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Echo Park

Rider on Green Line:
Man, I already miss the Dirt Dog who is off skiing somewhere.


No new crazy photos. No new flogging the dead Nomah horse. No new 30 point headlines saying something like "Pedro Working with Al Qaeda on Dirty Bomb!!!!"


Rider on Green Line:
Meanwhile, our two local mainstream papahs' baseball reports continue to raise the bah with their Spring Training reporting, eh?


Yeah, there's what, 40 something guys on the Spring Training roster and so many different stories to tell, yet this morning, both the Globe and the Herald featcha a lead story on Mark Belhorn?


Rider on Green Line:
No shit. And nothing against Mark Belhorn, but c'mon. And this isn't some anomaly. Yestahday it was all Manny. The day before that they both featured Ortiz.


You think the reporters call each other after suppah each night like a bunch of 14 year old girls to coordinate their outfits for the next day, too? [In falsetto] "I'm going to wear my Ugg boots with my Hollister skort tomorrow." … "Oh, me too! Me, too!"


Rider on Green Line:
So much for the myth of competition between the Globe and Herald leading to a higher quality of output for the readah.


At least the Globe seems to have done something right by adding Chris Snow to the beat. So fah, I like his stuff, even if he did pen one of the dopplegangah Belhorn pieces from this morning.


Rider on Green Line:
Yeah, that piece on Theo's best and brightest still resonates. Most original story line of the hot stove period.



Maybe the playahs are taking turns making themselves available to the Times New Roman-stained wretches. Also, neither paper wants to encourage you to read the other one, so maybe they are doing the 14 year old girl thing.

Don't worry h.b., everyone is still reading Soxaholix. We love it, but I think everyone is so hooked on watching mlb, and the like, for a glimpse of the new season, no one has time to write in the comments area. Keep it up, We're here...

what Jeff said. Keep it up!

So, the ring ceremony will happen as it should, with the Yankees looking on. I can only hope and pray for cut-away shots of Derek and his pal, Slappy.


In 30 point type: Soxaholix Gives Snow a Blow. Is He Going Soft?

Good one.

I totally missed the BIG DIRT DOG.

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