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If you can fake it there, you'll fake it anywhere

Start spreading the news, New York City has officially jumped the fucking shark.


They even have 25 dollah commemorative t-shirts fercrissakes! And New Yorkers are buying that swag?!


Yeah, when Sinatra sings about his vagabond shoes, longing to stray, I just don't pitcha him in a Christo t-shirt.


The old school New Yorkers would wipe their asses with Christo's's sheets.


If Jetah wondahs what happened to all "the ghosts" that used to insure that things went right for the Spankees, all he has do is look at Central Pahk. The ghosts split out of total embarrassment.


Jetah should send A-Rod a Christo t-shirt for Valentine's Day, since, you know, A-Rod is the Christo of baseball. All show and no fucking go.


[Sings] If you can fake it there, you'll fake it anywhere. It's up to you, New York, New York.



The Reichstag was better.

I imagine that should this duo wrap the Storrow and Memorial Drives in a similarly pointless (this heathen's opinion) exhibit, the Charles would see some major foot traffic.

I suppose it's a reason to get out of the house in dead of Winter

The "saffron" v. "orange" distinction is amusing...

"'I think it's fantastic,' said Dominique Borel, who was walking her dog, Mickey, on Friday. 'I love it. I think it's exhilarating.' Mickey was wearing an orange scarf around his neck in honor of the project."

Just like a color-blind dog to wear an ORANGE scarf. Geez Mickey, it's SAFFRON. Duh.

My wife and I saw this on the news, and thought WTF? I am not puzzled that these artsy fartsy weirdos did this. Instead I am consfused by the number of people that showed up, and found this worth wasting a day on...

Orange for the Mets, Saffron for the puke that ole time Spankees fans retched forth after their disgustipating choke last year.

Almost poetic, it is.

hang on -- we're all laughing at the fact that this "installation" that my 6 year old niece could have concocted is being treated as "art", right?


cuz that's what I'm laughing at. har har! dorks!

-- illegitimate son of dwight evans, from behind a copy of Tom Wolfe's "From Bauhaus to Our House"

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