 fucking years.

Decorum? In Boston? We're the same people who greet friends by calling them 'retahded hahd-ons'. If someone cuts us off on the highway, we find it poor form NOT to speed up, cut them off, and then laugh while they're fuming in a ditch. Fuck decorum. I want, no, NEED to see the look on Slappy's face when Tek gets his ring.

Fuck the rings--that ceremony is for the players. What a party that could be.

I feel that the pennants are for us fans, the Red Sox Nation (that moniker is the only thing positive Shaughnessy's contributed to the cause). That pennant is ours.

The link above doesn't appear to indicate that they'll opt out of the pennant raising. That must be done on Opening Day. That is the tradition.

The Fens will be f*cking Thunderdome when that WS banner is raised. I'm sure the Spanks will be huddled in the visiting clubhouse until the dust clears. They'll even shut the clubhouse TVs off.

Steinbrenner couldn't bear witness to such an event--he'd spontaneously combust like a Spinal Tap drummer.

Teddy?!?! C'mon dude...get better...unreal...


One thing I don't get...how is it that raising the banner is fine, but handing out the rings is crossing the line?

Just ass I suspected, John Henry is indeed Steinbrenner's bitch.

I can't get away from the feeling that the "protect the Yankees feelings" thing is just total bullshit. And what they really think is, "hmmm, we could make this a stand-alone event and make some cash on it ... "

Oh, they'd say something like "profits from ticket sales go to charity" or some such, but all the other income from concessions, etc. will be pure profit.

This was a trial balloon.

Old news, boys. Rings will be flying on opening day.

I like the comment on the Boston Dirt Dog's website: "This wouldn't happen if John Henry was still alive".

I've been lurking on the SOSH site for a few years now...Mr Henry occasionally "pops his head in" and did so about this deal...apparently, they don't even know when the rings will be ready--the design isn't even finalized.

He seems amused that the rabble has been roused.

No mention if Dr Steinberg (??) is talking out of his hat or not re: decorum about the NYY feelings. Further, no mention of WS Pennant unfurling...


Pg 9 of the Ring Ceremony discussion

I like the comment on the Boston Dirt Dog's website: "This wouldn't happen if John Henry was still alive".

yeah, that was a good one!!

Are we still living in the shadow of the yankees, so much that we may change the date of the "Championship Party"? Okay, I personally don't care a lot about the rings, but the pennant better fly, and their had better be some festivites going on at Fenway on Opening Day!! We won, and it is unfortunate for the Chokees that they have to be there, but that shouldn't squash our celebration. We won! Isn't that the point. We won the bragging rights, and we will do it again...

They already turned into the prissy town of rich wankers. When the median price for a home in Manhattan is more than a cool mil, what kind of gutless debutantes and ck-one-lathered greaseballs do you think are prancing down the avenues? The subways don't even stop in Manhattan anymore, because all the poor people live in the outer boroughs, and they can't afford a quart of milk at the Bradshaw bodega downstairs from the $15 mil co-op that those wankers live in.

First, I voted for Soxaholix.

Second, I'm a Yankee fan.

Third, all this sh*t about the Boss is just that -- shit and bullshit.

It is the Sox who are making this change. My suspicion is that Larry Lucchino knows that Johnson will beat Boomer opening day, and he doesn't want the party spoiled that way.

Regardless of what Evil Larry thinks, here's what will happen: Johnson will beat Boomer, and the Sox will permanently go back to the second place they know so well.

Moose and Pavano will win 2 of the next 3 and the Sox will leave the Stadium 1 and 2.

The Sox won 4 straight and deserved what they got. Funny that Sox fans have to make it a Yankee choke instead of a Sox win. That doesn't display much confidence in a job well done.

And it shows you don't expect the Yankees to lose to you again, if it can only happen by the Yankees choking.

The Sox were great. Enjoy it, but don't think it means you win next year.

Dear Me, first, I voted for the soxaholix. Second, I'm a Boston Redsox fan. Third, GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!! Love, JOEY

Speaking for myself, I like to bring up the choke bit only because I know how much it gets under Yankees' fans skins. Also I know (at least among the Yankees fans I have the misfortune to come into contact with) that they themselves believe it was a choke because it is not in their nature or their mental capacity to admit that the Red Sox were the better team and deserved to beat NY.

As for us Red Sox fans not displaying confidence or relishing the victory, not even close. We more than anyone know how special last season was.

But that isn't going to stop me from ribbing your asses for the rest of my life over what went down.

The Yankees can do all kinds of great things moving forward but they'll always have the blemish of '04 in their history books. There'll always be a Slappy McBluelips memory.

And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

Meanwhile, thanks for the votes for Soxaholix in teh blog awards, Red Sox and Yankees fans alike.

> that they themselves believe it was a
> choke because it is not in their nature
> or their mental capacity to admit that
> the Red Sox were the better team and
> deserved to beat NY

This is some weird Red Sox Second City chip on the shoulder.

The Red Sox won. They beat a team that knows how to win (and that showed that in the last few weeks of the season). I give the Sox credit for what they did.

They were the best team when it counted, and no Yankee has said anything else -- even Steinbrenner who is usually a poor loser. The hitters were excellent and the pitchers put in the best performances of their lives.

If some psychotic Yankee fan is too immature to admit that, they represent themselves, not most Yankee fans, let alone the players.

PS: ARod is going to have a great season. Perhaps he will be more like Rice than Yaz (lots of RBIs, not necessarily the best clutch hitter), but you need both during the long season.

Pencil ARod in for 125 to 135 rbis, with or without Giambi. Which will put the Yanks in first for the eighth year in a row. Theo let too many players go.

I'm mad pissed at A-Fraud. In this NY Post article, he sounds like a class act. I still hate him, but now with a grudging respect.

Hey, "me" you're so self-confident in your Yankees and so gregarious in your adulation of the 04 Sox that you can't leave legit contact info in your comment?

What's up with that?

""I thought it was a brilliant play and we almost got away with it," said Rodriguez, who was called out for interference."

Slappy, NYPost.com


Brilliant?!?! If he just takes his out, Jeter's probably @ 3rd...the guy finds his slap defensibile. That speaks volumes...

Let's put things in perspective: the writers have nothing to write about, so they ask Red Sox players about A-Rod. The Red Sox players reply frankly--the nonsense continues.

If the writers asked the Orioles or the Marlins players what they thought of the slap, would they say? I doubt "non-interested" parties would find that play so "brilliant".

The "Yankees Choke" commentary? It's our "1918/Dent/Boone". Do Yankee fans deserve to hear it incessantly? I don't know. Did we Red Sox fans need to repeatedly hear about painful events?

A lot of Yankee fans clearly thought so--so we'll just call any "Choke" commentary "comeuppance" and revel in the fact that the Red Sox completed the most dramatic comeback in the history of the sport.

God Bless the Yankee fans who've called, e-mailed or simply walked up to a Sox fan and said-"Hey, good for you guys." They're out there--I've experienced it.

The 2004 ALCS loss cut deep for a lot of Yankee fans, we know...we can empathize...but, despite the fact that the shithead Yankee fans in the world could never CONCEIVE of the possibilty, the tables turned...the squirrel got the nut.

Feel the pain, shithead Yankee Fans. It f*cking burns...again, we know...

And then think of every time you walked up to a Sox fan and barked "1918!!!" into his face. And then shut the f*ck up.


>The Red Sox won. They beat a team
>that knows how to win ...

This makes no sense to me. Could someone explain?

They lost Game 4.

They lost Game 5.

They lost Game 6.

They lost Game 7.

"Know how to win?"

Allan -

Jeter has 4 rings. They've beaten the Red Sox 7 seasons in a row, and you may remember a game 7 home run by Aaron Boone.

The Red Sox played better in the playoffs and beat them. That doesn't make the Yanks losers, unless you're saying the Sox have been losers for 86 years.

Rivera is a winner, he's proved that. The Red Sox beat him, and they are the only team to have done that with any consistency. That doesn't make Mo a loser. He's got 4 rings too. (The D'backs beat him with a bloop and a throwing error -- the Sox just beat him, more than once.)

Most people forget that if Mo had beaten the Sox the way he has beaten every other team, the Yankees win that series.

I have no problem saying, "Congratulations to the Sox, the better team won." We'll win this year, and the Yanks and the Sox will be strong for years.

"Hart" -

"Hart Brachen" is asking me why I don't use my real name? What's your real name?

I don't want "Yankees Suck" e-mail at home.


"Hart" -

"Hart Brachen" is asking me why I don't use my real name? What's your real name?"

If you reread what I wrote, I don't mention any request for a "real" name, but rather "legit contact info." The majority of the comments are left with pseudonyms (ie, DaKine, Loosah, Steinbrenner Killed Kennedy, etc.) but they are attached to valid email addresses.

I often like to send replies directly to the individual rather than leaving a reply in the comment, because sometimes I want to discuss tangential thoughts or references that would be off topic or otherwise intrusive to the comments section. (This that I'm writing to you is an example of that.) It matters not if I'm addressing "me" or "RiveraServesMeatballs" in the email. I just ask for the courtesy of a valid address.

As for you not wanting "Yankees Suck" email at home, well, that's kind of lame IMO. Set up a gmail account and run a filter to auto delete any incoming email with offending words if you're that intimidated. It's not difficult.

I wouldn't make such a big deal out if it, except, this in an ongoing thing in the comments section of nearly every Red Sox fan blog. Red Sox fans leave valid contact info, yet Yankees fans come in, make inflammatory remarks, and then leave phony info.

Kind of bush league if you ask me. Though perhaps, very fitting. If we were to meet in person would you try to slap my ball away, too?

Whatevah - I like the blog, and I'm a Yankee lovah not a Sox hatah.

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